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Pennsylvania Outdoor News Fishing Report – July 6, 2018


Lake Erie — Poor Richard’s Bait & Tackle reported June 23 that walleyes were in 30 to 40 feet and hitting on crawler harnesses as conditions allowed. Erie Dearies, worm burners, and jet divers with spoons were productive. The best plugs were Bay Rats and Bandits in chartreuse or green. Perch were in 20 to 30 feet.

Presque Isle Bay (Erie County) — When the main lake’s conditions were rough mid-month, anglers were advised to fish the bay instead. Misery Bay, Marina Lake and Thompson Bay were yielding bluegills and other panfish. Most bass had returned to the main lake in early June.

Eaton Reservoir (Erie County) — A good largemouth bass bite was reported early in June. Northern pike were hitting on golden shiners, and crappies were being caught from shore near evening. 

Lake Pleasant (Erie County) — Big bluegills were biting on this small natural lake in recent weeks.

Kahle Lake (Clarion County) — Nice numbers of largemouths were reported through June 20, as well as bluegills, crappies and yellow perch. 

Piney Dam, Upper Clarion River (Clarion County) — Smallmouth bass, walleyes, yellow perch and crappies were hitting through mid-June. 

Lower Clarion River (Clarion County) — A few walleyes and numbers of smallmouth bass were hitting near the confluence with the Allegheny River through June 20.

Allegheny River — Smallmouth bass were reported throughout the length of the river. Walleyes were hitting near the confluence with the Clarion River. 

Redbank Creek (Clarion County) — Trout and smallmouth bass were reported from the dam in New Bethlehem to Mayport. Bass and a few walleyes were reported from the dam in New Bethlehem to the confluence with the Allegheny River.

Allegheny River (Forest County) — Northern pike were biting spoons and live bait near the Sand and Gravel Launch through mid-June.

Pymatuning Reservoir (Crawford County) — Walleyes, including a reported 31-incher, crappies and bluegills were biting in recent weeks. Walleyes were being taken by trollers using crawler harnesses, shad raps, and hot-n-tots. Shore anglers also were catching walleyes in the evenings. Muskies, largemouth and smallmouth bass and catfish also were reported.  

Conneaut Lake (Crawford County) — Some nice bass and panfish were reported in recent weeks. Bluegills were hitting off the humps of this large natural lake. 

Woodcock Creek Lake (Crawford County) — Walleyes and muskies were in the spillway. Woodcock Creek was yielding some nice trout. 

Canadohta Lake (Crawford County) — Muskies were taking big baits early in June.

Sugar Creek Lake (Venango County) — Panfish were reported.  

Justus Lake (Venango County) — Largemouth bass in mixed sizes, running from many sub-legals to 17 inches, were reported in recent weeks. A few smallmouth bass were hitting. A 23-inch walleye and a tiger muskie also were reported.

Allegheny River (Venango County) — Smallmouth bass were reported on flukes and spinnerbaits. Walleyes up to 27 inches also were hitting. 

Lake Wilhelm (Mercer County} — Crappies, including one reportedly 3 pounds, were hitting from the marina to the dam in early June. Walleyes up to 25 inches and largemouth bass also were reported.

Shenango Reservoir (Mercer County) — Nice catches of keeper-size crappies were reported in early June.  Hybrid striped bass up to 12 pounds were released on circle hooks. Some pike were in the shallows. Channel catfish were caught all over the lake.


Ohio River (Beaver County) — Walleyes and smallmouth bass were hitting on soft plastics near bridges in recent weeks. Catfish were reported on cut baits and chicken livers.

Beaver River (Beaver County) — Catfish were reported on chicken livers and cut bait on this Ohio River tributary.

Raccoon Lake, Brady’s Run Lake (Beaver County) — Bluegills, crappies and trout were reported, with maggots and minnows productive. 

Monongahela River (Greene, Washington counties) — Largemouth bass were hitting near the confluences and slow-sloping shallow shorelines.  

Enlow Creek, Templeton Run (Greene, Washington counties) — A few trout were reported.

Quemahoning Reservoir (Somerset County) — Walleyes were reported along with releases of smallmouth bass through mid-June.

Youghiogheny River Reservoir (Somerset County) — Channel catfish up to 30 inches and walleyes were reported in recent weeks.

Laurel Hill Lake (Somerset County) — Trout were hitting in recent weeks. 

Keystone Lake (Westmoreland County) — Crappies and other panfish were biting. Muskies also were reported.

Conemaugh River Reservoir (Cambria County) — Nice-size bluegills, crappies, yellow perch and other panfish were reported, mostly on minnows, from boat and shore in recent weeks. Large catfish were hitting on minnows during the night-time hours.


Foster Joseph Sayers Lake (Centre County) — Nice catches of catfish were reported on nightcrawlers and chicken livers through June 20. Crappies, bluegills, and yellow perch were hitting on minnows, and bass were released on spinnerbaits and pastic worms. In the spillway, crappies were hitting on minnows and twister tails. Boating pressure has been heavy.

Black Moshannon Lake (Centre County) — Bass and chain pickerel were hitting from shore and for anglers in kayaks and canoes through mid-June. 

Bald Eagle Creek (Centre County) — Dry flies, Trout Magnets and live bait were taking trout in recent weeks. 

Spring Creek (Centre County) — Before heavy rainfall in mid-June, sulphurs (14-16), tan caddis (14-16), Bblue-winged olives (18-22), craneflies (14-16), and midges (22-26) were hatching.  Terrestrials also were a good bet. 

Fishing Creek (Columbia County) — Trout were hitting on nymphs, such as Zebra Midges, Hare’s Ears, Frenchies, Green Weenies and also on sunken ant patterns.


Raystown Lake (Huntingdon County) — Smallmouth bass up to 4-plus pounds were reported on soft plastic, wacky-rigged worms.

Juniata River — Sizeable channel and flathead catfish were reported on live shiners, crawlers, and cut bait through mid-June. Shore and boat anglers were doing well in the late-evening hours. A few walleyes up to 27 inches also were reported. 

Little Juniata River (Huntingdon County) — Blown-out conditions were reported by TCO Fly Shop June 24. Hatches included sulphurs (14-16), tan caddis (14-16), blue-winged Olives (18-22), and midges (20-26).


Beltzville Lake (Carbon County) — Smallmouth bass were hitting minnows in mid-June.

Susquehanna River — Smallmouth bass and catfish were reported. 

Lackawanna Lake (Lackawanna County) —Bluegills, crappies and other panfish were reported in recent weeks. Trout were hitting pastebaits, especially in rainbow color. 

Lake Wallenpaupack (Pike County) — Striped bass up to 31 inches were hitting on live bait, while bass up to 22 inches were taking 4-inch plastic worms as of June 20. Catfish were hitting crawlers. 

Shohola Lake (Pike County) — Crappies and pickerel were reported in recent weeks, with jigs and live bait effective. 

Greeley Lake (Pike County) — Bluegills and pickerel were reported on a variety of baits and lures.

Frances E. Walter Reservoir (Luzerne County) —Crappies and trout were biting through mid-June, especially in the river and creek arms. Trout were taking blue and silver crankbaits, while crappies were hitting small minnows and plastic grubs.

Harveys Lake (Luzerne County) —Panfish, including a few rock bass, were hitting for boaters targeting structure in recent weeks. Hair jigs and lead jigs tipped with grubs or crawler pieces were productive. The lake and Harveys Creek received several thousand surplus trout in early June. 

Lily Lake (Luzerne County) — The weedy areas were yielding chain pickerel on top water lures early and late in the day. 

Briar Creek Lake (Columbia County) — Trout, carp and a few nice-size crappies were reported in recent weeks, with the crappies hitting small grubs and the trout and carp biting dough balls and paste baits.

Lehigh River — Trout were reported through mid-June on minnows, red worms, and flies matching the hatches.

Susquehanna River — Walleyes were reported on 3- and 4-inch twister tail grubs. 


Octararo Lake (Chester/Lancaster counties) — Jim Neary’s Bait and Tackle reported June 23 that bass were hitting on spinnerbaits and plastic worms. Crappies were biting curly tails, and white perch were taking crawlers and shiny artificials. Chicken livers and clam snouts were working on catfish. 

Schuylkill River, Little Schuylkill River (Schuylkill County) — Trout were hitting on baits and spinners through June 20. Brown and rainbow fingerlings were recently stocked in the Schuylkill River from Pottsville to Schuylkill Haven.

Locust Lake (Schuylkill County) — Largemouth bass and bluegills were reported through June 20. The trout were hitting in the deeper water near the middle of the lake. 

Tuscarora Lake (Schuylkill County) — Yellow perch and bluegills were reported, while crappie and pickerel action had slowed. 

Owl Creek Reservoir (Schuylkill County) — A good bass bite was reported through June 20. 

Compiled by Deborah Weisberg

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