Lending a helping hand now to maintain, or gain, permission

Anytime is a great time to lend assistance, but extra labor is particularly helpful during a tough winter. Our landowner friends, particularly farmers, must do a day’s work after a big snowstorm before their day of work begins.

After school, on weekends, holidays, snow days (specifically), check and see if one of the farmers on whose land you hunt, hike, and recreate needs a shoveling hand after a big snowstorm.

There are likely many chores that are off limits, but even today there are numerous manual tasks that have to be attended to before the real work commences.

It’s a great way to say thank you and you’ll likely feel as good about it as they do.

It could be that you’ll be invited in for a real farm breakfast, too, or you can offer to take the landowner to a village cafe for a hot meal after the work is done.

These country folks may not get fined by the town board if they don’t shovel their walkway, but their day will go easier if a path to the corn crib or well station is cleared. Time is money to them, too.

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