Ohio Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – July 17, 2020

Division of Wildlife

Central Ohio – Wildlife District 1 

During the spring wild turkey hunting season, state wildlife officer Austin Levering, assigned to Knox County, responded to a potential hunting without permission complaint. Officer Levering arrived on scene and discovered wild turkey feathers and fresh boot tracks in the field. Upon further investigation, officer Levering discovered the adjacent property owner had checked an adult male wild turkey as a landowner harvest. Officer Levering drove to the residence and observed two men standing next to a wild turkey hanging in a barn. Further investigation revealed the suspect killed the turkey on the neighboring property and entered it as a landowner harvest. The suspect did not possess a hunting license and spring turkey permit during the time of harvest. The violator was issued one summons for hunting without written permission from the landowner, and another for hunting without a valid resident hunting license. The violator was ordered to pay $405 in fines and court costs in Mt. Vernon Municipal Court, and the wild turkey was forfeited to the state of Ohio.

Northwest Ohio – Wildlife District 2

During the 2019 white-tailed deer gun season, state wildlife officer Craig Barr, assigned to Allen County, observed a hunter walking across a field toward a residence. The hunter was not easily visible as his only hunter orange garment was a faded orange hat. Officer Barr approached a nearby residence as a vehicle was leaving. When officer Barr contacted the driver, he found that it was the hunter, still wearing the faded orange hat. Officer Barr recognized the hunter’s name and discovered that he had been charged earlier in the season for a deer hunting violation. The hunter was charged with not wearing the proper hunter orange clothing while deer gun hunting, and paid $230 in fines and court cost in Van Wert Municipal Court.

Northeast Ohio – Wildlife District 3

During the 2020 Memorial Day weekend, state wildlife investigators Matthew Fisher and Jason Hadsell, assigned to the Lake Erie Unit, were patrolling the waters off Cuyahoga, Lake, and Ashtabula counties. During their patrol, they contacted a vessel with four people on board. When the passengers were asked to show their fishing licenses, two of the individuals claimed they were not fishing and did not have them. The captain of the boat and one other person had valid fishing licenses. The vessel was fishing with eight rods during the time of contact, two more than the limit of three per licensed angler. The captain was issued a summons for the violation.

State wildlife officer Evan Huegel, assigned to Ashland County, received information that a 13-point buck had been illegally harvested in November 2019. The suspect was a resident of Cleveland, so officer Huegel sought the help of state wildlife officer Matt Madgar, assigned to Cuyahoga County. The officers contacted the man and interviewed him about his hunt. The results of the investigation revealed that he harvested the antlered deer in Ashland County, then drove back to Cleveland to buy his deer permit. He was issued a summons for hunting without first obtaining a valid deer permit and ordered to appear in Ashland Municipal Court. He was convicted and ordered to pay $1,437 in fines, court costs, and restitution. In addition, his hunting privileges were revoked for one year.

Southeast Ohio – Wildlife District 4

In January, state wildlife investigator Kirk Kiefer and state wildlife officer Jeff Berry, assigned to Muskingum County, were on patrol during the deer muzzleloader season. Investigator Kiefer noticed some Canada geese decoys in a harvested corn field. The officers conducted a routine waterfowl check with two hunters in a blind situated in some nearby trees. One of the hunter’s did not have a plug in his shotgun. The hunter was issued a summons for hunting migratory birds with a shotgun capable of holding more than three shells. The individual appeared in Muskingum County Court and was ordered to pay $100 in fines.

During the Memorial Day weekend, state wildlife investigator Kirk Kiefer was meeting state wildlife officer Wes Feldner, assigned to Monroe County, to contact anglers at Piedmont Lake. While waiting for officer Feldner to arrive, investigator Kiefer observed an individual in distress. The subject had a large treble hook from a muskie lure embedded in his finger. The individual explained that his girlfriend had caught her first muskie, but the fish flopped out of the net and embedded the hook into his finger. The individual refused an ambulance, and investigator Kiefer advised that the hook’s barb would have to be cut off to remove it. The individual was able to remove the hook and used some first aid equipment provided by investigator Kiefer to clean and wrap the holes in his finger.

Southwest Ohio – Wildlife District 5

In June, state wildlife officer Tim Rourke, assigned to Shelby County, was patrolling along the Great Miami River when he observed two men fishing. One was using worms and the other was using chicken liver, both in plastic containers. Eventually, both individuals began to leave and threw the plastic containers onto the rocks along the water’s edge. Officer Rourke contacted the pair at their vehicle. Further investigation revealed that one of the fishermen did not possess a valid Ohio fishing license and provided false information about his identity. Officer Rourke eventually discovered that the man had an active bench warrant for his arrest. Officer Rourke also found the person to be in possession of marijuana. Both men were issued citations for the littering violation, and a second summons for fishing without a license was given to one man. Court proceedings are pending.

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