Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – December 25, 2020

Northwest Zone –
Captain Laura Petreikis

In Bureau County, CPO Kiprono responded to an incident involving an African River Boar who had escaped from his pen in rural Bureau County. A neighbor, approximately one mile down the road, discovered the boar in her backyard after her dog would not stop barking. Upon further investigation, it was revealed the African River Boar was a 1.5 year old male, approximately 100 pounds and named Buddy. The boar returned to his home on his own unharmed.

In JoDaviess County, CPO Hoftender responded to River Road in Hanover for a complaint of damaged signs. On her way to the location she was flagged down by a concerned citizen who reported dumping. The citizen explained there was a cooler, vacuums, strollers, and kid’s toys. CPO Hoftender checked the items. The citizen made arrangements to remove all the items and obtained permission to place them in a dumpster. CPO Hoftender investigated further and was able to locate the subject who dumped the item. CPO Hoftender made contact with the subject and issued him a citation for pollution of waterway.

In Lee County, CPO Beltran assisted the Illinois State Police in a traffic stop which resulted in the discovery of an unlawfully taken deer. Three Rockford men went squirrel hunting and shot a doe. They were transporting it in the trunk of their car. 2 squirrels, a deer, and 3 guns were seized. Citations were issued for Lee County and additional charges in Marshall County.

In Lee County, CPO Hoftender responded to assist a Lee County detective on the Rock River to locate a shotgun used in an assault. CPO Hoftender was able to recover the shotgun from the water with the help of Dixon Rural fire boat.

In Lee County, CPO Hoftender received a complaint about a subject shooting frogs with an air rifle out of season. CPO Hoftender located the subject and issued a citation for taking bullfrogs without a fishing license. He was issued warnings for taking frogs out of season and illegal methods.

In LaSalle County, CPO Wagner while conducting sport fish enforcement at LaSalle Lake observed female using cast net to catch bait. After approaching and asking to see the bait CPO observed individual was keeping small largemouth bass caught with the net. Citation issued. CPO Wagner while doing compliance checks found individual in possession of alcohol. Alcohol is prohibited as Lasalle lake. Citation was issued for the violation.

In LaSalle County, CPO Kiprono received information regarding a local man selling a bull snake online without proper permitting. A native herptile species permit must be obtained by the seller in order to sell this particular snake lawfully. The man was contacted, the advertisement was taken down and the violation was addressed.

In Boone County, CPO Alvarez- Gerbino received a complaint of a fishermen was keeping short smallmouth bass on the Kishwaukee River at the Belvidere Dam. CPO Alvarez- Gerbino conducted multiple sport fishing checks and located the fishermen with the short smallmouth bass. A citation was issued.

Northeast Zone –
Captain Jed Whitchurch

In Kane County, CPO Iaffaldano responded to a complaint of unlawful fishing activity in a wildlife conservancy and conducted fisherman checks along the Fox River. Citations were issued to 2 fisherman encountered without valid sportfishing licenses. 1 fisherman was observed unlawfully using a castnet to catch sportfish.

In Kane County, CPO Iaffaldano made efforts to rescue an injured Blue Heron and will conduct a second attempt in the near future with the assistance with a Wildlife Rehabber.

In Will County, CPOs Honiotes & Prasun along with Sgt. Wollgast responded to the Channahon State Park where a woman who had previously been banned from the property for alcohol was seen in the campground. The woman had already left, but her two companions were found passed out at the picnic table at their campsite. One of them had been previously issued a warning for alcohol in the campgrounds. The men were ticketed and also banned from the campgrounds as well.

In Cook County, CPO Kusta was conducting sportfish enforcement at a Cook County state park. CPO Kusta observed two fishermen and requested their Illinois fishing license. Both fishermen were not able to provide me their license but stated they had them. CPO Kusta conducted and check of the system and determined they had a fishing license. CPO Kusta educated the fishermen they are required to have their fishing license on them, both were issued written warnings for the violation.

In Cook County, CPO Kusta was conducting sportfish enforcement at a Cook County state park. CPO Kusta observed two fishermen and requested their Illinois fishing license. Both fishermen provided CPO Kusta with their 2019 fishing license. CPO Kusta advised them it was not a current sportfishing license due to them expiring. CPO Kusta educated them on when the licenses expire and how they need to check them prior to fishing.

In Cook County, CPO Gates performed sport fishing enforcement at Mallard Lake. 3 written warnings were issued for not having a valid sportfishing license. CPO performed a traffic stop while exiting Mallard lake on a vehicle traveling 44mph in a 20mph zone. The Driver only had a learners permit without adult supervision. CPO Gates had the driver call someone who was listed on the vehicles insurance paperwork to come pick him and the vehicle up. The driver was issued a citation for speeding and a valid driver arrived to drive the car away.

In DuPage County, CPO Gates patrolled Mallard lake in DuPage County. A fisherman had a dead Perch in his possession that was 8 inches. The minimum a perch must be is 9 inches. The man was issued a citation for the short fish. Another woman was fishing without a fishing license. She was issued a written warning and purchased a fishing license online. While at Mallard, CPO Gates inspected 4 vessels that were ready to launch. No violations were found.

In Kankakee County, CPO Elliot received a call of a jeep stuck on an island near the Aroma Park boat launch. CPO Elliot arrived a short time later and located the vehicle that appeared to have driven down the boat launch and into the river. After entering the river, the vehicle appeared to do donuts on the sandbar prior to re-entering the river and driving to the island located South of the launch. Once the vehicle reached the island they buried their vehicle to the frame. The CPO spoke with the vehicle owner and educated him on why he couldn’t drive a motor vehicle into the river. The vehicle owner was cited, and the vehicle was eventually towed.

Central  Zone –
Capts. Petreikis and Whitchurch

In Calhoun County, CPO Michael Goetten finalized an investigation into a non-resident landowner and his step son falsifying information to obtain deer permits at a discounted price. The step son had changed his last name and provided an address in a different state on DNR records in order to pass as the landowner’s child permanently residing with the landowner. Both the father and son were charged with falsification of DNR records.

In Jersey County, CPO Michael Goetten assisted Jersey and Madison County deputies with a hit and run car accident. The offender was located at his residence. While dealing with officers, the subject fled into and barricades himself in his residence. He recovered a rifle and discharged it out the front door. Officers were able to negotiate with the subject and get him to surrender. He was arrested on felony charges.

In Morgan County, While checking fishermen on Lake Jacksonville, CPO Wahlbrink heard tires screech and a loud boom. A driver lost control of a vehicle which crashed into a wooden post. Six individuals were in the car, none reported injuries. The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office arrived on scene to assist. A strong odor of cannabis led to a vehicle search followed by a thorough investigation. Approximately 30 grams of cannabis, a scale, many small bags, and methamphetamine were discovered in the vehicle. One of the passengers had an outstanding warrant for his arrest while the driver did not have a valid driver’s license. The vehicle was also uninsured.

In DeWitt County, In Dewitt County, CPO Ausmus checked a vehicle parked at a popular fishing spot. The truck bed contained several minnow traps. The occupants arrived moments later carrying a cast net and a bucket of fish. The bucket contained several short sport fish. The Lincoln man admitted he had taken all the fish with a cast net. The angler was issued a citation for unlawful use of a cast net to take sport fish and a warning for failure to release short sport fish. The fish were released.

South Zone – Capt. Eric Manker

In Hardin County, CPO Wilkinson conducted an investigation which lead to an interview with a non-resident. The non-resident admitted to purchasing an antler-less only permit to save money. The subject then went hunting during the firearm deer season and harvested a buck with antlers. In order to report the harvest “legally” the individual called it in under someone else’s permit. The violator was charged with unlawful take of whitetail deer and unlawful use of another’s permit to report harvest.

In Fayette County, CPO Roper conducted a deer and turkey permit fraud investigation of a Fayette County Resident spanning the 2018, 2019, and 2020 seasons. CPO Roper discovered multiple violations across the three seasons. CPO Roper conducted several interviews in the investigation, and the resulting appropriate charges were filed. The individual was charged with 7 counts of permit falsification (use of another’s permit), 6 counts of unlawful take of deer, 1 count of over limit of antlered deer, and 1 count of unlawful take of turkey. Four sets of deer antlers were seized as evidence in the case, and the individual was given a mandatory court date in Fayette County Court.

In Jasper County, CPO Hyatt patrolled Newton lake and discovered a fisherman with a short largemouth bass. It is an 18 inch minimum for

largemouth bass and his fish was only 13.5 inches. The fishermen were cited for failure to immediately release short fish. Two other fishermen were given warnings for not having a fishing license.

In St. Clair County, While patrolling the river front near East St. Louis, CPO Gerdes checked a multiple group of people fishing. Several written warnings were issued for various violations, and one subject was cited for fishing without a fishing license.

CPO Gerdes also responded to Freeburg, Illinois in reference to a set of twin fawns which appeared to have been left by their mother. After locating the fawns, CPO Gerdes determined they were in good health and the callers were educated on the typical behaviors of whitetail fawns.

In Jefferson County, CPO Williams received a call from the Jefferson Count Sheriff’s Department concerning a fawn deer held in a cage at a residence involved in a domestic incident. It was discovered the female at the residence had recovered the fawn after unknown dogs had attacked and killed the doe during birth and planned on rehabilitating the fawn herself. The fawn was recovered and taken to a licensed rehabilitator.

In Union County, CPO Vasicek visited with a child and his grandfather on a bridge over a creek. The 10-year-old was trying to catch gar with a stick with line tied to it. Being close to home, Vasicek went home and retrieved a fishing pole that had not seen use in years. He also put together a tackle box with various lures and baits. Returning to the bridge, Vasicek gave the child the fishing tackle. When asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, the child said, “A fisherman.”

In Williamson County, CPO Johnson concluded an investigation, of a subject hunting without permission, in 2019. The subject was hunting railroad and private property in Williamson County. The subject was cited for unlawful take of a deer, no permit, hunting without permission, and no hunting license.

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