DNR captures and – for first time – tags silver carp

(Minnesota DNR)

The Minnesota DNR has implanted a small tracking device in a silver carp captured on the St. Croix River Tuesday. This is the first time the DNR has tagged a silver carp, an invasive species that competes with native species for food.

The tagged silver carp will provide the DNR with valuable data on the movement and habits of this invasive species in the river system. The capture and tagging of the carp was a direct result of the DNR’s tracking of a previously tagged bighead carp.

The DNR and a contracted commercial fishing business were tracking and attempting to net the tagged bighead carp Tuesday when they captured the silver carp 2 miles south of the I-94 bridge over the St. Croix River.

“We expect this tagged silver carp to provide useful information about the species’ habits, as has been the case with the previously tagged bighead carp,” said DNR invasive fish coordinator Nick Frohnauer. “Since carp tend to congregate, we’re also hopeful that the tagged silver carp will lead us to any other individual invasive carp that may be in the area, just as the tagged bighead carp has.” The tagged bighead carp has led to four invasive carp discoveries this year and two last year.

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