Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – Dec. 28, 2018

Northwest Zone – Captain Laura Petreikis

In Henry County, CPO Palumbo issued multiple citations and written warnings to two raccoon hunters. He observed their vehicle coming out of a field and conducted a stop. The violations included transporting a loaded/uncased .22 pistol, an open canister containing an alcoholic beverage, FOID card status, hunting license, habitat stamp, and hunting without permission.

In Henry County, CPOs Wagner and Kaufman were alerted to individuals shining a tree line. The two individuals were located, and they were carrying uncased/loaded firearms on an ATV. One of the individuals did not have a hunting license or habitat stamp. Citations were issued for transporting uncased firearms on an ATV. One individual also received a citation for no hunting license and a written warning for no habitat stamp.

In Jo Daviess County, CPO Hoftender cited a Wisconsin man for hunting without a valid permit during the first firearm season. In a separate incident, CPO Hoftender cited a Chicago man for hunting from the roadway.

In Lee County, CPO Wagner responded to a TIP complaint and found an individual shooting coyotes from a moving ATV. The individual was cited for hunting by aid or use of conveyance and transporting an uncased/loaded firearm on an ATV. A mandatory court date was also issued.

In Mercer County, CPO Francisko responded to a complaint of a firearm deer hunter hunting too close to an occupied dwelling. The hunter was observed 200 yards away from the house, and he was not wearing a visible blaze orange hat. The hunter was advised that he was 100 yards short of the required distance he needed to be from an occupied dwelling unless he had permission from the homeowner. The man was also advised of the blaze orange violation. A citation was issued for hunting closer than 300 yards from an occupied dwelling without permission of the homeowner, and a written warning was issued for the blaze orange violation.

In Mercer County, CPO Francisko checked a firearm deer hunter at his stand after the CPO heard shots fired. The hunter advised that he did not have his license or permits with him, but he had already shot a deer which he had not tagged. The CPO confirmed the deer had been laying untagged for quite a while. The hunter was issued a citation for failure to attach the temporary harvest tag to the deer immediately upon kill; and written warnings were issued for not having his required license, stamp, and permit on his person while hunting.

In Rock Island County, CPO Francisko responded to a complaint regarding a deer hunter shooting multiple times at a deer in a field where there were two houses under 300 yards from this activity. The CPO interviewed the hunter at the scene, and it was determined that the hunter was 200 yards away from the occupied dwelling. Although the hunter did not shoot directly at the houses, he did shoot in the direction of the houses. The hunter was issued a citation for hunting closer than 300 yards from an occupied dwelling without permission of the homeowner, and a written warning was issued for hunting deer without the required habitat stamp.

In LaSalle County, CPO Kaufman responded to a complaint of hunting without permission during the firearm deer season. The property owner had heard a shot near his house the previous day, and he found a hunter field dressing a deer on the neighboring property. The next day the property owner found blood and drag marks from his property to where he had seen the hunter field dressing the deer. As CPO Kaufman was leaving the residence, he saw a hunter on the neighboring property walking out for an afternoon hunt. The hunter admitted to shooting the deer on the complainant’s land and dragging it back to property he had permission to hunt on. The hunter received a citation and two written warnings.

In Marshall County, CPOs Finn and Filipiak investigated a complaint regarding a Virginia man who was purchasing resident licenses and permits to deer hunt. The man was found to be bow hunting and in possession of a resident hunting license, resident bow permits, and resident firearm deer permits. Five citations were issued for falsification to obtain a resident hunting license, falsification to obtain resident archery permits, hunting without valid archery permits, no valid nonresident hunting license, and unlawful attempt to take white-tailed deer. He was also issued six written warnings for past hunts. His bow, arrows, and case were seized.

In Adams County, CPO Wheatley investigated a Camp Point woman who was suspected of taking a deer with a rifle during the archery season. He spoke with the woman after he went to the meat locker and recovered bullet fragments from the wound. The woman said she shot the deer with a bow on her property; but after some discussion, she admitted to taking the deer with a 30-30 rifle. The woman was charged with using a rifle to take deer and unlawful possession of illegally taken game.

In Hancock County, After checking two hunters and determining the identity of the landowner, CPO Wheatley questioned the men about some deer bait found prior to that day. One man explained he used the bait in the spring to get photos of deer on his trail cameras. It was explained to the man that despite him not hunting over the bait, it was still illegal to place it out for deer. The man admitted to having multiple spots that were baited on other properties. The man was charged with unlawful feeding of deer.

Northeast Zone – Capt. Brett Scroggins

In Kane County, While investigating a trespassing complaint, CPO Knop found a blind in the backyard of a house. Next to the blind was a trail camera and a mineral block. He interviewed the hunter, and he admitted to trespassing and placing the bait next to the blind.

In Kane County, CPO Knop was checking a tree stand when he noticed a large pile of corn, feed, and pumpkins in a pile with a trail camera pointed at it. Further investigation revealed a hunter had shot a buck at that location several days earlier, and enforcement action was taken.

In Kankakee County, CPO Farber conducted a road hunting detail. A vehicle was found parked along the roadway, and a traffic stop was conducted. The occupants in the vehicle were found to be using spotlights with the intent to locate wildlife. Two high- powered rifle shots were also heard. Four Chicago men were found to be hunting by the use/aid of motor vehicle and were found to be in possession of a loaded Stag Arms AR-15, Remington 870 shotgun, and two spotlights. Two unlawfully taken white-tailed does were located on scene. Two additional untagged, eight-point buck heads were discovered hanging at the violators’ campsite. The firearms, deer, and racks were seized as evidence. The deer meat was donated to a family in need.

In Cook County, CPO Ausmus conducted sport fishing enforcement. He conducted a compliance check on a Chicago man with a bucket full of yellow perch, and the angler stated he did not know the Calumet River possession limit on yellow perch. The angler was found to be in possession of 55 yellow perch where the daily possession limit is 15. Citations were issued, and the subject was given a mandatory court appearance. The fish were seized and returned to the River. In a separate incident, CPO Ausmus checked fishermen at Steelworkers Park. One fisherman was found to have 28 yellow perch where the daily possession limit is 15. A citation was issued, and the fish were released back into Lake Michigan. Two more fishermen were found to have 45 yellow perch in their bag, plus a dressed perch next to it that the anglers had been using for bait. The anglers were each issued a citation for unlawful possession of over-limit of yellow perch and a written warning for unlawful possession of a dressed yellow perch/using perch as cut bait on water where there is a creel limit. All 46 fish were seized and returned to Lake Michigan.

In Cook County, CPO Mooi patrolled the Chicago lakefront checking perch fishermen. He observed a man, carrying a heavy plastic bag, walking to his vehicle. The man placed the bag into his vehicle and returned to his fishing spot. A short time later, CPO Mooi approached the man and his fishing partner. The two individuals were in possession of approximately 30 fish at their fishing spot. The individuals were taken back to their vehicle, and it was searched for contraband. Fifty-eight perch were found in the vehicle. The two men were issued citations for over-limit of yellow perch and given mandatory court appearances.

In Vermilion County, While on patrol, CPOs Reeves and Viverito observed two hunters heading into the field without blaze orange hats. The CPOs conducted a compliance check on each hunter, and numerous violations were discovered. The violations included an unplugged shotgun, no permits, no licenses, and failure to report harvest of white-tailed deer. The two Chicago men were issued numerous citations and warnings.

South Zone – Capt. Jim Mayes

In Clark County, CPO Wellum issued the following citations/written warnings: unsecured timber load and written warning for improper lighting; hunting without blaze orange during firearm deer weekend; two separate written warnings for hunting after hours and guns loaded after hours; transportation of an uncased firearm during firearm deer weekend; and transportation of an uncased firearm during firearm deer weekend.

In Shelby County, CPO Barnes cited two subjects for hunting deer over bait. In a separate incident, CPO Barnes cited a Cowden subject for illegally feeding deer with salt.

In Shelby County, CPO Moody cited an Atwood man at the Lake Shelbyville Wildlife Management Area for hunting with no valid firearm deer permit. In a separate incident, CPO Moody cited a Mattoon man at same site for hunting with no valid hunting license

In Clinton County, CPO Tapley checked a group of pheasant hunters at Eldon Hazlet State Recreation Area. Two hunters were at the truck, and two were still in the field. While speaking with the two at the truck, he noticed there were seven pheasants there, meaning one hunter was still able to harvest another pheasant. There were two empty gun cases in the truck. As the two hunters walked out of the field and saw the CPO standing by the truck, one of the hunters tried to hide behind a tree as he unloaded his gun. A citation was issued to the hunter found to have been hunting after he had reached his limit.

In Randolph County, CPO Sievers responded to a complaint of illegal hunting during firearm deer season. He located two hunters cleaning squirrels on the hood of a truck. The inexperienced hunters were not aware that squirrel season was closed during firearm deer season. Each hunter was issued a citation for no hunting license, and a they received multiple written warnings for their other violations.

In Washington County, CPO Tapley and Sgt. Manker stopped a UTV. The driver, not dressed in camouflage, had a gun case in the bed of the UTV; and there was blood on his coveralls. The man admitted to killing an eight-point buck without any valid deer permits. He stated that he was going to his father’s house to get his father’s permits to put on deer. The buck was seized, and two citations were issued. The meat will be donated to a local food pantry.

In Jefferson County, CPO Folden received a complaint of subjects hunting waterfowl using an electronic caller, and he went to the area to investigate. He observed a snow goose spread and waited until he heard the caller. The two hunters called at a small flock with their electronic caller. The CPO found two speakers with wires leading back to one hunter’s layout blind. When asked about the electronic caller, one of the hunters stated he thought he could use the caller because they could in other states. The hunter was advised that electronic callers were prohibited by federal regulations, except during the conservation order goose season. The electronic caller and one juvenile snow goose were seized. This case was referred to the US Fish and Wildlife Service the following violations: unlawfully hunting waterfowl by use of an electronic caller and unlawful take of migratory waterfowl while using an electronic caller.

In Jefferson County, A duck hunter contacted CPO Williams regarding a truck parked at the Cottonwood Access Area at Rend Lake. The hunter was concerned that someone was missing because the truck had been running since before dawn with the parking lights on and window down. CPO Williams checked the unoccupied truck and was able to obtain the owner’s name and contact information. The owner, who was out duck hunting, was notified about his truck; and the issue was resolved.

In Perry County, During an unlawful take of deer investigation, CPO Lewis discovered a deer at a local Perry County meat processor that had been turned in by a Massachusetts resident. He determined the hunter possessed valid permits but had no record of a deer harvest. During the investigation, several of the hunter’s friends advised CPO Lewis that the hunter had shot the deer with a bow a few days prior. The hunter, however, advised the CPO that the deer had been struck by a vehicle. He could not recall when or where he found it. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

In Monroe County, CPO Schachner observed a subject fishing from a homemade boat on a small pond after dark. The subject was wearing a headlamp and repeatedly shining the shoreline in a manner consistent with searching for wildlife. When he spoke to the man, he recognized him as the same man he cited for no fishing license two years before. Once again, the subject did not have a fishing license. A loaded .22 rifle was leaning against the console of the boat, and the subject admitted he was trying to shoot a beaver that was in the pond. The subject received a citation and numerous written warnings.

In Crawford County, CPO Roper received information of deer carcasses being illegally dumped. The investigation revealed that two individuals were involved. CPOs Roper and Taylor also found multiple hunting violations involving the two individuals. CPO Roper issued 13 citations to one of the individuals for violations that occurred in 2016, 2017, and 2018. CPO Taylor issued five citations to the other individual for violations occurring in 2018.

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