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Wisconsin Fishing Report – June 7, 2021



Shore anglers have reported catching sheepshead, catfish, carp and white bass using a variety of hair jigs, jigs with plastics and worms. Boat anglers have reported catching walleyes, muskies, white bass and sheepshead largely on crankbaits. The boat anglers also caught sheepshead on worms. Water temperatures are around 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and the fish seemed to be mostly near or at the bottom.


At Robert M. Carmody County Park Boat Launch, boaters reported success on smallmouth bass. The lengths of the smallmouth bass reported ranged from 14-18 inches and anglers reported success using dropshot rigs and plastic worms. Some success on Rock Bass and Northern Pike were also reported over the weekend.

At Potawatomi State Park, boaters reported success on smallmouth bass and yellow perch. Anglers found success on smallmouth bass in water depths ranging 6-12 feet using dropshot rigs. Success on yellow perch was found using minnows. Some success on bluegill, pumpkinseed and rock bass was also reported.

Bayshore County park was very busy on Sunday afternoon with visitors using the shore for recreation and walking the breakwater. Boaters reported success on walleye, white bass, and channel catfish. One boater had success using nightcrawlers.

It was a slow evening out at Chaudoir’s Dock on Sunday evening. A family of red foxes was seen at the entrance of Sugar Creek County Park Sunday evening. Kits appear to be full-grown or close to full-grown. Use caution when driving in and out of the park; the den entrance is believed to be along the road leading into the park.


Duck Creek: Boat anglers have reported success catching smallmouth bass and yellow perch using nightcrawlers. These launches are also commonly used by recreational paddlers.

Long Tail Point: These boat launches were not very busy. Most of the vehicles using these locations are there for recreational purposes.

Suamico River: Shore anglers reported catching yellow perch, bullheads, sunfish and bowfin on minnows and worms. Boat anglers have reported catching walleye, white bass and sheepshead on crankbaits. Pink and purple were two colors that were reported as being effective. The water temperatures ranged from the mid-60s to low 70s degrees Fahrenheit.

Geano Beach: Boat anglers have had success catching walleye, white bass, yellow perch, yellow bullheads and sheepshead on a variety of crankbaits, crawler harnesses and minnows


Muskie anglers were out on the Menominee River this week. Most reported having a few follows but not getting fish to hit. Anglers reported hooking lots of alewives while fishing both in the river and in the bay. Fishing on the Peshtigo River was good for multiple species. Anglers were trying for yellow perch and catching catfish, bowfin, sheepshead, rock bass and northern pike along with the perch. Crawlers were working best along the channel edges fishing on the bottom.


Fishing activity was rather low this week with only the Oconto Breakwater launch being busy over the weekend. Shore anglers were having the best luck this week with sheepshead providing lots of action off the pier on the Oconto River. Bullheads, yellow perch and northern pike were being caught at Oconto Park II and in the ditches off County Y. Fishing in the bay was tough mainly because of the number of alewives present making it difficult to troll.


Kenosha Piers and Shoreline: The piers and shorelines in Kenosha saw constant but fairly low angling activity last week. Most anglers were hoping for brown trout, steelhead or coho while others would have been happy with anything that was willing to bite their hook. A few different baits were seen being used among the anglers. Artificial baits like spoons and tube jigs were commonly used while a couple of anglers were lucky enough to catch a few alewives and float them under a slip bobber. Even though a variety of baits were used, no catches were recorded during the survey this week.

Kenosha Ramp: The ramp in Kenosha saw an increase in boating activity compared to previous weeks. The weather finally warmed up and stabilized, which has gotten many more boats out onto the lake. Many pleasure boaters were seen mixed in with the fishing boats at the launch. Fishing boats were seen driving in a few different directions once they got out onto the lake. The boats that came back in had mixed success. Some boats came in with little or no fish while others came in with limits of fish. A large mix of steelhead, lakers, coho and chinook were caught among the boats. Success was reported at depths around 40 feet to 250 feet of water. Fish were hitting a wide variety of spoons and flies. The water temperature at the boat ramp was 66 degrees Fahrenheit.


Racine Piers and Shoreline: The piers and shorelines in Racine experienced an increase in angling activity over the past week. Warmer weather and friendlier waves led to a few more anglers being out on the piers.  Many of the anglers were still trying to target salmon or trout. A small portion of those fishing were trying for panfish. Anglers were seen throwing spoons or fishing with nightcrawlers or shrimp under a bobber. Unfortunately, no catches were recorded during our survey even with the increase in angling activity. Water temperatures near shore have been increasing.

Racine Ramp: The ramp in Racine had a very busy week. Many boat trailers were seen at the launch with the nice weather that we had. A good mix of fishing boats and pleasure craft were seen using the launch. Fishing boats tried a variety of depths in order to catch fish. Waves on the lake were angler friendly so many boats went out very deep. Success among the fishing boats was hit or miss throughout the week. Some boats came back empty-handed while others came in with limits. A good mix of lake trout, coho and chinook were caught at depths from 50 to over 200 feet of water. Anglers reported success on a variety of spoons and flies. The water temperature at the ramp by the end of the week was about 58 degrees Fahrenheit.


Southern Milwaukee County: The Bender Park ramp was active this week with a mix of pleasure boaters and fishing boats. Anglers reported catching coho and lake trout using dodger-fly and spinners in 60-80 feet of water. The South Shore ramp is back open this year after being closed due to high water concerns in 2020. The South Shore ramp only saw light use though. Along the shoreline, a handful of anglers were seen fishing from the pier at the Oak Creek Power Plant. Most were aiming to catch trout and salmon but had no luck during our survey this week. Anglers were able to catch suckers and alewives from the Power Plant Pier.

Northern Milwaukee County: There was a lot of activity at McKinley Ramp this week, with a good mix of pleasure and fishing boats. Most boats that went out over the weekend were catching a few coho and chinook. Anglers were using flasher flys and spoons out in 90-120 feet of water. Riverfront ramp saw a lot of activity this week too, however, there were many pleasure boaters. Along the shoreline, anglers fishing at Summerfest reported catching rock bass and largemouth bass using nightcrawlers, corn and jigs with a yellow feather. Under the Hoan and near the lighthouse, anglers were targeting trout and salmon. One angler reported catching a brown trout on a green spoon. Anglers reported catching panfish off the McKinley pier along the marina. Carp could also be caught off the pier using boilies, pellets and corn. A whitefish and a brown trout were reported caught off the pier using spoons and a coho was caught using alewives as bait. Alewives could be caught readily along the pier as well.


Port Washington: Fishing in Port Washington was slow and not a lot of people were out fishing due to the extremely windy days last week. The people who did fish had good luck in 120-180 feet of water on flasher flys and coho dodgers. Not many people were catching fish from shore this week as it is still a tough and slow bite for anyone fishing this past week.


Sheboygan: The bite in Sheboygan has still been relatively slow this past week. Most fish being caught are mostly coho salmon and lake trout with a few occasional bigger king salmon and rainbow trout. The best depth for fish this week was anywhere from 90 feet of water to about 160 feet of water. Most fish are still being caught on coho rigs as well as flasher flys.


Two Rivers: In Two Rivers, most interviews were conducted in the harbor due to the Wisconsin Carp Championship running from June 5-6. In Two Rivers Harbor, several carp ranging from 10-23 lbs. were caught using boilies. Aside from the carp tournament, there were several salmonids caught via boat at the Two Rivers ramps. A 2.3 lb. lake trout and a few rainbow trout ranging from 3.6 to 5.5 lbs. were caught using flasher flies and spoons. Additionally, a few coho salmon ranging from 2.1 to 5.5 lbs. were caught using a variety of spoons and flasher fly colors as well. Chinook salmon were caught with the same setup ranging from 7.5 to 8.8 lbs. One group reported catching one chinook salmon at an 85 ft depth and a coho salmon at a 110 ft depth. Water temperatures ranged from 47 to 50 degrees. Anglers reported that there was a decrease in the number of baitfish located near the piers, but some remain.

Manitowoc: In Manitowoc, most anglers were seen fishing via boat on Lake Michigan. One boat had success catching a 4.5 lb. rainbow trout on an orange spoon about 20 feet below the surface. Additionally, a few coho and chinook salmon were caught using white flasher flies in 15 to 35 feet of water. Water temperature ranged from 48 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit with waves of 2 to 2.5 feet. Anglers fishing off the Manitowoc south pier noted that water levels are low relative to last year and there are many baitfish located by the piers.


Algoma: Fishing pressure this week was low due to windy weather earlier in the week resulting in rough conditions for boat anglers (2 to 7 ft. waves). At Algoma Ramp, one 8.5 lb. chinook salmon was caught on a silver spoon. One rainbow trout was also caught at the surface using a yellow spoon. At Olson Park, one group of anglers had success catching a 30-inch rainbow trout on a chrome/yellow/orange dipsy diver spoon combo. Additionally, one boat angler had success catching two northern pikes using a white and a yellow twister tail plastic. Water temperatures ranged from 43 to 54 degrees Fahrenheit. At Algoma shore, a handful of perch and bowfin were caught using worms. Anglers reported seeing a significant number of baitfish in the harbor this week.


Sturgeon Bay: In Sturgeon Bay, there were a variety of species being caught this week. At Sunset park ramp, there were two smallmouth bass caught using green pumpkin-colored worms. While at Stone Quarry Park ramp, several smallmouth bass were caught using plastic swimbaits and shad-colored plastics. Water clarity ranged from 3 to 6 feet below the surface and most fish were caught at a 6 to 15 ft. depth. At Stone Quarry Park shore, several smallmouth bass ranging from 2 to 4 lbs. were caught using nightcrawlers and green pumpkin tubes. At the Sturgeon Bay ramp, trout and salmon were caught using green flasher flies and spoons. Lake trout were caught at 47 and 60 ft. depths. A rainbow trout was caught at a 20 ft. depth while a chinook salmon was caught at a 60 ft. depth. One 53.5-inch muskie was also reported being caught in 2 to 3 feet of water using dark green plastic. Additionally, a smallmouth and lake whitefish were reported being caught at a 12 to 18 ft. depth on a flicker shad. Water clarity was between 3 to 12 feet with water temperatures ranging from 40 to 61 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on location. On Lake Michigan, waves were around 3 feet for boat anglers.


Early in the week, Door County experienced some cool winds and thunderstorms. By mid-week, a heatwave came through and consequently caused the water temperatures to rise from the low 50s to low 60s degrees Fahrenheit. Water visibility averaged between 10 to 15 feet with higher visibility further north.

Rowley’s Bay and Sisters Bay were the most popular places to catch smallmouth bass. Boaters were catching between 10 and 25 bass per trip in Rowley’s Bay. Both natural colored soft plastic imitation as well as bright orange colored hard plastic swim baits are proving successful. Sisters Bay anglers caught between 10 to 30 bass per trip using soft crawfish imitation baits. Bass are being reported between 2 to 4 pounds. A few anglers who launched from Gills Rock reported catching over fifty bass around Washington Island. Most are being caught on soft plastics, but jerk-baits are also a viable method for catching bass.

With the increase in water temperatures, panfish such as bluegill and perch are beginning to move towards the shore. Small schools of panfish were sighted around piers and marinas around Rowley’s Bay, Ephraim and Baileys Harbor. Catfish were also sighted in marinas and under piers spawning.

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