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Wisconsin Fishing Report – April 18, 2022



Fox River shore anglers: The shore anglers reported catching walleyes, catfish, whitefish, carp, and round gobies along the fox river. The walleyes were caught on a variety of hair jigs, jigs with soft plastics, blade baits, crankbaits, and jigging baits. The whitefish and round gobies were caught using jigs with soft plastics. The carp were caught on blade baits, and the catfish were caught on nightcrawlers. The fish were caught in a wide variety of colors with fire tiger, pink, and purple being the most commonly reported.

Fox River boat anglers:  Boat anglers on the Fox River reported catching mainly walleyes, whitefish, carp, catfish, and sheepshead. The walleyes were being caught on hair jigs, jigs with minnows, blade baits, jigging baits, and crankbaits. The whitefish were caught on jigs with soft plastics, jigging baits, and blade baits. The carp were caught on jigging lures and blade baits. The catfish were caught on jigs with soft plastics and blade baits, and the sheepshead was caught using jigs with soft plastics. There were many colors that were effective this week with red, purple, yellow, and green being the most common. The water temperatures finished this week at about 41 degrees Fahrenheit.



Bayshore Park: The ramp is now open and clear of ice. Anglers were seen fishing from shore too.


Chaudoir’s Dock: There was moderate fishing activity. Boating anglers reported having caught walleye using flicker shad and flicker minnow from 12 to 20 feet deep. The reported water temperature was around 40 degrees in the bay. The walleye that were caught were between 19 to 26 inches.

Sugar Creek: The ramp is now open and clear of ice. No anglers were observed this week at this location.

Little Surgeon Bay: The ramp is now open and clear of ice. No anglers were observed this week at this location.

Sawyer Harbor: The ramp is now open and clear of ice. No anglers were observed this week at this location.


Red River Park: The ramp is now open and clear of ice. No anglers were observed this week at this location.



The Menominee River had good walleye fishing early in the week with tougher conditions over the weekend. The river flow was high as at the Menominee Dam 6 gates were open over the weekend. Best luck was coming from shore anglers fishing off Stephenson Island and upstream. Rapalas in firetiger and clown were popular lures. The occasional brown trout and northern pike were also caught. All launches were open by the end of the week. Fishing in the bay was rather difficult this week because of the weather. During the brief calm periods, anglers were catching a few brown trout while trolling along the shorelines south past Little River. Finding pockets of warmer Green Bay water was key.

The Peshtigo River had a good number of walleyes push upstream towards the dam this week. Shore fishing and boat anglers were doing well with the best areas being from Hwy 41 upstream to the dam. Various sizes of walleyes were reported including a 32 1/2 inch female caught by the dam. Casting rapalas and jigs and minnows were most popular. A few suckers and northern pike were also being caught.


Cold weather and windy conditions were common this week, but anglers didn’t seem to mind. Boat anglers and shore anglers were out in high numbers. Some walleyes were being caught in the bay but a large push of fish was seen in the river from Holtwood Campground up to the Stiles Dam with some large fish being present as well. Good catches were reported by shore anglers casting rapalas. Small boats were utilizing the North River Rd launch as well and heading upstream and doing well for walleyes. A few suckers were also showing up by the dam and were occasionally getting snagged.



Kenosha Piers and Shoreline: The piers and shorelines in Kenosha saw a surprising decrease in angling activity last week. Despite calmer weather, at the end of the week, only a few anglers were seen fishing the walls of the harbor. The few anglers that were out were using various slip bobber rigs to catch fish.

Kenosha Ramps: The Kenosha ramp had another slow week; with only a few boat trailers being seen toward the end of the week. West winds created calmer conditions which allowed a few boats to get out. Boaters are fishing in shallow water no deeper than 50 feet. The water temperature at the ramp by the end of the week was 49 degrees.

Pike River: The Pike River didn’t see as much angling activity this week compared to previous weeks. Only a few anglers were seen fishing near the mouth. The anglers that were fishing the river were continuing to target steelheads using slip bobber setups. Water levels seemed to have dropped quite a bit over the week. Flows remain moderate while water clarity remains poor. The water temperature near the mouth by the end of the week was 48 degrees.


Racine Piers and Shoreline: The piers and shorelines in Racine saw a slight increase in angling activity over the past week due to the gradually improving weather. Most anglers have been seen fishing on the south pier as they wait for the arrival of spring cohos. A few anglers have been seen casting spoons as well. A small handful of cohos and one brown trout were caught on slip bobber setups using artificial flies or shrimp as bait. Angling activity should continue to increase as the weather improves.

Racine Ramp: The ramp in Racine experienced a spike in boating activity towards the end of the week as west winds made for calm fishing conditions. The boats that went out were staying close to shore and targeting browns or cohos. Despite the increase in fishing boat activity, success varied. A few boats struck out while others caught a good number of browns and cohos trolling spoons and flicker shads. Boats stayed within 50 feet of water or less. The water temperature at the ramp by the end of the week was 46 degrees.

Root River: The Root River continues to experience a high amount of angling activity as good numbers of steelhead remain in the river. Most anglers continue to fish upstream of the steelhead facility, but some have been seen downstream as well. A wide variety of spinning and fly-fishing setups have been seen to catch steelhead. Due to the continued high angling effort, catch numbers have been better as well.  A large number of steelhead were caught throughout the week. Anglers reported catching fish on flies, beads, yarn, and spinners. Water levels on the river are still fairly high but have been dropping. Water flow remains high while water clarity is still low. The water temperature near the mouth by the end of the week was 47 degrees.


Northern Milwaukee County: There was light fishing activity at the McKinley ramp and Summerfest this weekend.

Southern Milwaukee County: There was lots of fishing activity at Oak Creek Power Plant, where coho and rainbow trout were reported caught. Anglers were using wax worms, spawn, and shrimp. There was light fishing activity in Oak Creek, but no reported catches.

Milwaukee River: There was light fishing activity on the Milwaukee River this weekend. At Kletzsch park, one angler reported catching a brook trout on a gold mepps red tail.

Menomonee River: There was light fishing activity near the stadium, where one angler reported catching suckers on yarn flies.


Port Washington: No report is available this week. Please check back again for more up-to-date information. Thank you.


No report is available this week. Please check back again for more up-to-date information. Thank you.



A reduction in anglers interviewed this week (20 anglers total interviewed from Monday-Sunday) is due potentially to a variety of different factors – adverse weather conditions, Easter weekend, and the steelhead run slowing down. One steelhead of 20+ inches was observed being harvested out of Shoto; most other fish were caught and released regardless of target or non-target species. Suckers are becoming more and more frequently caught by anglers in both the East and West Twin Rivers. Those trying their luck for brown trout and laker trout out of the Manitowoc Harbor over the weekend were met again met with limited success.



At the Kewaunee River, a few rainbow trout were reported (to a creel clerk) and caught using orange/pink beads, spawn, as well as orange/green yarn and flies. Biological data collected on the Kewaunee River reported fish weighing 4.4 to 10.6 lbs. Several species were seen in the Kewaunee River this week such as rainbow trout, northern pike, white suckers, and shiners. Water conditions ranged from clear to stained with 6-inch to 3-foot clarity. At the Kewaunee ramp, anglers reported catching brown trout weighing 1.8 lbs. to 7 lbs. Fish were biting from 6 to 21 feet down in 10 to 22 feet of water. Fish were biting on several types of lures such as crankbaits, stick baits, spoons, and rapalas. Successful lure colors this week included: gold, silver, black, blue, green, yellow, white, orange, and perch colorations. Boat anglers were marking fish anywhere from 8 to 25 feet down. Successful trolling speeds ranged from 1.8 to 2.5 mph. Anglers reported water temperatures ranging from 36 to 40 degrees and 47 to 52 degrees by the Point Beach nuclear plant. Most anglers reported heading south of Kewaunee. Lastly, at the Kewaunee Pier, one angler reported seeing several rainbow trout this week fishing from the southern side.


At Stoney Creek, a few rainbow trout were reported (to a creel clerk) and caught using spawn sacks with pink mesh and pink/orange yarn. Fish were biting near the bottom. Anglers reported seeing both northern pike and white suckers as well. A few areas of ice on the banks were reported. At the Ahnapee River, anglers reported catching one northern pike and one rainbow trout. The northern pike was caught on a gold/orange spoon at county road X. The rainbow trout was caught using a spawn sack with white mesh near the bottom. Anglers reported water clarity of about 3.5 feet. At Algoma Shore, one smallmouth bass was reported (to a creek clerk) and caught using a firetiger spoon in the middle of the water column. Additionally, one northern pike was reported using a silver/blue crocodile spoon near the surface. On Lake Michigan, anglers reported water temperatures ranging from 38 to 40.9 degrees.


Rain, snow, and cold weather have impacted the recent fishing in Door County, but anglers have continued to push through the elements to fish. Boat ramps along the Bay of Green Bay located in and south of Fish Creek are free of ice, allowing anglers access to the Bay. An interviewed angler fishing off the pier in the Egg Harbor launch caught a roughly 4.5-pound brown trout while casting a spoon. Anglers fishing on the shoreline of the Sturgeon Bay Yacht Club were successfully catching northern pike in the 18-25 inch range casting a variety of lures including jigs with plastic tails, and firetiger crankbaits, and blue and silver crankbaits. Anglers fishing Heins Creek continue to report seeing high numbers of rainbow trout that are difficult to catch, although one angler caught a mid-20 inch northern pike on a spawn sac with pink netting while trout fishing.

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