Everything You Need to Know About Walleye Fishing in Oconto County

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A longtime tradition in Wisconsin, the Friday Night Fish Fry kicks off the weekend all over the state with friends, family — and plenty of fish, of course. Fresh walleye is one of the most beloved Friday Night Fish Fry dishes. When the fish is dipped in a light beer batter and deep‐fried to a golden crispness, it’s just about perfect.

In Oconto County, however, many aren’t satisfied with simply tasting walleye. They want to catch a few themselves. And they’re in luck: Oconto County offers some of the finest walleye fishing on the Bay of Green Bay (not to mention on several of the County’s 378 lakes). Here, experienced outfitters and guides offer everything from simple boat or fishing-kayak rentals to multi-day guided excursions out on the waters of Lake Michigan. If you’re looking to land a few walleyes in Wisconsin, Oconto County is one of your very best options.

Walleye Fishing in Oconto County FAQ

When Is Walleye Season? Walleye fishing usually kicks off on the Bay of Green Bay tributaries in late March or early April, depending on weather. In June and July, schools of walleye make their way to mid-lake flats and reefs. From August through November, anglers head to the north part of the Bay to catch trophy walleyes in the 25-33-inch range.

Why is Oconto County Such A Walleye Hotspot? Like clockwork, every spring when the ice clears, walleye migrate to the numerous rivers that feed into the Bay of Green Bay. The Bay has a thriving baitfish population for walleye to chow down on, as well as a lot of offshore structure. It’s a combo that makes the walleyes grow quickly and often to very large sizes.

Where Are the Best Spots? In addition to the Bay itself, there are a number of rivers and tributaries in Oconto County that deliver phenomenal walleye runs. Machickanee Flowage near Oconto Falls is a fisherman’s dream come true, offering walleye, northern pike, bass and panfish, in addition to trout and salmon. Same goes for the Oconto River. These various river systems provide an opportunity to fish all spring and even provide opportunities for shore fishing, but if you want a chance at your personal best, the Bay of Green Bay is the place to go. Big water = big fish

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