Lindners launch new Angling Buzz column in Outdoor News

Last week, Outdoor News began printing a new, exclusive fishing column in our newspapers from the angling experts at Lindner Media Productions – I’m excited to add this content to the mix here at our newspapers, and the feedback I’m already hearing from readers has been excellent.

Perhaps best known for the Lindy Tackle Company and later launching In-Fisherman magazine in the mid-1970s, brothers Ron and Al Lindner and their families have been on the leading edge of American fishing technology and tactics for more than 50 years.

Today, Ron and Al along with the next generations of Lindners, including Ron’s son, James, operate Lindner Media Productions, which produces top angling television programming such as Angling Buzz and Lindner’s Angling Edge.

Readers have seen hundreds of photos in Outdoor News over the years from the Lindners, and the staff at our newspapers is thrilled to now offer the latest tactics and fishing industry insight from these angling professionals.

This new column, titled Angling Buzz, will appear in every other edition of Minnesota Outdoor News, year-round, with a rotation of fishing experts from Lindner Media Productions. In the near term, expect to see regular bylines from Al Lindner and James Lindner as well as fellow angling expert Jeremy Smith.

We’re convinced the content of this column will make you a better angler. Phase 2 of our efforts to connect with the Lindners began this week with a special video news segment LMP has produced with Outdoor News. We hope to provide regular content on newsie fishing and natural resources stories from across the region for LMP’s online content and, later this spring, broadcasts of Angling Buzz on Fox Sports North.

You can see our first crack at newsie video via the Lindner’s Angling Edge Facebook page.

For complete details on the new print content from the Lindners, here’s Al’s debut column in Outdoor News:

Outdoor News welcomes new ‘Angling Buzz’ column

By Al Lindner

We’re really excited to kick off an exciting new collaboration between our communications network of television, social media, online newsletters, and Outdoor News!

This is the first of a series of “Angling Buzz” columns that will run in every other issue of Outdoor News.

We live in a fast-paced world today, far different from when my brother Ron and I began guiding, designing tackle, and writing about fishing in the 1960s. We see social, biological, and environmental changes coming at us fast. It’s particularly important for today’s anglers to stay informed in order to ensure great fishing into the future.

In addition to my own take on the hottest topics in freshwater fishing today, James Lindner, CEO of Lindner Media Productions and co-host of “Lindner’s Angling Edge” TV show, also regularly will address important topics. Jeremy Smith, a key contributor to all facets of Lindner’s Angling Edge and our online media presence and keen science advisor, will provide his no-holds-barred opinions, too.

I’m extremely proud of our knowledgeable staff here at Lindner Media, each with many decades of success in the fishing industry. They possess unparalleled qualifications to address key topics in fishing and will be featured as well. During the next months, we plan to tackle gnarly topics such as:

  • Are we prepared socially and biologically for the effects of the American Sportfishing Association’s goal to add 10 million new anglers during the next five years?
  • Can walleye and panfish populations withstand today’s highly technical mobile ice anglers?
  • High school bass fishing: the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • How are aquatic invasive species affecting angling opportunities and our aquatic resources?
  • How is social media affecting our sport?
  • Are new technologies tipping the odds too far in anglers’ favor?
  • What effects do the growing number of spring bass tournaments have on the health of smallmouth bass populations?

And, of course, because for almost five decades our focus has been on teaching people to catch fish, we will present columns on the hottest tips and techniques for that time period, for all our favorite species. The Upper Midwest offers some of the best multi-species fishing opportunities in the country.

So, as we move toward spring, Angling Buzz articles will provide details on how to locate the most promising spots on local lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and ponds, as well as top tactics to ensure a hot bite.

Stay tuned and see you on the water!

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