Wisconsin Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – Jan. 25, 2019


Lake Winnebago Team

Wardens Jason Higgins, of Oshkosh, Kyle Ziembo, of Madison, and Thomas Sturdivant, of Neenah, investigated a November case of a buck shot in the neck with an arrow in Menasha. When the wardens arrived at the residence, the deer was gone. After speaking to witnesses, it was determined a resident in the neighborhood left with it. When the wardens went to speak with the person, he answered the door and was covered in deer blood and hair from head to toe. That individual shot the buck without a license, and with a crossbow.

Wardens Amanda, of Winneconne, Higgins and Ziembo investigated a call of a subject whose DNR licenses are revoked for bowhunting throughout the fall. The wardens determined the subject had been bowhunting for deer and fished all summer. 

On opening day of the gun season, wardens Kretschmer and Sturdivant received a call of a white antlerless deer being shot in Winchester. The hunter was found to have transported a loaded rifle in a vehicle. Enforcement action was taken. The meat was donated to a disabled veteran and the cape was donated for education purposes.

While working complaints of shining, wardens Kretschmer and Sturdivant conducted a traffic stop. The driver was shining during closed hours. The driver was in possession of a loaded rifle while shining and transporting a loaded rifle in a moving vehicle.

While on patrol, wardens Kretschmer and Sturdivant contacted a gun hunter who had just finished his hunt. Through conversation, the wardens determined the hunter had been bowhunting for deer the last few seasons without an archery or crossbow license.

While on patrol, wardens Kretschmer and Sturdivant observed two trucks traveling at high speed toward a dead-end road leading to state property. Upon contacting the drivers, one was found to have transported a loaded firearm in a moving vehicle. 

Warden Sturdivant received a complaint that an individual was bartering game fish for a variety of services in Outagamie County. In addition, the person was in excess of possession limits. Sturdivant investigated the matter and enforcement action was taken.

Warden Sturdivant stopped a vehicle and discovered a concealed handgun under the driver’s seat. The person did not have a concealed carry permit. Sturdivant warned the person in 2016 for the same violation. The pistol was seized, and the matter referred to the Outagamie County D.A.

Wardens Sturdivant and Kretschmer spoke with an individual (Outagamie County) who was using a gravity feeder in his backyard to hunt deer with archery gear. 

Wardens Sturdivant and Kretschmer contacted two individuals who were watching for deer from a truck in a corn field in Outagamie County. They were monitoring the field while the combines were harvesting the corn. The driver, who had a loaded rifle in the front seat, stated had a deer exited the corn he would have shot it. 

Wardens Sturdivant and Chris Shea, of Oshkosh, saw an ATV traveling at high speed and not stopping at stop signs along county and town roads in Outagamie County. A juvenile was operating the ATV with an expired registration and did not have his safety certificate.

Sheboygan/Fond du Lac Team

Warden Nicholas Miofsky, of Fond du Lac, investigated illegal baiting on opening day of the gun-deer season. He contacted a hunter in a ladder stand hunting over bait. The hunter did not have a valid gun-deer license. 

Warden Anthony Arndt, of Sheboygan, assisted the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Department with a subject threatening to commit suicide by police. The subject was located at the Sheboygan County Marsh and in possession of a .30/06 rifle. Deputy Pringle took the subject into custody.


Dodgeville Team

Warden David Youngquist, of Iowa County, received a call of an archery hunter who shot a small buck in late October and had a relative register it. Later in the season he shot and registered a second buck. Enforcement action was taken. After they paid the processor, 114 pounds of summer sausage was donated to the Spring Green food pantry.

Wardens Hans Walleser and Eric Grudzinski investigated a call of a bobcat shot and left near a treestand on opening day of gun season. Evidence was collected and the bobcat was located. The person who hunted the stand was located and admitted to shooting the bobcat. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Al Erickson, of Iowa County, investigated a call of a dead buck found on a town road near Dodgeville. Erickson located the responsible party who eventually admitted to shooting the buck in his yard during the closed season with a rifle. The subject was upset the buck was killing all the young trees he had planted in his yard.

Wardens Walleser and Erickson investigated a case in Grant County involving a subject from out-of-state who shot a buck at 11 p.m. with a spotlight from his vehicle with a rifle during the archery season. The same subject was found to have been bowhunting in a stand on private land overlooking bait he placed to attract deer for several days prior to purchasing a valid hunting license.

Madison Team

Warden Henry Bauman, of Dane County, and took action against a bowhunter for shooting a buck from Cross Plains State Park a couple weeks before the area opened to hunting.

Wardens Bauman and Jeremy Plautz, of Dane County, identified a landowner for an illegally baited area hunted by family members near Mt. Horeb.

Wardens Bauman and Nathan De Groff took action against a person who was hunting deer from the roadway, unlawfully along the railroad tracks at Cherokee State Wildlife Area in De Forest, and was not wearing the required blaze orange or blaze pink.

Warden Jake Donar, of Dane County, investigated a case of a dead buck left on state land and located a suspect. The man had shot three bucks with a crossbow and left one to rot on public land. This man had not registered any of the bucks, because he was still planning on trophy hunting. Throughout the bow season, five other antlerless deer were also shot from state land and only two were legally registered.

Wardens Ryan Caputo and Brad Burton, both of Dane County, investigated a call concerning a deer shot a week before the gun season opened. They identified the suspect and discovered they shot a buck with a rifle.

Wardens Paul Nadolski, of Columbia County, and Casey Krueger investigated a complaint of a person hunting deer without a license. The the person did go bowhunting without a license, failed to register a deer, and failed to register a deer from last gun season, as well.

Wardens Nadolski and Pete McCormick, both of Columbia County, investigated a call of a suspect gun hunting without a license and shooting two deer that were not registered. The subject also had a court-ordered injunction against them for possession of firearms.

Sauk County Team

Wardens RIch Maki, of Sauk County, and Green investigated a call in Richland County regarding several deer being shot and individuals seeking unused tags from non-group hunt members. The wardens discovered multiple unregistered deer. 

Wardens Maki and Green contacted two individuals hunting with firearms in a closed area of the Dells State Natural Area near Wisconsin Dells in Columbia County. The wardens found the individuals to have shot at deer in the closed area while also operating a vehicle in an unauthorized area.

Wardens Alex Brooks, of Sauk County, and Green were called to Mirror Lake State Park for a vehicle that had slid off of the road in the campgrounds. Upon contact with the driver, it was found that his license had been suspended and there was no insurance of the vehicle. 

Wardens Brooks and Green contacted a hunter hunting in Devil’s Lake State Park. The hunter had left a treestand in the park for several weeks during bow season and had shot two deer in the park during the closed season.

Warden Sean Neverman, of Sauk County, was working night enforcement and observed vehicle occupants shining after 10 p.m. Contact was made and the occupants were found to be shining deer while possessing a bow and arrow, they had open containers in the vehicle and admitted to littering beer cans. 

Dodge/Jefferson/Rock Team

Warden Pearl Worden, of Jefferson County, investigated a complaint of baiting on private land in November. Pumpkins, corn, and salt were located in several areas. The landowner was contacted and determined to have been illegally feeding wildlife for several years.

Warden Worden contacted a hunter after it was found he had transported a loaded shotgun on his ATV, had not been carrying proof of his hunting license while hunting, and had not registered his ATV. 

Warden Kyle Johnson, of Janesville, investigated an archery loan/borrow case. The man shot a buck with his crossbow and used his wife’s approval to claim the deer. The wife had also failed to register a buck she had shot during the gun season.

Warden Johnson was patrolling in the Evansville Wildlife Area when a hunter standing on the road shoulder shot at two pheasants, but failed to hit them. The hunter had shot within 50 feet of the road center. 

Wardens Johnson and Nick King, Green County, observed vehicle occupants shining a field with a spotlight after hours. The three subjects each had a cocked crossbow with them. One individual was found to have shined and shot at a deer earlier that night.


Racine/Kenosha/Walworth Team

Wardens Brandon Smith, of Twin Lakes, and Mike Hirschboeck, of Waterford, responded to a call of two large bucks locked together in Burlington in November. Upon arrival, one buck was already dead. With assistance from Burlington public works employees, a pole saw was used to separate deer. The living buck was thoroughly exhausted but ran off unharmed.

Warden Smith held a waterfowl learn-to-hunt program in Burlington for nine novices. The students spent one day learning about waterfowl biology, hunting techniques and firearm safety, then spent a day on a mentored duck or goose hunt. Assistance was provided by the Burlington Conservation Club, wardens Taylor Meinholz and Brad Latza, biologist Marty Johnson, several area hunters, and local partners and businesses.

Warden Brandon Smith assisted ranger Annette Swanek at Richard Bong State Recreation Area with a call of a subject overbagging on pheasants. The suspect revealed two pheasants. A third pheasant was found hidden in the suspect’s vehicle.

Warden Brad Latza, of Racine, received a complaint of two hunters hunting on state land where their dogs got into a fight. There was a heated argument between the two as they were protecting their dogs. Latza resolved the situation. One dog was injured and was taken to the vet.

Warden Taylor Meinholz, of Union Grove, received a call in early October of illegal dumping on state lands in Kenosha County. The suspect dumped a lawn mower, heater and about 40 tires. Meinholz and other wardens investigated and eventually tracked down the individual.

Warden Meinholz interviewed a man who shot two bucks on opening day in Richland County. The man stated he was misinformed about the regulations and thought he could use a doe tag on a buck.


Mississippi River Team

Wardens Dale Hochhausen, of Onalaska, and Tyler Strelow investigated a group of hunters during the gun season and determined one had shot an extra antlerless deer with a crossbow. Because the individual already had used his one antlerless tag, the individual had his brother register the deer. The same hunter also shot two bucks with a crossbow during the 2017 archery season. A member of the same party had a loaded rifle on an ATV and there illegal bait had been placed on the land.

Wardens Dale Hochhausen and Trevor Tracey, of Stoddard, were on patrol in La Crosse County when a person dressed in blaze orange walking to a vehicle with a rifle over the shoulder. When the person saw the wardens’ truck, he stepped into standing corn and disappeared. The man was located, but was no longer in possession of the firearm. He hid the rifle in the standing corn, but Tracey found the rifle a short time later. The man initially claimed he was not hunting, even though he possessed a valid gun-deer license. The man was a convicted felon, and  was arrested and transported to jail.

Wardens, Hochhausen and Robert Jumbeck, of Alma, contacted two suspects regarding a deer that was shot and not registered. The wardens determined one of the individuals shot a buck, cut the head off and later discarded the carcass after determining the meat appeared spoiled. When the suspect heard people were aware of him shooting the buck, he buried the carcass and hid the antlers in the woods. The hunter had also placed illegal bait on the property. 

Wardens Adams, Tracey and Strelow conducted an investigation of an unlicensed deer hunter out with a crossbow during the muzzleloader season. The man was in full camouflage and was contacted on his ATV with the crossbow still cocked and a bolt still loaded. It was determined that the man shot a large buck in early November and had his father register the buck. The father then shot a larger 10-point buck in November during the archery season and had his grandson register that buck. 

Warden Jumbeck observed an individual operating a UTV illegally on a roadway. Before catching up to the vehicle, the driver entered a logging road. Jumbeck peered over the side of the steep bank and saw the operator shoot a deer from inside the UTV. Upon contact the operator was found to have been transporting a loaded rifle. The deer was seized.

Wardens Nate Ackerman, of Pepin, and Mike Melgaard investigated a revoked hunter hunting in Rock Falls. An investigation revealed that the suspect had his girlfriend buy licenses so that he could hunt. Two deer had been shot illegally during bow season, and the subject had used the girlfriend’s license to gun hunt. Fishing after revocation and a car-killed deer violation were also discovered. 

Wardens Tracey and Shawna Stringham, of Viroqua, investigated a hunter who was found to have shot two antlerless deer and three bucks during the gun season. The hunter was over possession of bucks and failed to register four of the five deer. The man also admitted that he had sot deer in Wisconsin since 2016 and had never registered a deer. 

Lower St. Croix Team (Eau Claire)

Wardens Isaac Kruse and Paul Sickman, both of St. Croix County, investigated a call of shooting from a vehicle and gun hunting within the city limits of Glenwood City on opening weekend. The wardens went to one suspect’s residence and found the suspect’s rifle was still loaded inside his truck from the night prior. He also had an unregistered buck fawn in his garage. In addition, the wardens determined both suspects shot at deer from inside their vehicle the night before.

Warden Kyle Kosin, of Pierce County, and Melgaard contacted a deer hunter in St. Croix County who stopped his vehicle next to the warden’s truck on a road. Kosin exited his truck and asked the hunter how his hunting was going that morning. The hunter had an uncased rifle on the seat beside him and stated: “There’s one in the chamber!” 

Warden Kosin received information of a large amount of bait on a property in Pierce County. While driving by to check for baiting activity, Kosin noticed a hunter preparing to go out bowhunting. Kosin asked the hunter about how much bait he had placed, and the hunter said, “A couple hundred pounds.” Kosin told the hunter a lot of people say hundreds of pounds when it’s really not near that much. The hunter stated he placed out four 50-pound bags of corn. In addition, the hunter said the farmer who farms his property dumped a bunch of corn out of the combine during harvest for him in front of another stand. When asked if he knew the law on how much bait he could put out, the hunter said, “Probably not that much.” 

Wardens Brad Peterson and Kosin responded to a report of two bucks with their antlers locked together in Buffalo County. Upon arrival, the wardens found one of the bucks was already dead. The wardens made the ethical decision to dispatch the other suffering buck.

Wardens Jaime McDermid and J.J. Redemann, both of Dunn County, checked a site that was being baited for deer. At the time of the wardens’ visit, an outfitter from Minnesota was illegally guiding hunters nearby. The wardens contacted those individuals. It was discovered they had been guiding hunters in Wisconsin for the past six years without a guide license. The wardens also learned of multiple bait sites placed by the guides. It is not legal to place bait in Dunn County. The individuals involved were found to have guided without guide licenses and to have illegally placed bait. 

Wardens McDermid and Redemann followed up on a complaint during the gun-deer season of people shooting at deer from their vehicle while on a roadway. The wardens discovered the driver and passenger of a vehicle were “road hunting” when they saw a doe. The passenger loaded a rifle in the vehicle and then shot at the doe from inside the vehicle while on the roadway. The passenger killed the doe and they retrieved it. They then admittedly shot at another doe from the roadway shortly thereafter, but missed that one. They admitted to road hunting in the same manner the previous year and to killing three other deer then.

Warden McDermid responded to and assisted at a plane crash near Sand Creek in Dunn County. The plane crash landed on top of an irrigation system in a cornfield. The sole operator/occupant rode the plane to the ground with a parachute system deployed, and he was unharmed.

Warden Melgaard contacted a group of deer hunters traveling in a pickup on a road in Dunn County. All five hunters had loaded long guns in the truck. They said they were looking for a doe they admittedly shot across the road at earlier. It was also learned the driver, who attempted to flee the area but was apprehended, was a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. In addition, it was learned the driver’s brother, who was also a convicted a felon, was deer hunting with a firearm in the area. Wardens Redemann and McDermid, along with Dunn County Sheriff’s Department deputies, responded and assisted at the scene. The brother was located and arrested.

Wardens Redemann and McDermid investigated an individual who was suspected of overbagging on fish in Dunn County. The wardens determined the person routinely would catch his limit of fish in the morning and then go back out to catch another limit of fish in the afternoon. The wardens located and contacted the man.

Black River Falls area

Wardens Patrick Seybert, of Necedah, and Michael Weber, of Mauston, investigated a deer being shot from a vehicle and not recovered from a field. Seybert contacted two individuals who later returned for the deer. It was found that the rifle used to shoot the deer was loaded and fired from inside a vehicle on a road. The individual did not have a valid antlerless harvest authorization for the zone where the deer was shot.

Wardens Weber and Blaine Ziarek, of Waukesha, contacted a hunter illegally hunting over bait. The hunter had shot a buck that morning over bait and the hunter’s companion illegally transported the buck to a shed at a residence nearby. The hunter continued to hunt over illegal bait without a doe tag and without wearing blaze orange.

Wardens Weber and Ziarek contacted a convicted felon who was illegally hunting deer with a rifle in the town of Wonewoc. The wardens found that the individual had shot two deer with the rifle. The wardens arrested the individual and transported him to the Juneau County jail.

Wardens Weber and Barnhardt contacted an individual who illegally shot a buck with a rifle from a vehicle near Camp Douglas during the gun-deer season. The wardens found the suspect had also shot a buck earlier in the gun season and didn’t have a valid tag for the second buck. The wardens also found that the same individual shot a doe with a rifle from a vehicle earlier in the season. The suspect did not have an antlerless deer tag for where the doe was harvested. 

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