Is it time to insure your ATV/UTV?

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(Wisconsin DNR)

Recently, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources reminded those who drive and ride all-terrain vehicles and UTVs of the rules and requirements when riding trails and rural roads.

In addition to license plates, making turn signals, and having these vehicles registered, should operators consider insurance now that more and more roads are being opened as ATV/UTV trails?

One might imagine a highway accident between a light truck and a UTV.  Individuals in either vehicle could be injured and make a claim against the operator in the other vehicle.

Spending a few hundred dollars annually might be money well spent to have peace of mind that harming someone would not cause one to “lose the farm.”

That’s what most car and truck drivers have, even though some try to gamble by going without.

It doesn’t hurt to at least look at the cost and consider the safety of others, too.

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