Plan ahead now for spring 2021 ammo issues

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Plenty of folks are having trouble finding ammo lately. This means that if you want to be loaded up for a specific pursuit (like turkey season), you might want to start hunting for some shells now.

I like guns, a lot. But, I’m not one of those folks who lives to punch holes in paper at the range. This means that I’m somewhat out of the loop when it comes to ammo shortages and the strategies people employ in order to stock up.

As is often the case, this kind of thing is easy to dismiss until you need something specific and don’t know where to get it. In my situation, we are getting closer to turkey season. I’d feel a little more confident if I had some extra .410 turkey loads for my daughters.

So far, my search for even a single box has led me across the Twin Cities North Metro to look at empty shelves in multiple stores. Nada. I’ve got an order in with an online retailer now, but the shells I’m looking for are back-ordered. Basically, I’ve got a spot in a digital queue if that retailer does happen to get some in stock.

I’ve read about other folks waiting for delivery trucks to show up at stores, but I’m not there yet. I also read about a wild case down in Texas where a fellow decided to set up what appears to be a sham retailer site from his house, promising not only quantities of ammo, but great prices. The last I read, he was facing a pile of charges after not delivering on the goods but taking customers’ money anyway.

It’s weird out there, and it doesn’t feel like there will be an end to the ammo run anytime soon. The best we can do for now is to expect to pay up given the current supply and demand imbalance, and keep looking. That’s what I plan to do, and if I fail, I guess both my little girls will graduate to the 20 gauge this April.

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