Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – October 29, 2021

Northwest Zone –
Captain Laura Petreikis

In Whiteside County, CPO Swanson received a call about an injured fox in a backyard. The young fox was transported to Hoo Haven Wildlife Rehab and is being treated for a broken front leg and mange. 

In Boone County, CPO Swanson was conducting fishing compliance checks in Belvidere when she spoke to a juvenile who said he was 15 but gave a date of birth for that of a 17-year-old. After further questioning, he admitted he was 16 and did not have a fishing license, and was from out of state. He was educated on IL fishing laws, how to purchase a non-resident license, and issued a written warning.

In Bureau County, CPO Kaufman received the disposition from a December 2020 deer case. A hunter who was living in Illinois, but claimed Texas residency was hunting with Illinois resident deer permits. The hunter received a $1348.50 fine, of which $1076.50 was restitution to the department. The restitution amount was the difference the hunter paid for the resident deer permits compared to the amount he should have paid for non-resident permits.

In Fulton County, CPO Thompson conducted sport fishing compliance checks at Rice Lake SFWA and the IL River shoreline. Upon locating three male subjects fishing on the IL River shoreline, it was identified none of the men had a valid fishing license. During a search of the area for unlawfully taken fish, CPO Thompson located a loaded handgun. With the assistance of a Fulton County Deputy, the handgun was identified to be unlawfully possessed without a valid FOID card. The handgun was seized as evidence and the man was transported to the Fulton County Jail. In addition, the man was identified to have an active warrant for his arrest for failure to appear. The man was charged with two counts of unlawful possession of a firearm/ammunition without a valid FOID and two citations were issued for fishing without a fishing license. One written warning was issued.

Northeast Zone –
Capt. Eric Schreiber

In Lake County, CPO Doescher responded to a complaint of a house, keeping Raccoons in Gurnee.  The tenant was issued a warning for an expired game breeder’s permit.

In McHenry County, CPO Kelley received several calls from a Lakemoor resident about a Canada Goose with a fishing lure stuck to its plumage or body.  The caller indicated the fishing lure was trailing some line and believed the goose’s leg and wing had become entangled.  CPO Kelley patrolled Lily Lake by kayak to locate the goose.  Fortunately, the goose was located on the western shore of the lake and, after a short chase, the goose was captured.  Once the goose was captured, CPO Kelley found and removed the fishing lure from the goose’s leg.  The hook was located at the joint of the goose’s leg, making it hard for the goose to walk.  Hopefully, a full recovery is now possible.  The caller was very appreciative when notified of the results of the “wild goose chase.”

In Kankakee County, While patrolling a state park in Kankakee County which was posted as having an alcohol ban, CPO Prasun observed a fisherman consuming an alcoholic beverage. Upon making contact with the fisherman, it was determined the individual had discarded a glass beer bottle off in the weeds and was also using bait fish that had been previously caught from a different body of water. The subject was issued a citation for littering on department property and written warnings for alcoholic beverages on department property and illegal transportation of VHS susceptible fish to another body of water. 

In Cook County, CPO Fehrenbacher and CPO Kater seized approximately 30 pounds of live Red swamp crayfish from an International Market in Cook county.  The CPOs worked with a Cook County Forest Preserve officer to investigate the unlawful dumping of Tilapia and Red Swamp crayfish into Busse Lake. The manager of the market was issued 1 citation for unlawful possession of non-approved species.

Central Zone –
Capt. John Williamson

In Hancock County, CPO Wheatley received the two racks related to an ongoing investigation CPO Wheatley is conducting regarding 2 deer illegally taken from Niota.  The racks were collected as evidence in cooperation with the Louisiana Fish and Wildlife agency and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife agency.  The racks are definite trophies by anyone’s definition, one measuring 203 inches and is a 17 pointer, the other, an 18 pointer, measures 187 inches.  The case is still in its infancy, but charges should be filed in the very near future, some of these charges are felonies.  Updates will be posted as the case continues.

In Macoupin County, CPO Gushleff was on patrol at Beaver Dam State Park in Macoupin County. A fisherman was checked for compliance with the Fish Code. The fisherman had a wire fish basket at the fish cleaning station, and CPO Gushleff inspected his catch. It came to CPO Gushleff ‘s attention that the fisherman had a bass in his basket that was 11 ¾ inches long. The minimum length a bass can be at BDSP is 15 inches. The man was asked why he kept such a short bass, and he replied that he didn’t know the limits. CPO Gushleff kindly advised the man that there was a sign with the limits of BDSP fishing regulations posted less than 5 feet from the man.

In Vermilion County, CPO Z. Williams checked a fisherman at Lake Mingo spillway. During the compliance check, CPO Z. Williams discovered 7 white crappies in a minnow bucket in the water. The fisherman admitted there may be some short fish in the bucket. The fisherman was in possession of four short crappies. One crappie measured 7.5 inches with the minimum limit being 9 inches. Proper enforcement action was taken.

South Zone – Capt. Eric Manker

In Randolph County, While conducting boating enforcement CPO Wichern cited a non-resident catfish guide for operating a fish guiding service on the Mississippi River in the Chester area for 2yrs without obtaining an Illinois Passenger for Hire license, and for failing to properly cover the boat’s batteries & for possessing a non-serviceable fire extinguisher.

In Randolph County, CPO Ray observed a Missouri resident selling bags of cut bait out of a cooler at the Mississippi riverboat launch in Chester.  After further inspection, CPO Ray determined the subject possessed an Illinois non-resident Aquatic Life Dealer license & the subject was properly recording the sale of fish with receipts.

In Jefferson County, CPO Jourdan arrested a Jefferson County man for multiple deer violations.  An investigation revealed the man shot a large buck in December of 2020 with a rifle.  The man also poached a doe with that rifle in June of 2021.  The doe was left to rot in a field.  The man had 16 total violations.  The rifle and deer head were seized as evidence. 

In Perry County, CPO Lewis and CPO K. Williams were informed of a Du Quoin resident in possession of a raccoon. The man explained the raccoon was his pet and had it leashed and collared. CPOs explained to the man it is unlawful to retain wildlife alive and informed him of the possible dangers of doing so. CPOs were able to take possession of the raccoon and transfer it to a local Wildlife Rehabilitation Facility with no issue. The Du Quoin resident was issued multiple warnings.  

In Washington County, CPO Macias and an intern were patrolling Washington County SFWA and came across a pair of people fishing from a moored boat. When asked for their fishing licenses only one produced an IL license, the second gave the CPO a MO license. It seemed there was confusion as to what license was needed for which state. The CPO educated the pair on state-specific licensees and issued a written warning to the second person.

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