DNR says common carp fish kill caused by KHV

Carp Kill Small Original

The Michigan DNR has completed its investigation of the common carp mortality on Lake Orion in northeast Oakland County that occurred in mid-to late July. With the assistance of the Aquatic Animal Health Laboratory at Michigan State University, it has been determined and confirmed that the common carp fish kill was caused by koi herpesvirus (KHV – cyprinid herpesvirus 3).

“As the case with most herpesviruses, KHV is very specific on which fish species it will infect and only affects common carp, koi and goldfish,” said Gary Whelan, Fisheries Division Research Program manager. “This is only the third detection of this non-native virus in Michigan waters, and it is known to kill large numbers of its host species at times. KHV does not affect any other fish species and has no implications for any other birds, mammals or humans.”

The July fish kill was reported by residents using the DNR’s Eyes in the Field website. The only species involved was adult common carp, and the number killed was between 300 to 600 mostly adult fish.

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