Wisconsin Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – May 15, 2020


Racine/Kenosha/Walworth counties March team report

Warden Brandon Smith, of Twin Lake, in cooperation with Illinois DNR, finished an investigation involving a person found to have been hunting along the Wisconsin-Illinois state line in violation of multiple hunting and baiting laws in both states. Enforcement action was taken for placing and hunting over illegal bait, hunting during closed season, and hunting without the required colored clothing, along with additional Illinois licensing violations.

Wardens Smith contacted a UTV operator in Twin Lakes for operating illegally on a roadway, which was narrow and had limited visibility. It was also found a small child was riding on the UTV without a helmet and the operator did not have a safety certificate. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Mike Hirschboeck, of Waterford, investigated illegal feeding of deer in a neighborhood. To this date one deer has died and a factor of its death is believed to be corn toxicity.


Peshtigo Team / March reports

Warden Jacob Cross, of Shawano, investigated a deer hunting complaint from bow season 2019. It was found that a man was hunting without a license in October and harvested a buck. He then bought a license later that night after harvesting the buck. Enforcement action was taken.

Capt. Ben Treml, of Green Bay, Lt. Andy Lundin, of Oconto Falls, and wardens Jacob Cross and Clark Delzer, both of Shawano, attended a meet-and-greet with the new Menominee tribal conservation director, Pyawasay.

Warden Delzer contacted a hunter who shot a buck during the gun season but didn’t want to tag it because he decided it was too small. The man then had another person buy a deer license and register it under the second person’s name so the man could shoot another buck.

Wautoma Team / March

Warden Jonathan Kaiser, of Waupaca, worked with wardens Cara Kamke, of Appleton, Zachary Seitz, of Shiocton, Michael Disher, of Chilton, and Annette Swanek, of High Cliff State Park, to follow up on a fishing complaint. Contacts were made and cooperative efforts were taken with the Neenah Police Department regarding marijuana and paraphernalia possession.

Wardens Seitz and Kaiser followed up on a fishing complaint with enforcement taken in cooperation with Lt. Ted Dremel, of Wautoma, and warden Kaitlin Kernosky, of New London, for an individual fishing with too many lines and unattended lines while sleeping.

Warden Clark Delzer, of Shawano, contacted two trucks leaving state land covered in mud. It was found that both drivers were mudding in the state land parking lot. One of the operators was driving with a suspended driver’s license.

Warden Paul Hartrick, of Oconto Falls, responded to an ATV accident with injuries. Hartrick assisted in the investigation and helped EMS. The person suffered severe injuries but is expected to survive.

Marine Enforcement Unit / March

Wardens Jeff Lautenslager, of Peshtigo, followed up on a call concerning three foul-hooked fish. Lautenslager contacted the group and took enforcement action for failure to release foul-hooked fish.

Warden Dave Allen, of Kewaunee, assisted the Kewaunee, Brown and Door county sheriff’s departments with ice rescues on Green Bay in Dykesville. Two groups totaling six individuals needed to be rescued.

Warden Allen was on patrol at Point Beach State Forest campground and properties when he heard the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department was involved with a pursuit of a vehicle from Two Rivers headed towards Mishicot. Allen headed toward the area to assist with traffic control as sheriff officers took the driver into custody.

Warden Allen assisted with a possible sexual assault call in Manitowoc County. Allen responded to the complaint call location and dealt with the parties until deputies arrived to handle the case.

Warden Jordan Resop, of Sturgeon Bay, and other wardens dedicated patrols on a specific day to Green Bay in Door County. The wardens contacted more than 200 enjoying the day on the bay, and issued warnings and citations to only roughly 10 percent of total contacted. The enforcement actions were for expired ATV registration, fishing with too many lines and whitefish overbagging.

Warden Resop contacted an individual who was ice fishing after dark with too many lines. The individual became non-compliant and was subsequently arrested and charged with resisting/obstructing. A citation for fishing with too many lines was also issued, for the second time in two years.

Warden Resop teamed with the U.S. Coast Guard to assist stranded ice anglers off the bay. There were six separate ice rescues completed in Door County on the same day.

Warden Josh Voelker, of Sturgeon Bay, assisted with removing a shanty that was damaged and had gone through the ice. The owner was attempting to remove it. Pieces have been removed and more follow-up is pending.

Wardens Gaven Brault, of Green Bay, followed up on citizen call and took enforcement action against an individual for catching and keeping a short walleye.

With the start of the Fox River walleye run, warden Brault issued a citation for fishing in the fish refuge at De Pere dam. He also issued several warnings for no paper copy licenses, and for not having proper lighting while operating a boat between sunset and sunrise.

Warden Brent Couperus, of Fish Creek, gave warning to an individual who drove past a barricade and was argumentative about continuing. The driver was advised he could either turn around or receive a citation for entering a closed area.

Wardens Nicholas Hefter, of Fish Creek, responded to Newport State Park for an emergency medical call for a cross country skier who dislocated a shoulder on Monarch Trail. The skier refused medical treatment.

Lake Winnebago Team / March

Warden Jason Higgins, of Oshkosh, investigated numerous complaints regarding an ice shanty falling through the ice and floating on Lake Winnebago. The shanty owner told wardens the shanty was put on the ice for his friend to use – and the owner thought the friend would remove it. Enforcement action was taken. Some good neighbors pulled the shanty to shore, using boats to prevent it from becoming an open-water hazard.

Warden Higgins followed up on tips of an illegal taxidermy business. He found two people had started a taxidermy business but failed to get the required licensing, as well as illegal tagging. Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Thomas Sturdivant, of Neenah, while patrolling the Wolf River during the walleye run, encountered a boat without a valid registration. He also learned the owner/operator never submitted the title of the boat to the DNR as requested. Enforcement action was taken.


Rock River Team / March

Warden Brad Burton, of Beaver Dam, was on patrol on Fox Lake when he observed a group that had two tip-up flags up for more than an hour. Burton made contact with the group for the unattended lines and enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Burton and Ryan Caputo, of Dane County, investigated an individual suspected of a deer hunting violation and found the individual had illegally registered a buck during the archery season for a friend. The wardens also found the individual shot a turkey the prior spring and had failed to register it as required. Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Ryan Mannes, of Horicon, and Lt. John Sinclair investigated a report of an abandoned/unmanned boat on Mud Lake. No missing person had been reported. However, the wardens responded immediately to determine if anyone was in the water. They located the boat and searched the area, but did not find anyone in the water. They suspected the boat floated away from private property during a time of high water. The boat was found and removed.

Warden Mannes investigated a complaint at the Lowell dam of an individual keeping a short walleye. Mannes located the individual’s vehicle and later made contact. The individual was found to be in possession of an illegal walleye that measured 13 inches, which was under legal size. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Alex Brooks, of Jefferson, came upon a pile of dead animal carcasses with a trail camera placed illegally at the Waterloo Wildlife Area. Brooks was able to find the owner. Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Brooks and Andrew Starch, of Oconomowoc, investigated an individual who had harvested an antlerless deer without having a deer hunting license. It was found that the individual had purchased a hunting license only after the deer had been harvested. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Kyle Johnson, of Janesville,  investigated an individual found to have gone archery and gun hunting for deer without licenses. The individual was found to have illegally harvested a buck with a gun. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Johnson contacted a fisherman on the banks of the Rock River in Janesville for a license check. The fisherman had caught and kept an undersized walleye. The fisherman had received several citations in the past for various fishing violations. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Austin Schumacher, of Janesville, contacted an individual fishing on the banks of the Rock River near Blackhawk Island. It was found that the angler had two undersized walleyes in his possession. Enforcement action was taken.

Dodgeville Team / March

Wardens Mike Burns, of Lafayette County, and Hans Walleser, of Grant County, assisted an elderly woman who believed she had a skunk in her house. They found deplorable living conditions with garbage, mold, and feces and urine from humans and cats throughout the home. The information was shared with the Grant County Health Department to get help for the woman. The skunk was never located.

Warden David Youngquist, of Iowa County, completed a three-year island clean-up project Arena on the Wisconsin River. Warden Youngquist worked with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The BLM hired a contractor to remove eight tons of debris off of the island with a barge and crane. The island was slowly eroding and much of the debris would have ended up in the river.

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