Now may be the perfect time to recruit new outdoor enthusiasts

Those new to the outdoors may start by watching eagles and other wildlife with binoculars. (Photo by Jerry Davis)

This is becoming a great recruitment year if sportsmen and women, and the organizations they serve, are truly interested in swelling their ranks of hunters, anglers and trappers.

Many folks have turned to the outdoors to fill voids left by impacts of COVID-19. People of all ages are hiking, exploring, birding, gathering and fishing. Trout fishing is actually crowded. Some of those folks are new to these adventures and they tend to begin by tip-toeing among the brambles to pick or just to look.

As curiosity grows, they may want more, want to name birds for instance, and know to stay away from poison ivy, eat a mushroom, or taste a wild apple.

They chart their own paths and go in directions they want to go, not necessarily where we believe they should start or end up. Learn-to-hunt turkey programs may be a poor place to start for most for the most new of new, but they may eventually want to get to that point sooner or later. Or they may want to fill a freezer with venison, even though they may not ever hunt deer.

The program could be called donor deer possession.

Yes, if we’re really serious about the numbers of outdoors-educated people now is the time to venture out and see for ourselves. There is food out there, fun too, and maybe interest.

It might be nice, too, to be able to pick up an outdoors publication or newspaper and see some ink devoted and directed toward a novice outdoors person who knows little and just want to start, not by jumping in where we are but where we started.

People are hungry for the outdoors. Help them show us the way to help them, at a point and direction where they want to be helped.

We’re probably talking about one-on-one with the new guy picking the first outing.

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