Pennsylvania Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – Oct. 12, 2018

From the Game Commission

Crawford County Game Warden Mark Allegro reports that, after a lengthy investigation, multiple persons were identified riding ATVs unlawfully on state game lands on multiple occasions. Numerous charges are pending, and restitution for damages caused by the defendants will be sought.

Venango County Game Warden Jason Amory reports that charges have been successfully adjudicated against an individual who purchased a license for her 11-year-old child, who did not successfully complete the mandatory Hunter-Trapper Education program. Charges were filed after the individual’s son accidentally shot himself in the foot with a .22 caliber rifle while hunting groundhogs on family property. Successful completion of Hunter-Trapper Education has been proven to help prevent such occurrences.

LMGS Jesse Bish reports that a man was cited for leaving his treestand out on the state game lands beyond the two-week period following the close of the final deer season in the area where it was installed. The fine for this violation is $100 to $200.

Mercer County Game Warden Donald G. Chaybin reports a Meadville area man is being charged after his vehicle was found in an area on game lands posted “Closed to Motor Vehicles.” It wasn’t even on a road, but a grassy food strip. He had the misfortune of leaving his ignition on when he pulled in there to sleep. His car battery died and he couldn’t get anyone to assist him before being discovered by a Game Commission Food & Cover crew.

Mercer County Game Warden Donald G. Chaybin reports that a New Castle man was found on State Game Land 130 on the opening day of the dove and goose seasons. He was working his German shorthair retriever while carrying a shotgun, and claimed to be training his dog on woodcock, not hunting doves. His shotgun was unloaded when I checked him, but he had No. 71⁄2 shotshells in his pocket. He didn’t have a migratory bird license or a federal duck stamp. And while there was no evidence he shot at or killed any wildlife illegally, it’s unlawful to possess a long gun while dog training, so that charge will be filed.

Mercer County Game Warden Donald G. Chaybin reports that a group of dove hunters was checked on State Game Land 284 and three of the six hunters had unplugged shotguns. Each of these three also had license violations, two did not possess their licenses in the field (but we were able to verify that they had valid licenses including migratory bird licenses) while the third hunter did not have a valid hunting license. Each was held responsible for their unplugged shotgun, and those charges filed and the unlicensed hunter was also charged for that offense. Additionally, several warnings were issued to those who left licenses at home.

Crawford County Game Warden Randy Crago reports that 14 students were certified at a Hunter-Trapper Education class. With the new school year, approximately 150 students at the Titusville Middle School started their certification process.

Crawford County LMGS Chris Deal reports that, over the past several weeks, multiple citations have been issued because people chose to ignore posted signs. The Pymatuning Wildlife Management Area is a well know “controlled access area.” Signs are posted at about every 20 yards. The wall of signs has still not stopped folks from walking into the area to take photographs or to walk their dogs. Everyone stopped, admitted to seeing the signs and chose to ignore them.

Warren County Game Warden David Donachy reports that several warnings were given on the opening day of goose season for unsigned duck stamps. Take the time to sign all licenses and permits before hunting.

Jefferson County Game Warden Roger Hartless urges hunters to check over their hunting licenses before heading afield to be sure they possess all licenses they need. Although it doesn’t happen a lot, occasionally during field checks, it is discovered that the hunter doesn’t have the required license. If an oversight occurred at the time of the license purchase, the time to correct that oversight is before the various seasons begin.

Jefferson County Game Warden Roger Hartless reminds all that the feeding of wild, free-ranging cervids, like white-tailed deer, is unlawful anywhere in a Disease Management Area  established by the Game Commission for the control of chronic wasting disease.

Warren County Game Warden Eric McBride reports that a landowner reported finding a headless deer on his property. An investigation is underway. 

Erie County Game Warden Michael Stutts and his Deputy Game Wardens report seeing good numbers of turkeys across the district. Most of the hens that have been seen are with have numerous poults. 

From the Game Commission

Snyder County Game Warden Harold J. Malehorn filed a citation on a farmer for not reporting killing deer for crop damage.

Bedford County Game Warden Brandon Pfister reports that one person has pleaded guilty to shooting at a dog and causing injury during last year’s hunting season.

Bedford County Game Warden Brandon Pfister reports that a Huntingdon man is facing charges of unlawfully shooting a 6-point buck.

Cumberland County Game Warden Timothy L. Wenrich reports that an individual pleaded guilty to two citations involving violations with traps used for wildlife pest control.  

Cumberland County Game Warden Timothy L. Wenrich reports that two individuals pleaded guilty for off-road-vehicle violations on Hunter Access property. New incidents on the same property are pending citations.

Mifflin County Game Warden Amanda M. Isett reports a poacher was sentenced to serve 40 days in jail and pay fines of $2,500 and restitution of $9,000 for the unlawful killing of several deer, including a trophy-class buck.  

Perry County State Game Warden Steven Brussese reports that numerous camps and residences are being visited within the newly expanded DMA 2 area of western Perry County in an effort to stop the feeding of deer, which could potentially lead to an increase in disease transmission among deer that are attracted to such sources. Since the expansion has occurred, individuals in this new area are now prohibited from feeding deer within the DMA. 

Huntingdon County Game Warden Amy Nabozny reports that bear complaints have been steady throughout the year. Most years offer some relief when the berries ripen in the forests, but this year, complaints have remained constant throughout the summer months.    

From the Game Commission

Bradford County Game Warden Eric Kelly reports there have been multiple incidents of illegal ATV use on State Game Land 36.

Montour County Game Warden Michael College reports a Lewisburg man received a citation on the opening day of the dove and goose season for not possessing his federal waterfowl stamp while hunting geese.                                

Susquehanna County Game Warden Ben Rebuck reports investigating an incident where a person drove a tractor through a pond to destroy a beaver dam. The action released a significant amount of water from the 2- to 3-acre pond that caused flooding and sedimentation issues downstream.

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