BlastCloud™ Powder Shells – SAFE, EXCITING, and READY TO SHOOT!

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BlastCloud™ Powder Shells are a new target specifically designed for use with firearms. Shooting them produces a large vibrant cloud of red, white, blue, pink, or orange. They are a blast to shoot with commonly used hunting calibers while preparing for deer, turkey, and other hunting seasons. The explosion of color is also ideal for hit indication while shooting at longer ranges with your favorite rifles.

Our targets are specifically designed to be safe while producing an enjoyable experience. We use only food-grade flour, cornstarch, baking soda, and FDA and FD&C approved food and cosmetic dyes for our powders. While our powders are non-toxic and biodegradable, we encourage our customers to clean up and properly dispose of the paper shells after use. Powder residue can be washed from skin with soap and water.

Product Testing
We tested these and have had excellent results with a variety of shotguns, rifles, muzzleloaders, pistols, and bows.
Shotguns – It’s hard to beat 12 gauge slugs. However, birdshot or slugs from a .410 or 20 gauge still produce a nice and very satisfying explosion of color.
Rifles – Plinking these with my .223 is fun, but larger rifle calibers like 30-06 tend to produce better results.
Muzzleloaders – Muzzleloaders perform nearly identical to shotguns.
Pistols – I have shot several of these with my .45, and I enjoyed experiencing the difference between these and typical steel or paper targets.
Archery – Shooting bow is always fun, but I especially enjoyed the challenge of shooting these 3” wide targets. Having an archery target that “explodes” is a fun experience! Best results were with more aggressive broadheads like G5 small game heads.

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