U.S. blackpowder manufacturer fizzles to a halt

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With the demise of U.S.-made GOEX blackpowder, muzzleloading enthusiasts will either have to use a substitute or else try to secure one of two hard-to-find and expensive European blackpowder brands. (Jeff Frischkorn)

With the largely unexpected closure of the GOEX plant at Camp Minden, Louisiana, the end of the line likely has come to black powder production in the United States.

The firm’s parent company, Hodgdon, announced Sept. 27 the immediate cessation of operations at the site while the company evaluates its “…strategic options for the black powder business.”

In its press release announcing the closure, Hodgdon said “The business will wind down operations while an evaluation process of the business takes place. Strategic options for the GOEX and Olde Eynsford brands of black powder, along with the manufacturing capabilities, will include a potential sale of the business.”

GOEX black powder was first made in 1802 in Delaware by the fabled E.I. Du Pont de Nemours Co., a firm well acquainted with manufacturing powders for military ordinance. That extended through many of the nation’s conflicts.

Today, GOEX manufactures black powder used for sporting applications such as civil war re-enactments and flint lock firearms, and is a vital component for industrial and military applications. It remains as the only U.S. manufacturer of black powder.

For much more on this story, including the latest developments, pick up a copy of the Oct. 22 print edition of Ohio Outdoor News.

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