Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – December 24, 2021

Northwest Zone –
Captain Laura Petreikis

In Stephenson County, CPO Alvarez got a tip about a truck trespassing on private property and a male walking near the woods with a rifle. CPO Alvarez located and stopped the vehicle and located a .243 Mossberg rifle unloaded and in a case. CPO Roesch arrived to assist. The complainant arrived on the scene and identified the man as the violator. CPO Roesch returned to the scene and located a freshly killed buck in the field where the suspect was seen with the rifle. The suspect also admitted to shooting another deer near the area. CPO Alvarez, CPO Roesch, and the suspect returned to the scene and located a second dead buck that was recently killed. Both deer were shot with a rifle. The individual was issued 10 citations, and 4 warnings, and their .243 rifle, 2 whitetail bucks, knife, trail camera SD card, and .243 rifle ammo were seized as evidence.

In Stephenson County, CPO Alvarez- Gerbino and CPO Swanson received a complaint of two hunters hunting on the Jane Addams Trail near Freeport. They received information the hunters were at an address near the trail. Upon arrival to house one 7, PT Buck was found on a truck bed. The hunter admitted to shooting the buck on the Jane Addams trail where hunting is restricted. The hunter also said his brother was out with him and shot another buck on his property. The other hunter admitted to shooting more than two Bucks for the season. Two bucks were seized and 4 citations were written.

In Boone County, CPO Engledow was patrolling Boone County and a Firearm Deer hunter called to report there were two trucks stuck on his private hunting property. CPO Engledow arrived and discovered two individuals who were “mudding” on the complainant’s private property the night before near his pond/ deer stands and had got their vehicles stuck. The individuals were interviewed about being on the Owner’s property and claimed to be mudding and got stuck, leaving their vehicles in the field overnight. The investigation discovered numerous other individuals who were also involved and are currently being interviewed on the incident. The investigation is still pending with possible Criminal Damage to Property and Criminal Trespass to Private Property charges.

In DeKalb County, CPO Engledow conducted a compliance check on an individual during the opening day of firearm deer season. CPO Engledow observed the individual had not purchased a hunting license or habitat stamp. During the compliance check, it was discovered the subject’s archery antlerless-only permits were still attached to the original archery permits. CPO Engledow questioned the individual about the archery harvest and discovered the subject’s permits were not signed and never attached to the deer. There was also no Confirmation number on the A/O permit from his previous archery harvest. The Individual also had no valid hunting license or habitat stamp admitted to failure to tag deer immediately upon harvest and unlawfully taken a whitetail deer. CPO Engledow issued a citation for Hunting Whitetail Deer During Firearm Deer season w/o a Valid Hunting License. CPO Engledow issued multiple WWs for No Habitat Stamp, Failure to Sign permits, Failure to Tag Immediately Upon Harvest, and Unlawful Take of Whitetail Deer w/o Valid hunting License.

In DeKalb County, CPO Engledow received a complaint of waterfowl hunting without permission north of Dekalb. CPO Engledow arrived and questioned the hunters about hunting the field without permission. The hunters explained the tenant of a farmhouse gave them permission to hunt the field. CPO Engledow called the landowner and explained the incident. The landowner advised he did not want charges pressed and would be speaking with his tenant on the matter.

Northeast Zone –
Captain Eric Schreiber

In McHenry County, CPOs Semenik and Reid arrested a subject from Harvard while trespassing on private property driving his pick-up truck in a bean field spotlighting deer with his headlights and chasing them.

In Kankakee County, CPO Elliot issued a hunter (1) citation for hunting over bait during 1st shotgun deer season in rural Kankakee County.

In Kankakee County, CPO Elliot and CPO Farber conducted a traffic stop in rural Kankakee County and issued (2) subjects’ citations for the illegal use of a spotlight from a motor vehicle.

In Will County, CPO Prasun encountered two firearm deer hunters who had loaded firearms after legal shooting hours. One of the hunters also had a firearm capable of holding more than three shells; however, he only had three shells in his firearm at the time he was checked. Both hunters were issued written warnings for the violations.

In Will County, while checking hunting areas at a state park, CPO Prasun encountered three hunters who had been archery deer hunting in the park during a time when it was closed during firearm deer season. Two of the hunters did not use a windshield card as required at the state park and did not have their hunting license or habitat stamp in their possession. Also, none of them were wearing blaze orange as required during firearm deer season. The hunters were each issued a citation for Unlawful Archery Deer Hunting During a Period Closed for Firearm Deer Season. Two of the hunters were also issued written warnings for No Blaze Orange, No Hunting License, or Habitat Stamp in Possession and Hunting Without Use of a Windshield Card. The third hunter was also issued a written warning for No Blaze Orange.

In Will County, CPO Prasun received information from a CPO in a southern region in reference to two Will County residents who had possession of a deer that died in a retention pond in Will County. After an investigation, it was learned one of the residents falsified records pertaining to the deer and was therefore illegally in possession of the deer. CPO Prasun seized the deer’s antlers and cited him for Unlawful Possession of Deer Parts. He was also issued a written warning for Unlawfully Falsifying or Providing Deceptive or False Information Required and Unlawful Possession of Deer. The other resident was issued a written warning for Unlawful Possession of a Salvage Deer Without a Salvage Tag or DNR Permission.

Central  Zone –
Capt. John Williamson

In Greene County, CPO Michael Goetten observed an unoccupied truck with illegal registration parked on a remote road. The driver was determined to be hunting illegally and evading contact with law enforcement. CPO Goetten conducted surveillance on the vehicle. The subject eventually attempted to leave the area but was stopped by CPO Goetten. The subject did not have a FOID card or a firearm deer permit. He ultimately admitted to hiding a shotgun in a wooded area when he initially saw CPO Goetten’s squad in the area. The subject was arrested. Charges are pending against the acquaintance who lent the subject the shotgun and offered a firearm deer permit to the subject if successful.

In Hancock County, CPO Wheatley made contact with a man in the Denver area concerning the man shooting 3 bucks in one season. There was no tag on the deer, the man said he was going to give it to his friend and planned to put his friend’s tag on the deer. CPO Wheatley commended the man for getting a deer for a friend and being truthful; however, his application was wrong. CPO Wheatley confiscated the 9 point rack and issued the man a citation for over limit, and warnings for not tagging the deer and possessing an untagged deer.

In Schuyler County, CPO Wheatley checked a hunter in the Littleton area. The hunter was hunting near a baited hole caused by minerals leached into the ground from a possible mineral block in the past. The subject had no idea it was there and CPO Wheatley could not determine if the man should have known about it due to the distance from the stand and darkness when the man walked in. CPO Wheatley did note the man did not have a gun case with him or one on his 4 wheeler. The man admitted he transported an uncased gun. CPO Wheatley issued the man a citation for that infraction and a written warning for hunting over bait.

In Cass County, CPO Thornley was traveling through JEPC and spotted a silver truck with two bucks in the bed of the truck. CPO Thornley conducted a stop of the vehicle. Upon making contact with the driver, CPO Thornley determined the deer were taken lawfully and the passengers were transporting the deer to the processor. CPO Thornley spotted a compound bow in the back seat. Upon further inspection, the bow was not cased or made inoperable. CPO Thornley advised the driver he would be issued a citation for the violation. The driver was also determined to have a suspended Florida driver’s license. The driver was also issued a citation for driving when suspended and given a mandatory must appear court date.

In Mason County, Sgt. Gilmer and CPO Wahlbrink investigated a complaint involving an individual leaving his commercial trammel nets unattended during daylight hours in Quiver Lake near Havana. Sgt. Gilmer and CPO Wahlbrink found and seized the nets, which totaled over 600 meters in length. Two of the commercial nets were not tagged as required and another obstructed over 1⁄2 of the water course. Nine citations were issued for the violations.

In Shelby County, While checking firearms deer hunters in Moultrie County, CPO Moody encountered a man with whom he had knowledge of archery hunting violations. After a field interview, the man admitted that he had shot a 7 point buck and an 8 point buck on separate occasions this season in Shelby County, and had never tagged or reported them. The man received multiple citations and multiple written warnings.

In Ford County, CPO Ausmus followed up on a baited stand complaint from several years ago. The District 19 CPOs have checked the stand frequently during the last several deer seasons but could never locate anyone actively hunting. CPO Ausmus responded due to an anonymous tip that the stand was actively being hunted. The CPO located a Penfield man who admitted the stand was his and had been in the location for over 10 years. Two large bait holes were located and actively being used by white-tailed deer. The hunter admitted to placing bait in the holes several times over the years and most recently this year. The hunter was issued a citation for Unlawfully Hunting Over Bait.

South Zone – Capt. Eric Manker

In Randolph County, CPO K. Williams was notified of a deer carcass dumped on the side of a roadway. CPO K. Williams gathered the available information and traced the possession of the deer to the individual responsible. CPO K. Williams met with the individual and he admitted to dumping the carcass on the side of the road. A citation was issued for the illegal dumping of a deer carcass.

In St. Clair County, CPO Schachner received a second-hand complaint (the day afterward) regarding a potential assault on Saturday of gun season. Apparently, a landowner confronted a hunter and his young son as they attempted to retrieve a deer the young boy shot at which was very close to the property line. The alleged complaint was that the landowner would not allow them to retrieve the deer and was angry and ‘waving a gun around’. CPO Schachner learned the “victims” were hunting at a Sportsman’s Club against club rules/without permission and the adult was previously told they could not hunt the Sportsman’s club property after he placed deer bait. CPO Schachner located the subjects while they were hunting on the club property and learned there was no assault nor confrontation; the landowner (while not overly friendly) had spoken very briefly with them and only checked that they were not hunting on his property. The adult failed to search for blood or even determine if his son had hit the deer. Additionally, he and his minor son both possessed semi-auto pistols (allegedly for protection from the adjoining landowner) and had multiple other violations. They were relatively new to hunting and the adult was cited under the parental responsibility act for allowing the youth to possess/carry a weapon not legal for gun deer hunting. He was also issued four additional written warnings.

In Gallatin County, CPO Johnson and Knop received a complaint of a subject hunting from the road, in Gallatin County. The CPOs drove to the area and apprehended 2 non-resident hunters. The hunters were in rental vehicle road hunting with a loaded .338 rifle, 12 gauge shotgun, and a custom 308 with night vision scope and sound suppressor (silencer). They were cited for unlawful use of silencer while hunting, unlawful hunting from the truck, hunting more than a half-hour after sunset, and unlawful transport of loaded uncased rifles.

In Jackson County, CPO Williams cited a Florida hunter for using the Landowner Tag of a Franklin County Resident. The harvest report indicated a 10 point buck was killed. The hunters were located and admission was obtained to using the Landowner Tag because the hunter only had an Antlerless Only permit. The Hunter was cited for Use of Another’s Permit and Unlawful Take of Deer. The deer was recovered from a local processing facility and entered into evidence.

In Jefferson County, CPO Jourdan issued several citations over the first firearm deer weekend. Citations included falsification by Tennessee residents to obtain resident deer permits, give and use of a landowner firearm deer permit unlawfully, unlawful take of 2 deer without firearm deer permits, hunting from a pickup truck, and unlawful hunting over bait by use of corn, salt block, and mineral block.

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