Remembering the amazing insight and vision of Ron Lindner


A human catalyst is a person who precipitates an event, or events, that cause rapid change. Throughout history, men and women have come along who have proven to be catalysts that change the world as we know it. One such individual was Ron Lindner, who recently succumbed to cancer at the age of 86.

Lindner was a human catalyst who decided that to be a successful angler one just needed the right education coupled with the right tools. While most fishermen were secretive about their knowledge of fishing as well as the best destinations to achieve this success, Lindner shared his knowledge freely and designed the equipment necessary to do job.

I’ve heard Lindner described as innovative. He is all of that, and much, much more. He prescribed the In-Fishermen Formula to catch fish that went like this. F+L+P=S. Understanding F (the fish) leads to L (location). Then comes P (presentation) and when it all comes together this leads to Success.

It’s a simple formula, yet so was Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. One can delve deep into each one of the categories. It can take years to understand just how a fish reacts to certain stimuli under certain conditions that would put it in a particular spot that would cause it to react in a positive manner to a bait or lure. But that’s the beauty of the formula. It’s a starting point to a learning process with no end, but it’s an intensely enjoyable process.

Lindner had many original concepts come to market over the years. His best known is obviously the Lindy Rig, a live-bait rig that hit the stores in 1968 and has been responsible for many a fish caught. Lindner estimated there were over 70 million Lindy Rigs manufactured and sold since that first one was tested.

To ensure that anglers would get the information they needed to incorporate the formula and equipment, and thus catch more fish, the Lindner media empire was born. Anglers were given the information they needed to shorten their learning curve through magazines, videos, TV shows, seminars and competitive angling venues. Anglers no longer drifted around in their boats hoping for a bite. Now they used sonar, well-described boat control methods, lively live bait, or lures that triggered strikes and they caught fish, and lots of them.

Lindner never quit teaching and inventing. Right up until the day he died he was attending pro-angler events, sportshows, posting on social media and still getting out on the water as much as he could, and it was a lot.

When the word was out that Lindner was gone the tributes were numerous. Even the Wall Street Journal reported on his passing. His legacy will extend well beyond the boundaries of most men, not because he added to a world that already existed, but because he created a world that was not there before. Lindner was a true pioneer who tread on undiscovered places and shared his visions with the rest of the universe. His status as a legend is unequivocal.

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