Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – June 12, 2020

Northwest Zone – Captain Laura Petreikis

In Rock Island County, CPO Posateri responded to a complaint of someone trespassing on private property. CPO responded to the area and located a couple on an ATV. The Aledo man was cited for shed hunting without permission and his fiancé was issued a written warning.

In Whiteside County, CPO Posateri completed an investigation from the 2019 deer season. A Morrison man was cited for no valid deer permit and failure tag deer immediately upon kill. A 10-point deer head was seized.

In Whiteside County, CPO Peecher and CPO Beltran conducted a 4-day detail on the Hennepin Feeder Canal in Rock Falls activity includes 10 WW, 1 warrant arrest referred to ISP, 3 drug arrests, 2 juvenile runaway warrant arrests. 80 to 100 miles logged on Department UTV along the feeder canal.

In Bureau County, CP0 Wagner while checking the Hennepin Canal to ensure compliance with Governors executive order found three individuals fishing at Lock 2, Hennepin Canal. One of the fishermen had no fishing license and was cited for the offense. All individuals were given a warning about entering restricted area and told to leave.

In a DeKalb County case from the winter, CPO Murry arrested 8 snowmobilers who fled from him during a check. After a lengthy investigation, more than 40 violations were discovered. After the conclusion of the court case each operator was either found guilty or pled guilty to various charges relating to the incident. A total of 400 hours of community service were ordered to be completed, one operator was sentenced to 30 days in jail, and a total of $5,197.50 in fines were ordered paid.

In LaSalle County, CPO Kiprono patrolled LaSalle county enforcing the COVID-19 order regarding the closure of State Parks and properties. Several individuals, mostly those who live in the Chicago area, have been found in posted areas closed to the public like Starved Rock State Park and Matthiessen State Park, resulting in a citation for entering a restricted area.

In LaSalle County, while on patrol in Lasalle County, CPO Stanbary located a fisherman on the I&M Canal who was fishing while it was closed during the COVID-19 shutdown. When the CPO approached the fisherman, he observed the man smoking a cannabis cigarette. When the fisherman noticed the approaching CPO, he threw the cannabis into the canal. The CPO recovered the cannabis from the water and discovered 2 additional baggies in his possession. During a fishing compliance check the CPO found that the fisherman had 2 rainbow trout in his fish basket, and he did not have an inland trout stamp. The fisherman also had an undersized smallmouth bass in his possession. The fisherman was issued a citation for no inland trout stamp and a civil cannabis violation for smoking cannabis in a public place. He was also issued several written warnings for entering a restricted area, pollution of a waterway and having a dog off leash and failing to immediately release a short fish. His illegal fish were returned to the waters of the canal and he was released with a court date.

In Warren County, CPO Elliott and CPO Thompson completed an investigation involving unlawful trespassing and hunting without permission. The subject admitted to knowingly entering the property without permission from the owner. A citation and written warning were issued.

Northeast Zone – Captain Jed Whitchurch

In Lake County, CPO’s Reid and Semenik arrested 4 individuals for unlawfully snagging walleye in Sequoit Creek, Antioch. The walleye come up this little creek to spawn and individuals have been in there snagging the huge spawning females.

In Kankakee County, While checking fishermen near a Kankakee County state park, CPO Prasun located a fisherman inside the state park which was closed to visitors due to the COVID19 pandemic. The fisherman was in possession of two trout which had been taken illegally. The fisherman was issued a citation and educated on the laws pertaining to being present in a restricted area of a state park. The trout were given to a properly licensed fisherman in the area.

In Will County, while checking fishermen in central Will County, CPO Prasun located two subjects fishing without valid Illinois fishing licenses. One of the fishermen was also trespassing and fishing without permission. Enforcement action was taken and the two were educated on the laws pertaining to the fishing license requirements. The second fisherman was educated on the law in reference to having permission to fish on private property.

In Cook County, CPO Z. Williams and CPO Roundcount worked a COVID-19 detail at William Powers State Park. He encountered two individuals in one of the public duck blinds drinking beer. Both individuals were issued citations for possessing alcohol in a state park where prohibited and written warnings for being in a closed state park.

In Cook County, CPO Kusta was conducting sport fish enforcement at a closed Cook County Forest Preserve inland trout lake. CPO Kusta observed a fisherman in the distance actively fishing the closed lake. As CPO Kusta began to drive towards the fisherman; the fisherman began to duck and dodge, grabbing his fishing gear and bucket. He ran swiftly into the wooded area. CPO Kusta, being very familiar with the area, knew the fisherman was cornered. CPO Kusta tracked the fisherman down, locating him near a stream with his gear in the woods. CPO Kusta inquired as to why the fisherman ran and he stated, “you freaked me out”. CPO Kusta checked the fisherman’s valid sport fishing license and requested his identification. CPO Kusta walked the fisherman back to the parking lot and educated him on the lake closure. The fisherman’s violation was documented.

Central  Zone – Capt. John Williamson

In Hancock County, CPO Wheatley continues patrolling state properties during the shutdown, as well as the Mississippi River, and checking random properties for turkey bait. CPO Wheatley has also assisted Hancock County Sheriff’s offices on calls for service, including a suicidal subject call and a disorderly subject brandishing a firearm.

In Cass County, CPO Wahlbrink discovered an elevated deer feeder in a timber near a creek bed with a trail camera pointing towards it. CPO Wahlbrink talked to the property owner about the feeder. The owner stated he did not know it was illegal to feed deer. CPO Wahlbrink educated him on the impact CWD can have on the deer herd and issued him a written warning.

In Cass County, while patrolling Jim Edgar Panther Creek (JEPC) SFWA, CPO Wahlbrink discovered a vehicle parked in the grass on the back side of Gridley Lake. It was dark outside and CPO Wahlbrink believed someone had snuck in to fish the closed lake. CPO Wahlbrink walked to the lake and found an individual fishing from the bank. The individual admitted to knowing JEPC was closed. He also admitted he parked in the grass to prevent being seen. Further investigation revealed the man did not have a valid fishing license. The man was issued a citation for fishing without a valid license and a written warning for being in a restricted area.

In Logan County, CPO Thornley checked hunters during the youth turkey season. CPO Thornley checked a hunter who did not have a tag on a harvested turkey, when presented with the tag, CPO Thornley noticed it was for Menard county and not Logan County where the bird was harvested. A citation and several warnings were issued to the parent.

In Clark County, CPO Wellum checked the Casey City Pond on multiple occasions attempting to locate fishermen taking trout before season. CPO Wellum did check one person fishing for trout who did not realize the season had not started yet, the fisherman had not caught a trout yet.

In Clark County, CPO Wellum investigated three dead deer in a ditch in Clark County. One of the deer had been field dressed and butchered, the other two deer had not been touched. The deer appeared to have been shot, there was no evidence around or on the deer and no witnesses to the incident.

In Coles County, CPO Mieure issued two citations to Charleston men who were in possession of trout during the closed season. One Charleston woman received a citation for fishing without a license. Seven written warnings were issued in Coles county for people fishing without a license. One written warning was issued for no sounding device on a watercraft. Patrolled Fox Ridge State park during COVID-19 closure.

In Champaign County, CPO Miller issued a St. Joseph resident a warning for trapping and killing squirrels without obtaining a nuisance wildlife permit.

In Vermilion County, CPO Sanford investigated a stolen trail camera complaint in Vermilion County. Using GPS data and still images the camera was transmitting, CPO Sanford was able to locate the camera and the individual in possession of the camera. After a brief investigation, CPO Sanford discovered the individual had obtained the camera from a different individual who was responsible for the original theft.

South Zone – Capt. Eric Manker

In St. Clair County, CPO Gerdes responded to a complaint of an injured barred owl which had been hit by a car on I-64 near Mascoutah. The owl had suffered some head trauma, and CPO Gerdes was able to bring the injured bird to the Treehouse Wildlife Center for treatment and rehabilitation. The owl’s condition is unknown, but a recovery is hopeful.

In Franklin County, CPO Folden and CPO Williams located 2 horseback riders who unlawfully entered Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park during a period when it was clearly marked as closed due to COVID 19. The horseback riders not only rode past 4 clearly marked barricades, they also rode on the bike trail near the campground which is not near the area where horseback riding is allowed. Citations were issued.

In Franklin County, CPO Williams encountered a vehicle on the bike path at Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park, which was closed to public access due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The vehicle was driven by a subject whose driver’s license was suspended and the registration on the vehicle was also suspended. The subject was issued notices to appear in Franklin County Court for entering a closed area, driving on the bike path, driving while license suspended, driving with suspended registration, and their vehicle towed.

In Pope County, CPO Knop and CPO Wilkinson assisted USDA and USFWS with the elimination of feral hogs in the Lusk creek wilderness area.

In Pope County, CPO Wilkinson patrolled Pope, Hardin, and Gallatin counties for the youth turkey season. While on patrol CPO Wilkinson also made sure no individuals were within closed state parks and conducted several compliance checks.

In Pope County, CPO Wilkinson investigated a complaint of a baited turkey hunting location. Wheat was discovered scattered around a hunting blind. The location was documented for enforcement action during the upcoming season. CPO Wilkinson also contacted a subject who was under investigation for taking deer by use of bait. The subject was found to not be hunting over the mineral but was providing mineral for the deer. The subject was educated on the purpose of the no mineral law and a written warning was issued.

In Saline County, CPO Knop responded to a complaint of an individual shooting within city limits at what appeared to be vultures. While walking up to the area of the complaint CPO Knop observed an individual with a shotgun shooting at black vultures from his driveway. When CPO Knop made contact, the shooter stated he was shooting clay birds and pointed to an unopened box of clay birds at his feet. CPO Knop recovered a dead black vulture and enforcement action was taken.

In Union County, CPO Vasicek contacted a commercial fisherman on the Big Muddy River. Vasicek discovered multiple violations which included possession of unlawful fish (seized), equipment violations (nets), and licensing/ permit infractions. Multiple citations issued.

In Williamson County, CPO Johnson investigated a boat accident. Two male subjects, in a boat, entered the restricted area to the spillway at Cedar Lake. They got caught in the current, which took them over the spillway and pushed the boat 100 yards downstream. Both subjects were uninjured. 

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