Fish house removal deadline today for southern two-thirds of Minnesota

Icefishing House Mndnr
(Minnesota DNR)

The removal deadline in the southern two-thirds of the state is the end of the day today Monday, March 1. If your fish house is on an inland body of water in the southern two-thirds of Minnesota, you’re mere hours away from the deadline to get it off the ice. It needs to be gone by midnight tonight. If it isn’t – and you haven’t been in touch with your local conservation officer – don’t be surprised if it’s confiscated, destroyed or removed.

Anyone who’s caught leaving litter – including any part of a fish house – on the lake may be cited for littering.

Reminder: Fish house removal deadlines are set in state statute and not dependent upon seasonal conditions.

The removal deadline does not mean anglers no longer can use fish houses on the ice. After the March 1 deadline, fish houses may still be on the ice, but they must be occupied if they’re out between midnight and one hour before sunrise. Shelters may not be left or stored at public accesses.

Anglers always should keep in mind that ice conditions vary widely and that ice is never 100 percent safe.

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