Ohio Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – March 13, 2020

Division of Wildlife

Northwest Ohio – Wildlife District 2 

During teal hunting season, state wildlife officer Reid Van Cleve, assigned to Ottawa County, was working at Metzger Marsh in Lucas County. Officer Van Cleve observed two hunters shoot at Canada geese during the closed season. When the two men were walking out of the marsh, officer Van Cleve contacted them about shooting at the geese. One of the hunters was also in possession of a lead shotshell, which is illegal to use while waterfowl hunting. Officer Van Cleve issued both hunters a citation for hunting Canada geese during the closed season. Both men are awaiting arraignment.

Northeast Ohio – Wildlife District 3

In September 2019, a man caught an undersized walleye while fishing on the shore of Lake Erie in Lorain County. The man then put the fish in a plastic bag and hid it under the seat of his car. A concerned citizen witnessed the man’s actions and called the 1-800-POACHER (1-800-762-2437) line. The caller provided a description of the man, where he was fishing, and the car the fish was in. State wildlife investigator Kevin Good, assigned to the Lake Erie Unit, responded to the area. Because the caller provided such a good description, investigator Good was able to easily find the man. Investigator Good contacted the man, who admitted that he had kept an undersized walleye. The man, who had been charged the previous year with a wildlife violation, was issued a summons into the Lorain Municipal Court and paid nearly $200 in fines and court costs.

Prior to the statewide deer gun season, state wildlife officer Jesse Janosik, assigned to Columbiana County, received a call from an individual who heard a gunshot near where he was hunting. The hunter stated that he observed an individual running away from the area, and then found a fresh deer carcass with what appeared to be a gunshot wound. Officer Janosik responded and located three men hunting squirrels on an adjacent farm. All three individuals denied any involvement in the illegal activity. Officer Janosik obtained their information and continued to the landowner’s property. He met the hunter. Officer Janosik inspected the deer and recovered a slug from the carcass. In addition, the hunter pointed officer Janosik in the direction where he had observed the individual running away. At that point, Janosik contacted state wildlife officer Jeremy Carter, assigned to Holmes County, and K-9 Finn to help locate evidence at the scene. Officer Carter and K-9 Finn located two shotshell hulls and one slug hull. Officer Janosik collected the evidence and contacted state wildlife officer Thomas Frank, assigned to Mahoning County, for assistance. The officers then contacted the three squirrel hunters. The investigation revealed that one of the men shot the deer with a slug. The man’s shotgun was seized as evidence and he was issued a summons for the violation. He appeared in Columbiana Municipal Court, was convicted, and ordered to pay more than $1,000 in fines, restitution, and court costs. In addition, his hunting privileges were revoked for one year. The shotgun and the deer were forfeited to the Ohio Division of Wildlife.

In November 2019, state wildlife officer Nick Turner, assigned to Harrison County, received information that an individual was hunting deer with a shotgun during the archery season. Officer Turner and state wildlife officer Craig Porter, assigned to Jefferson County, traveled to the suspect’s residence where they observed a deer hanging in the garage. The results of the investigation revealed that the man had killed the deer with a shotgun. The shotgun was seized as evidence. The suspect was ordered to appear in court and was convicted of the offense. The man paid $800 in fines, court costs, and restitution. In addition, the firearm and the deer were forfeited to the Ohio Division of Wildlife.

Southwest Ohio – Wildlife District 5

In November 2019, state wildlife officer Matt Roberts, assigned to Clinton County, received information about a deer that was harvested but was not reported into the game check system. Officer Roberts and state wildlife officer Gus Kiebel, assigned to Clermont County, learned that the subject had killed a buck in October and did not check in the deer as required by Ohio law. The officers also discovered that the subject did not have a hunting license or a deer permit at the time the deer was killed. The deer was seized as evidence and the subject was issued a summons for hunting without a license and for failing to check in the deer. The subject was ordered to pay $500 as restitution for the deer and an additional $225 in fines and court costs.

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