Michigan Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – Dec. 7, 2018


While checking a trapper near Negaunee in Marquette County, CO Brett DeLonge received a complaint of another trapper who had a wolf caught in a foot hold trap near the Palmer area. DeLonge and DNR biologists met with the trapper and located the wolf after dark. The aggressive 80-pound male gray wolf was safely and successfully sedated, collared and released.

While on patrol in Marquette County, CO Josh Boudreaux encountered an individual hunting in a blind. Upon contact, the individual stated he wasn’t hunting, he was simply watching wildlife over the bait he had just placed out. When Boudreaux asked about the cocked crossbow in the blind he stated, “Well, I was hoping a rabbit might come by.” Boudreaux asked for his hunting license, which he stated was at his mom’s house, just up the road. Upon further questioning it was determined the individual didn’t have a hunting license. The man, who was not wearing hunter orange, was adamant that he was hunting rabbits. Enforcement action was taken for hunting small game without a license and without hunter orange.

CO Jeremy Sergey received a report that an individual had shot a deer with a rifle during archery season. Sergey and a sergeant from the Menominee County Sheriff’s Department located the suspect at a restaurant and after a short conversation, the suspect told Sergey where the deer was but claimed it was shot with a crossbow. Sergey and the sergeant went back to the camp along with the suspect and located an untagged 9-point buck near a large pile of apples and corn. An examination of the deer revealed it was in fact shot with a bolt. Sergey asked the suspect why he hadn’t tagged the deer and field dressed it. The suspect said he didn’t want to miss his dinner reservation. Citations were issued for failing to immediately attach/validate a tag to a deer and for exceeding the two-gallon bait limit.

CO Doug Hermanson worked an area in Baraga County where he had heard a rifle shot the previous day. Hermanson located a deer blind close to where the shot was heard and inside the blind, he was able to see a spent rifle casing. Hermanson was able to develop a suspect and obtained photos of an untagged 7-point buck. Hermanson tracked down the subject and conducted an interview regarding the rifle shot he heard and the untagged seven-point buck. Charges are being sought through the prosecutor’s office.


COs Robert Freeborn and Christopher Lynch responded to a complaint of a possible illegal deer taken this archery season. Upon further investigation it was determined that a hunter had used a family member’s license to tag a deer, taken without a license. It was also determined that this practice had been done in the past with other family members. Enforcement action was taken on all parties involved.

CO Justin Vinson taught at a Becoming an Outdoor Women (BOW) workshop on steelhead fishing at the mouth of the Two Hearted River. Vinson shared some of his experiences steelhead fishing and gave a presentation about general hook and line regulations that apply to steelhead fishing.

CO Colton Gelinas assisted with a Snowmobile Safety Class in Sault Ste. Marie. Although the number of students was lower than years past, all were eager to learn and are excited for the upcoming snowmobile season.

CO Colton Gelinas, and CPLs. Kevin Postma and John Busken all participated in a Hunter Safety field day in Sault Ste. Marie. Although the weather was bad, all students were able to fire a rifle, shotgun and participate in a hunting scenario.

CO Tom Oberg received a complaint from the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) regarding a construction company that had parked large equipment on the bottom lands of Lake Superior without obtaining a permit. Oberg was able to make contact with the owner of the company and a citation was issued for placing equipment on bottom lands without a permit.


CO Chad Baldwin received a complaint from the Wilderness State Park ranger that an individual was trapping on a developed trail within the park. Some hikers were on the trail when they noticed a fox caught in a trap and notified the ranger. Baldwin arrived at the state park and had the trapper show him his trap line. Although the area the trapper was utilizing was open to trapping, it is prohibited to place a trap within 50 feet of a developed trail. Law enforcement action was taken.

Sgt. William Webster was patrolling the Jordan Valley when he came across a male driver who had attempted to get his vehicle muddy but got more than he bargained for. The driver was able to get muddy but also buried his vehicle to his doors in the mud. Webster ran a file on the vehicle and found that the plate on the vehicle belonged to a different vehicle and the driver had let his insurance expire. Webster had the vehicle towed and issued several citations.

CO Kyle Cherry assisted MSP in locating a suspect in Otsego County. The suspect had a felony warrant and fled on foot into the woods from an MSP trooper. The suspect was ultimately located and arrested by an MSP canine unit.

CO Sidney Collins assisted the Montmorency County Deputies with a domestic assault. A couple got into a heated argument which resulted in the woman physically assaulting her husband. Following the investigation, the woman was arrested and lodged in the county jail.

CO Sidney Collins received a complaint of a lost hunter in the Lewiston area. The elderly hunter was grouse hunting with his son and a friend. The group got separated right as dusk was setting in. With temperatures dropping quickly, it was important to find the elderly hunter. Collins was able to find the man and his dog without incident and reunite him with his hunting party.


CO Amanda Lake attended the Cedar Rod and Gun Club membership dinner as an invited guest. This event allowed Lake the opportunity to meet with the community and answer numerous questions regarding current events such as CWD and the 2019 baiting ban. Lake was grateful for the opportunity to be involved in the community.

COs Patrick McManus and Amanda Lake, along with National Park rangers from the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore, worked together during the weeklong special deer hunt on North Manitou Island. The hunt ended up being a success, in that over 80 hunters harvested almost 50 total deer, with very little safety or regulatory issues reported.

COs Rich Stowe and Rebecca Hubers patrolled for after-hours shining activity. While on patrol, they encountered a vehicle shining after 11 p.m. and upon stopping the vehicle found that the driver had a cocked crossbow in the front passenger seat and bolts with hunting tips on the passenger floor. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Josiah Killingbeck assisted the Lake County Sheriff’s Department in an investigation where a bowhunter confronted a subject in an ORV who was trespassing on the bowhunter’s private property. The ORV trespasser pulled a handgun on the property owner and threatened great bodily harm. The property owner, who was a military veteran, disarmed the trespasser. The trespasser then took his ORV and struck the property owner causing serious injuries to the victim. Killingbeck assisted the victim with providing first aid and the Sheriff’s Department with the investigation. Killingbeck, using resources available through the Station 20 dispatch center, was able to assist in identifying the suspect. Several hours later the suspect was located and taken into custody.


CO John Huspen received a call from the Crawford County Sheriff Department that noticed what looked to be a processed deer carcass at a residence where they had arrested a subject with an outstanding bench warrant. Upon further investigation, Huspen and Crawford County Sheriff Sgt. Gammicchia located a crossbow in a bedroom with the window screen removed. The window was facing an excessive bait pile in the backyard. While checking the backyard, Huspen also noticed motion lights pointed at the bait pile. Huspen and Sgt. Gammicchia located a blood trail and the area in which the deer had expired. The bloody crossbow bolt, broadhead and gut pile were all located in multiple garbage bags throughout the property. No kill tag was located during their search. Huspen obtained written statements from all parties involved and charges are being sought through the Crawford County Prosecutor’s Office.

CO Jeff Panich responded to an in-progress complaint of a turkey shot out of season in Alcona County. The eyewitness observed an individual shoot a turkey out the window of his vehicle with a firearm in a residential area. The suspect quickly loaded the turkey into the vehicle and drove away. The witness was able to follow the suspect to his residence and direct the COs to the location. COs Casey Pullum and James Garrett responded to the residence and assisted with the investigation. The COs located the vehicle in the driveway that matched the description given by the witness. A dead turkey was still in plain view in the bed of the truck. Further investigation by the COs also led to an uncased shotgun on the passenger seat of the truck. After conducting interviews at the residence, it was determined that the suspect had taken the turkey out of season and was also in possession of marijuana. Evidence was seized, and charges are being sought through the Alcona County Prosecutor’s Office.

COs Phil Hudson and Ben McAteer were working a late-night patrol when they received a complaint of trespassers that appeared to be tracking a deer through private property. The COs met with the landowner and she pointed out the last location that she had seen the flashlights on her property. After about an hour of searching, Hudson thought he saw a small light in the woods. McAteer used his night vision binoculars and started walking through the woods where Hudson last observed the small light. It wasn’t long before McAteer pushed the trespassers out of the woods and into the arms of the awaiting deputies on the other side of the woodlot. Citations were issued for the trespass violations and one subject was lodged in the Arenac County Jail for possession of illegal drugs.


CO John Byars responded to an in-progress recreational trespassing complaint in Saginaw County. Byars arrived on scene and contacted the landowner who relayed he had been having trouble with trespassing and that he wanted to prosecute. Byars then located the suspect on the landowner’s property. While speaking with the suspect, the CO noticed a bloody bolt in his crossbow which was missing a broadhead. Byars questioned the suspect and determined he had harvested a deer. After searching the woodlot, Byars located the deer which was a buck. The suspect admitted to not having a license and killing the buck. A citation was issued for recreational trespassing and taking a deer with no license in possession. The buck was donated to needy families.

CO Josh Russell received information from CO Cary Foster that a subject living in the Greenville area had shot a buck without a license. Russell enlisted the help of CO Mike Haas and both COs went to the suspect’s residence to interview him. During the interview, the suspect denied shooting any deer and told the COs that his girlfriend killed it. After further investigation, the suspect’s story began to unravel and he finally admitted to shooting the buck. A subsequent file check revealed the suspect had three prior violations for the same thing. He was issued a citation for his violation and his archery equipment was confiscated.

In central Isabella County, CO Mike Haas located a deer at a meat processor with a tag that had been purchased only an hour before the deer had been brought to the processor. Haas and CO Josh Russell met with the subject who had harvested the deer and discovered there were numerous issues concerning the harvest of the deer. The subject had an illegal bait pile, hunted and shot the buck without a license and was violating multiple probation conditions concerning weapons, alcohol, drugs, and driving violations. The subject was arrested for the numerous probation and hunting violations.


CO Chris Holmes obtained information that a subject shot an 8-point buck without a license. During the interview, the subject admitted to the offense of an additional buck shot illegally four years prior. The 8-point buck was seized and a warrant request will be submitted to the Kalamazoo County Prosecutor.

CO Tyler Cole received a complaint about a subject shooting a 9-point buck without a license. Cole was able to contact the subject and obtained a confession of shooting the 9-point without a license and buying a license after the fact. Further investigation showed that the subject had been ticketed for fishing in a closed stream three weeks prior by Cole. The subject had not taken care of the violation and a warrant had been issued. The subject was taken into custody for the warrant and charges will be sought for the hunting violation.

COs Jeremy Cantrell and Kyle McQueer interviewed a subject that Cantrell interviewed days earlier while on a traffic stop. Cantrell noticed two deer hanging from the trunk of a car and conducted a traffic stop. Cantrell noticed one of the tags was bought the same day just a couple of hours prior to the traffic stop. A few days later, Cantrell and McQueer interviewed the suspect in question. The suspect shot at a 4-point and “missed.” A 5-point then walked into view and the suspect shot that one. While tracking the second buck, the suspect found the first buck dead. The suspect then called the other suspect in question to go buy a deer tag to tag the second deer they shot due to the fact the first suspect had only one deer tag for this season. Enforcement action was taken.


CO Mike Drexler responded to a complaint of two subjects hunting with firearms on state land without wearing hunter orange. Drexler arrived at the location and after he was unable to locate the subject, he sat on the vehicle for several hours. Eventually one subject exited the marsh and was unable to produce his hunting licenses. Drexler and two MSP troopers escorted the hunter back to his friend who was standing over a freshly killed 4-point buck that was taken with a shotgun prior to the firearms season. The subjects admitted to taking the deer with a shotgun. Drexler also found the deer was untagged. The shotgun was seized and the deer was given to a family requesting the meat. The case will be forwarded to the Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office for charges.

CO Jason McCullough received information detailing some hunters shooting waterfowl well before legal shooting hours on a secluded pond. After responding to the area, McCullough was able to find the subjects as they were finishing up for the morning. After some conversation and some looking around McCullough located an over limit of ducks that had been thrown into the weeds. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Jeff Goss received a complaint about someone hunting on Consumers Power Property and using bait. The complainant was able to show the CO the stand set up, bait and trail camera. Later that night, Goss was contacted by the complainant that there was a vehicle parked on the property. Goss was unable to respond prior to dark so he contacted a local MSP trooper to see if he could identify the suspect when he got back to the vehicle. Once Goss arrived on scene, he interviewed the suspect who had already lied to the trooper as to what he was doing on the property. After a short while the man led Goss and the trooper to the location in which he had hidden his bow. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Nick Wellman conducted a processor inspection and came across a 12-point buck that had a tag attached to it that looked suspicious. Wellman looked further into the deer tag and located the hunter who shot the deer. Wellman and CO Josh Jackson conducted an interview. After a short conversation, the suspect admitted to not having a buck tag when he killed the deer. He shot the deer and then went out and bought a tag. A report will be sent to the Branch County Prosecutor’s Office.


While checking waterfowl hunters in St. Johns Marsh, CO Joseph Deppen and Sgt. Todd Szyska conducted surveillance on a group of waterfowl hunters setting up early. The COs noted the hunters loaded their firearms more than an hour before legal hunting hours had started. The waterfowl hunters shot at passing ducks but were unable to hit any of the birds. COs met the hunters as they were exiting the marsh and during a check of their equipment, multiple violations were found with one of the two hunters. The hunter had a loaded firearm on a dike, no base license, no waterfowl license, no federal stamp, and an unplugged shotgun. The waterfowl hunter was advised of his multiple violations and enforcement action was taken.

CO Raymond Gardner received a complaint about a deer that had been taken without a license in Lapeer County and contacted the subject at his residence. During the interview, the subject denied killing the deer without a license. Gardner told the subject that he posted a photo on Facebook about the deer a day before buying his license. The subject then told Gardner that he bought his deer license before going hunting. After the interview Gardner went to Walmart and reviewed the security footage and confirmed the subject purchased his deer license after he killed the deer. Gardner contacted the subject again and told him about the security footage. The subject continued to deny the evidence against him. A report is being submitted to the prosecutor’s office requesting charges for taking a deer without a license.

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