Zebra mussels confirmed in popular Bde Maka Ska in Minneapolis [video]

The Minnesota DNR has confirmed a report of zebra mussels in Bde Maka Ska, part of the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes.

Zebra mussels were confirmed in Lake Harriet, immediately downstream of Bde Maka Ska – the popular Twin Cities lake formerly known as Calhoun – in September 2017.

A Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board watercraft inspector contacted the DNR after finding two juvenile zebra mussels on a sailboat as it was being removed from Bde Maka Ska for the season.

DNR invasive species staff conducted a dive search in the buoy field and at the access of the lake and did not find additional zebra mussels. Staff from the park board and Blue Water Science will conduct another search to help determine any further distribution of the zebra mussel population.

Because the sailboat had been moored in the lake for an extended period and the young zebra mussels indicate in-lake reproduction, treatment would likely not be effective, the DNR said in a news release announcing the finding on the lake. Early detection is still important, because it can help prevent spread to other lakes. The park board is inspecting all sailboats being removed from the lake. Zebra mussels have not been reported on any additional boats.

“To help prevent further infestations, we need people to do a thorough job of checking for zebra mussels and other invasive species when removing their boats, docks and lifts on all bodies of water at this time of year,” said Heidi Wolf, DNR invasive species unit supervisor.

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