Outdoor News Radio – April 20, 2019

Catch a whole slate of outdoor topics this week as Rob Drieslein and Tim Spielman discuss the new Minnesota chronic wasting disease plan plus buffer bill legislation brewing in St. Paul. Wisconsin Outdoor News Editor Dean Bortz checks in with thoughts on new WDNR Secretary Preston Cole and a review of the 2019 Conservation Congress agenda. Also, did you hear about the bobcat poachers selling Wisconsin pelts in Minnesota? Tim Lesmeister and Rob Drieslein remember Irwin Jacobs and the business titan’s work in the boating and bass tournament industries. They wrap up with thoughts on the 300-year-old trees that supported the roof at Notre Dame and discussion of Colorado wolf reintroduction.

Need your outdoors fix? Get it here as Outdoor News Managing Editor Rob Drieslein and guests talk hunting, fishing, conservation and more.

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