Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – May 4, 2018

Northwest Zone– Captain Laura Petreikis

In Carroll County, CPO Jones issued a Mount Carroll woman a citation for damage to property for backing over two signs at Mississippi Palisades State Park.

In Stephenson County, CPO Fraser assisted CPO Alt with an unlawful take of Canada goose complaint. Witnesses stated a high school age male shot a Canada goose from a roadway, then left the scene. The witnesses knew the male and had photos of the vehicle and dead goose. The CPOs interviewed the mother of the suspect who stated her son would never do such a thing and was an avid outdoorsman. Eventually the CPOs met with the suspect who confessed to shooting the goose from a roadway with a .22 rifle. The rifle was seized, and applicable charges were forwarded to the Stephenson County State’s Attorney.

In Bureau County, CPO Kaufman responded to a report of a sick raccoon on the trails at Starved Rock State Park. He located the raccoon and determined, from its behavior, the raccoon had distemper. The raccoon was transported to a remote location and euthanized.

In Bureau County, CPO Kaufman issued citations to three individuals who built a blind at the Starved Rock waterfowl hunting area on the Illinois River. Due to the spring flooding in the area, all blinds at Starved Rock had to be removed ten days after the end of duck season. CPO Kaufman had talked to the individuals numerous times about removing their blind. The blind was finally removed 82 days after the end of duck season. Besides receiving the citations, the individuals are not allowed to participate in the 2018 Starved Rock waterfowl blind drawing.

In DeKalb County, CPO Murry assisted the DeKalb Police Department with a trapping complaint. An individual walking on a park path observed a fox caught in a leg hold trap. DeKalb Police responded to the area and released the fox from the trap, and the trap was seized as evidence. After speaking with DeKalb Police, CPO Murry interviewed the suspect. The suspect was issued one citation in the case, along with four warnings. He was given information on steps to get a nuisance permit for the animals he was trying to catch.

In Winnebago County, CPO Alt conducted fish enforcement at the Rockton Dam. While dealing with two individuals who were found fishing without fishing licenses, he observed two additional fishermen who were wading in the river and looking very worried. Those fishermen came out of the river in rapid fashion. Once he completed the citations for the first two anglers, he stopped one of the wading fishermen while verbally hailing the other who took off into an adjacent field. The first man was found to be fishing on a fishing license that expired in 2016. After an hour and a half of searching the area, the second subject came forward advising he fled and hid his fishing pole and tackle in the field because he did not have a fishing license. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

In Tazewell County, CPO Gerard completed a deer investigation from the 2017-2018 deer season. It was determined the individual unlawfully harvested three antlered deer. Illinois law allows for a hunter to harvest no more than two antlered deer. The individual knowingly reported the second deer as a doe.

In Adams County, CPO Blazinic responded to a call sent by DNR’s Division of Wildlife regarding a Quincy woman purchasing a bobcat harvest tag without a bobcat permit. He had spoken with this woman back in December and informed her what the law was regarding salvaging road kill bobcats. CPO Blazinic will obtain the bobcat harvest permit and return it to the DNR’s Division of Wildlife.

In Jersey County, CPO Goetten received a disposition in a case involving a nonresident hunter who was illegally deer hunting. The hunter also implicated his father. The subject was issued three citations. The information was provided to the Jersey County State’s Attorney’s Office, and the father was later charged. Per a plea agreement, the illegally taken bucks were surrendered by the two hunters. They both pleaded guilty in Jersey County and paid total fines/costs of $4,000.

Northeast Zone – Capt. Brett Scroggins

In Lake County, CPO VanWiltenburg cited two subjects for possession of undersized northern pike; one at 21.5 inches, and one at 23 inches. The minimum size limit is 24 inches statewide. The subjects lied about catching any fish and did not have a tape measure with them.

In Cook County, Sgt. Whitchurch observed four individuals fishing from a boat on a lake in Chicago. Upon inspecting the boat, it was learned one of the adults was fishing without license, a child under 13 was not wearing a personal flotation device as required while underway, there were not enough personal flotation devices onboard the boat for every person, and there was a registration violation with the boat. The operator of the boat was issued a citation for unlawful operation of a watercraft with a person under 13 not wearing a personal flotation device. 

In Cook County, CPO Snodgrass investigated a case regarding two deer harvested on state supported sites. The deer were taken in CWD counties and were required to be sampled for CWD. The two subjects that harvested the deer failed to comply with the site-specific regulations, and both subjects were issued written warnings.

In Cook County, CPO Sanford and Intern Baldyga observed multiple individuals fishing a Cook County lake. One of the individuals was in possession of three five-gallon buckets, and the individual was observed dropping fish into the buckets. As CPO Sanford approached to conduct fishing compliance checks, two other individuals ran across a roadway and retrieved two of the buckets from the individual, then ran back across the roadway. Intern Baldyga secured the two buckets while CPO Sanford spoke with the angler originally observed. It was discovered that this individual was in possession of 15 crappies, which is the limit at this lake. Intern Baldyga discovered an additional 26 crappies in the other two buckets. In total, the individual was found to be in possession of 41 crappies. The fish were seized as evidence, photographed, and successfully released back into the lake. The individual was issued a citation for the over-limit violation.

In DeWitt County, CPOs Wright and Viverito conducted a fish detail at Clinton Lake.  CPO Wright observed a fisherman return to his vehicle and place a bucket inside of it. The man then returned to the Lake with another bucket. Approximately two hours later, the man returned to his vehicle and began to leave the location. CPOs Wright and Viverito stopped the man and found he possessed 23 white bass (limit of 10). The man was arrested.

In Livingston County, CPO Graden closed out a case involving an archery deer hunter illegally killing three bucks during the 2016-17 season. The hunter pled guilty to unlawful take of over the legal limit of antlered white-tailed deer. He was ordered to pay a fine plus court costs totaling $2,952. The deer heads were awarded to the State of Illinois and will be donated to an educational institution for public display.

South Zone – Capt. Jim Mayes

In St. Clair County, CPO Rolfingsmeier completed a deer investigation on a Louisiana deer hunter who was hunting in Pope County. The investigation resulted in a citation for failure to check in a white-tailed deer and for the unlawful possession of a white- tailed deer.

In Franklin County, CPO Lay, along with the assistance from the reporting party, recovered an injured red-tailed hawk. The hawk had an injured wing and was taken to the Free Again Rehabilitation facility in Herrin.

In Franklin County, CPO Lay investigated a reported dead bald eagle in Wayne Fitzgerrell State Recreation Area. The eagle was recovered, and it will be turned over to a US Fish and Wildlife Service agent. It is unknown what caused the eagles death; however, the eagle had signs of decomposition.

In Hamilton County, CPO Schoenhoff assisted CPOs Folden and Williams in an investigation of several deer being poached in Hamilton County. After interviewing the subjects, they admitted to shooting at several deer from the vehicle. Both subjects were issued two citations for hunt by aid/conveyance of motor vehicle and unlawful hunting 30 minutes after sunset. Both subjects also received six written warnings for unlawful hunting from a roadway, wanton waste of protected species, unlawful hunting deer out of season, unlawful transportation of a loaded gun, unlawful take of white-tailed deer, and failure to report deer harvest.

In Jefferson County, CPO Williams closed a case from December 22, 2017 in which five subjects were trespassing on the Rend Lake Waterfowl Refuge during the hunting season. Four of the subjects were hunting waterfowl. The hunters entered a negotiated plea agreement with Jefferson County stipulating to one charge, dismissing the remainder, and each were fined $120. Their confiscated firearms were ordered returned.

In Alexander County, CPO Vasicek received a disposition in a case involving two nonresident subjects who were arrested for spotlighting with loaded firearms. Both subjects pled guilty in Alexander County court. They each were fined $1,400 and forfeited a firearm. Their hunting privileges will be revoked for a minimum of two years.

In Perry County, CPO Lewis investigated another illegal dumping incident at Pyramid State Recreation Area. The investigation led to the arrest of a Pinckneyville resident for illegal dumping of trash on public property. The subject returned and cleaned up the trash at CPO Lewis’ request.

In Pulaski County, CPO Vasicek interviewed subjects thought to be involved in the unlawful take of white-tailed deer. One subject, whose wildlife privileges were revoked, requested that another subject shoot deer and give them to him; and that subject killed deer at his request. The revoked subject then had his father buy permits for deer and unlawfully tagged the deer with the tag. The harvest was called in as the father’s kill. 

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