Answering the timeless question: What lure should I use on this lake?

When it comes to buying fishing tackle the choices are limitless. Today’s angler has access to thousands of brands, varieties, colors, techniques, and more. To add to the clutter, there’s an expanding lineup of retail outlets and websites, not to mention traditional bait shops where you can spend your money on a wide variety of tackle. Are there almost too many options at a modern angler’s fingertips?

No way. Options are a good thing, and the majority of tackle in 2019 is well made, albeit more and more specialized. The missing ingredient, then, is guidance. Information is everywhere today, but finding quality facts and data for specific situations are in shorter supply.

For example, you’re planning an early season walleye trip to Pelican Lake in Wisconsin. You expect to encounter some murky water. What lure/line combination should you use to catch a limit of walleye?

What if you’re fishing for smallmouth on Lake St. Claire in late summer? Ice fishing on Mille Lacs in late February?

These are questions that mega retailers, fishing websites, or even your local bait shop rarely can answer.

Omnia Fishing Co-Founder & CEO Matt Johnson consults with partner and BASS Elite Angler Seth Feider to fine tune the algorithm that connects anglers with the right tackle choices for any body of water.

But new anglers, seasoned fishermen, and even pros are discovering the answers to questions like these with Omnia Fishing, a retail website that uses mapping, weather, environmental, and crowdsourced data to present recommended tackle for a specific lake or river. Omnia has even partnered with Pro Bass Angler, Seth Feider as a key consultant on how the algorithm is built to help refine your search for the ideal tackle choices.  Via Omnia Fishing, you can hone tackle purchase options specifically to any body of water.

“Omnia Fishing has a map of the country and every lake has a dot on it. You click and it’ll crowdsource information to give you an educated shopping list, “Feider said. “It’s a remarkable new resource, especially if you want to be competitive on a limited budget.”

The Omnia Fishing advantage becomes very clear when you’re heading to a new body of water away from the comfort of your “go-to” fishing hole. Instead of wasting time employing every lure in your tackle box until you get some action, Omnia gives you the power of supplying yourself with what’s working now before you even launch your boat.

“Sometimes it’s better to have an ample supply of proven winners than one of everything,” Feider said.

Omnia won’t tell you how or where to fish, but it can help you head to the water more confident in your tackle box every time out.

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