Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – November 12, 2021

Northwest Zone –
Captain Laura Petreikis

In Bureau County, CPO Wagner while checking fishermen along the Illinois River observed individual fishing near Barto Landing. When asked for his license he claimed he wasn’t fishing. The individual was cited for the violation. Another individual east of Barto Landing was observed snagging. The individual was cited for the violation. 

In Tazewell County, CPO Finn and an intern were checking boats at the Pekin boat ramp.  They checked several boats during the evening. They documented several equipment violations with written warnings and two registration violations with citations.  While checking boats they were informed by a screaming mother that her child had been taken.  CPO Finn and his intern gathered what information they could and notified the State Police as well as Pekin City Police Department.  It was later found the ex-husband had taken the child and the issue was resolved without incident. 

In Rock Island County, CPO Priest did a walking patrol at Black Hawk State Park. CPO Priest stopped and talked to two occupants in a vehicle that just pulled in. The driver rolled the window down about 2 inches and was asking about the walking trails. CPO Priest noticed loose cannabis on the driver’s pants as he was talking to him. CPO Priest asked the driver how much cannabis was in the vehicle. The driver pulled out a baggie with approximately 7 grams of cannabis. The driver said I should not be allowed to walk up to vehicles and ask how much cannabis they have. CPO Priest explained to the driver he had loose cannabis all over his pants and was not just asking to ask. The driver looked down at his pants and shrugged his shoulders. CPO Priest asked the driver for his driver’s license. The driver had a revoked driver’s license. The driver was issued a civil citation for the cannabis and a written warning for driving revoked. 

In Lee County, CPO Priest stopped a car in Dixon for failing to signal. CPO Priest asked the male juvenile to step out of the vehicle and sit in the squad with him while he filled out a warning. CPO Priest explained to the driver he was doing a detail with Dixon PD and a K9 would be coming through as part of the detail. CPO Priest asked the driver if there was anything in the vehicle the K9 would alert to when it got here. The driver admitted to having 7 grams of cannabis in the glove box. CPO Priest asked if any of the other occupants in the vehicle had cannabis. The driver said they did not. CPO Priest walked back to the vehicle to get the 7 grams of cannabis. The passenger opened the door and grabbed the package the cannabis was in. During this time CPO Priest noticed a THC Pen hidden in the passenger side door. CPO Priest asked the passenger if it was his. The passenger said it was. CPO Priest asked how old he was. The passenger admitted to being a juvenile as well.  CPO Priest explained to the driver and passenger they would be getting civil tickets. CPO Priest found approximately 7 Grams of cannabis and THC Pen. Both individuals admitted to being juveniles. The driver was issued a civil citation for the cannabis and a written warning for failing to signal. The passenger was issued a civil citation for the THC Pen.

In LaSalle County, CPO Stanbary was on patrol in Matthiessen State Park when he noticed the odd behavior of the occupants of a parked motor vehicle and stopped to investigate further. As he approached to speak to the occupants, a strong odor of burnt cannabis could be detected from inside the vehicle.  Several baggy’s of cannabis that wasn’t properly sealed and a smoked cannabis blunt were seized. Civil cannabis violations were issued to the two occupants.

Northeast Zone –
Captain Eric Schreiber

In Will County, CPO Prasun encountered an intoxicated subject at the campground. The park visitor was issued a citation for consumption of alcoholic beverages at a state park and issued a written warning for unlawful camping without an authorization slip. 

In Will County, CPO Prasun encountered two individuals actively smoking cannabis while they were fishing. It was determined one of the individuals had additional cannabis in his possession which was contained in several jars. This visitor was cited for Illegal Possession of Cannabis and the other visitor was issued a written warning for the same. 

In Will County, CPO Prasun encountered a vessel on a river that did not have its navigation lights illuminated between sunset and sunrise. A subsequent boat safety check revealed the operator had not been wearing a safety cut-off lanyard, the vessel did not have a good fire extinguisher and the battery was not secured. The operator was issued a written warning for the violations. 

In Lake County, CPO Reid and CPO Semenik were on a boat patrol on Lake Michigan out of Waukegan Harbor when they observed a boat pulling three juveniles on an innertube through the no-wake channel of the harbor.  Closing in behind the tubers was a massive barge carrying construction equipment being pushed by a tug boat.  The Juveniles fell off the tube as the barge was approaching.  CPOs activated emergency lights and attempted to get the attention of the tug captain while the juveniles were pulled from the water.  Had the juveniles not been collected on the first attempt, the barge would not have had adequate time to stop before the collision.  The operator was subsequently arrested for the Careless Operation of a Watercraft.  He was also cited for child PFD violations.  6 other equipment and operation violations were also documented. 

In Cook County, while patrolling near Saganashkee Slough, CPO Vik notices an SUV parked on the shoulder near the north shore of the slough. CPO Vik located two individuals fishing in the brush near where the vehicle was parked. After speaking with the two fishermen, CPO Vik learned both fishermen were suspended for child support violations. Both fishermen were issued citations for fishing without a license.

In Cook County, while conducting fishing compliance checks at Axe Head Lake in Des Plaines, CPO Gilliam observed an individual with a trapped squirrel in his trunk. The individual informed CPO Gilliam that he had a problem with squirrels destroying his Pear Tree and wanted to release them in the forest preserve. CPO Gilliam educated the individual on how to properly obtain a nuisance permit and issued the individual 3 written warnings for the infraction.

In Cook County, CPO Farrell and CPO Longley were on a boat patrol on the Chicago River when they discovered a personal watercraft traveling on plane in a no-wake zone. Once contact was made it was discovered the watercraft did not have valid registration and the operator was testing it due to fixing it. The operator borrowed the watercraft from his boss’s marina and the watercraft was left at the marina for storage but fees were not paid. The owner of the business was claiming ownership. Investigation pending.

In Cook County, CPO Farrell and CPO Vik observed two personal watercraft and one boat at 95th street park boat launch come in a few minutes after sunset and the boat did not have any navigation lights on. The operators were educated on the requirements for personal watercraft after sunset as well as the boat operator with navigation lights. Written warnings were issued. 

Central  Zone –
Capt. John Williamson

In Cass County, CPO Wahlbrink issued an inexperienced commercial fisherman a written warning for failing to inscribe his name and address on his commercial fishing device tags located in the Illinois River.

In Shelby County, CPO’s Moody and Barnes encountered three Vandalia men fishing on Lake Shelbyville.  None of them had a fishing license due to back child support.  One of the men had active warrants out of Effingham and Fayette Counties.  He was taken to the Shelby County jail and the men received citations for no fishing license.

In Shelby County, CPO Moody stopped a man from Taylorville in Wolf Creek State Park for speeding.  The man had no valid driver’s license and was found to be a registered Sexually Violent Predator.  The man received citations for driving with no valid license and for being a Sex Offender in a State Park.  He received a written warning for speed and was given a mandatory court appearance.

In Mason County, CPO Wahlbrink received a disposition on a case involving the unlawful take of a 12-pt non-typical whitetail deer. Three individuals plead guilty to their charges and paid a combined total of $2,541 in fines and fees.

In DeWitt County, CPO Ausmus issued an Armington man a citation for having a dog in an area posted as “No Pets Allowed.” The CPO received a complaint from park staff of an unattended dog in a car at the beach parking lot. The dog was hot but not in distress, the owner was located and issued a citation. 

In DeWitt County, CPO Ausmus responded to a complaint of a sinking PWC at Mascoutin Boat Launch. Upon arrival, the owner was the PWC attempting to get it started. The owner, CPO Ausmus, and several bystanders were able to get the PWC towed to the ramp before it became completely submerged. Upon inspection, it was discovered the owner failed to insert the plugs before launching it. 

South Zone – Capt. Eric Manker

In Clinton County, CPO Schachner issued 19 written warnings for various boating violations and 3 citations for open alcohol violations in motor vehicles.  In addition, while patrolling Carlyle Lake, CPO Schachner arrested a subject for multiple boat violations including Operating Watercraft Under the Influence of alcohol over .08.  The subject recorded a BAC of .172.

In St. Clair County, CPO Reeves and CPO Viverito conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle in Frank Holten State Park.  During the stop, Cannabis was individually packaged for sale and a loaded firearm was discovered in the Vehicle.  The male subject was issued written warnings for the traffic violations.  Additional charges for Cannabis and firearm are pending review of the investigation.  

In Lawrence County, CPO Taylor received a complaint of several bags of trash being dumped into a creek in Lawrence Co.  A box was found in the creek with the suspect’s name and address.  CPO Taylor went to the residence and the subject confessed to dumping the trash in the creek. A citation was issued, and the subject cleaned the trash out of the creek.

In Pulaski County, CPO Wolf and SGT. Taylor assisted ISP Zone 7 investigations with attempting to locate a firearm potentially thrown into the Cache River. Sonar operations were attempted but due to the low level of the river, the only possible way to find the weapon was by using a magnet. No firearm was recovered and the investigation is pending

In Williamson county, CPO Teas stopped a vehicle for multiple traffic and registration violations in Williamson County. Upon making contact with the driver, it appeared the driver was intoxicated. The driver was given field sobriety tests and arrested for DUI. The driver provided a breath sample showing his BAC to be 0.171. During a search of his vehicle, a loaded, uncased rifle was located in the back seat and the driver was discovered to be a felon. The subject received several charges including Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Felon, DUI, No Valid Drivers License, Expired Registration, and Transportation of a Loaded/Uncased Firearm.

In Perry County, The Illinois Department of Corrections determined that the parolee CPO Lewis arrested for “Sexual Predator Present in a Public Park” violated his parole when entering the Pyramid State Recreation Area.   He is now back in the custody of IDOC and incarcerated at Menard Correctional Center.

In St. Clair County, CPO Grant Anderson and CPO Michael Goetten stopped a vehicle with suspended registration at Frank Holton State Park. The driver was also suspended. The passenger had a loaded pistol without a concealed carry permit. A second firearm, cannabis, and $8400 in counterfeit money were also discovered in the vehicle.

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