Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – April 20, 2018

Northwest Zone– Captain Laura Petreikis

CPO Jones cited an Arlington Heights man for unlawful entry to a closed nature preserve and unlawful pursuit of animals in a closed nature preserve. A Barrington man was also cited for unlawful entry to a restricted area.

CPO Palumbo issued a Dixon man a citation and a written warning after an investigation revealed he failed to submit CWD samples from two archery harvested deer as required at certain state sites.

CPO Jones issued a warning to a Davis man for failure to provide a CWD sample as required at Castle Rock State Park during archery season.

CPO Francisko received dispositions on four cases: 1). During the first firearm deer season in 2017, he issued a Cordova man a citation and several written warnings for ATV related violations. The subject pled guilty to illegal operation of an ATV on or along a roadway and paid a $120 fine; 2). During the first firearm deer season a Taylor Ridge man was issued a citation and several written warnings for deer hunting related violations. The man pled guilty for failure to report a deer harvest to the DNR by 10 p.m. on the same day the deer was taken and paid a $120 fine; 3). A Rock Island man was found to be killing multiple squirrels from his house with an air rifle (that qualified as a firearm). The subject did not possess a hunting license or habitat stamp and was in violation of a city ordinance for discharge of a firearm within city limits. The man was issued a citation and several written warnings. He pled guilty to one count of illegal taking of protected species and paid a $120 fine; 4). Four snowmobile related citations were issued. Of the three citations issued for failure to provide proof of mandatory liability insurance, two were dismissed. One subject received six months court supervision and a $100 fine. Another subject pled guilty to operation of an unregistered snowmobile and paid a $120 fine.

The Winnebago County State’s Attorney’s Office obtained a court order for the recovery of a nine-point white-tailed deer head because of a conviction for unlawful possession of an illegally obtained deer from an Alaska resident who failed to record the harvest as required at the check station.

CPO Elliott conducted an administrative deer investigation; and after a short interview, the subject revealed he only had an either sex firearm permit prior to shooting a doe on the first day of the firearm deer season. The subject stated he did not want to use his either sex tag on the doe, so he purchased an antlerless only firearm permit the following day to use on the doe. The violations were explained to the subject, and two citations and two written warnings were issued.

CPO Elliott conducted a second administrative deer investigation; and after a short interview, the subject revealed he shot a six-point buck in early November and purchased an either sex archery permit for the buck the following day. The violations were explained to the subject, and two citations and two written warnings were issued.

CPO Elliott received information regarding the illegal possession of a hawksbill sea turtle shell. DNR District Heritage Biologist Scott Ballard assisted in confirming the identity of this species and coordinated transfer of the shell. The subject explained he had been in possession of the shell for over 10 years and had obtained it through cleaning out a house for an individual. The shell will be utilized for educational purposes through DNR. No enforcement action was taken.

CPO Wheatley checked snow goose hunters near Nauvoo, and he initiated a compliance check of two hunters. One of the hunters was a young man. When asked to see his license, his father said the boy was only 13. It was explained to the father that his son was required to have a hunting license and a HIP certificate. Considering that the father genuinely did not know his son needed a hunting license and a HIP certificate, only one citation was issued for the infraction. CPO Wheatley showed him how to go about getting his son a license. He was also given more information regarding the sport and how to go about it legally. The man shook CPO Wheatley’s hand and thanked him for his time and the break.

CPOs Cochran and Macias conducted an abandoned treestand recovery detail at Sangchris Lake State Park. Stands at this state site are required to be removed no later than Jan. 31 of each year. Six stands were recovered during the detail; however, many more remain. If the property is unclaimed, the abandoned/seized property will be disposed of according to law.

Northeast Zone – Capt. Brett Scroggins

While on patrol, CPO Knop noticed a motorist pulled to the side of the road and a mute swan in the opposite ditch. He stopped to investigate, and found that the swan did not appear to be badly injured. A representative from Flint River Wildlife Rehab was called, and the swan was picked up for examination. Mute swans are non-native but are a protected species in Illinois.

CPOs Davis and Winters were dispatched to Moraine Hills State Park for a report of screaming heard in the woods. Two children were discovered separated from their parents after they had made a wrong turn on the path. The parents were found, and the children returned without incident.

CPO Bergland assisted the Kendall County Sheriff’s Department on a call of shots being fired. The subject was found to be legally target practicing. He also assisted the Kendall County Sheriff’s Department on a call of a man with a gun. The man who called was found to be a mental subject and was on heroin. No gun was found.

CPO Reid conducted multiple patrols of Braidwood Lake. Several citations were issued to individuals fishing beyond the buoys in posted restricted areas. Additional enforcement action was taken against several boaters operating without adequate safety equipment during hazardous conditions.

CPO Sanford, Sgt. Whitchurch, and Intern Baldyga investigated a complaint regarding the unlawful possession of a dangerous animal in Orland Park. The bobcat was located and seized as evidence during the execution of a search warrant. After a brief interview, the owner of the bobcat was cited for one count of unlawful possession of a dangerous animal.

During multiple patrols, CPO Sanford and Intern Baldyga located numerous individuals fishing with an untagged third sport fishing device along the Lake Michigan shoreline. Per Illinois regulation, any device in excess of two must be tagged with the owner’s name and address. All individuals were educated regarding the regulation and written warnings were issued for the violations.

CPO Snodgrass came upon an unattended fishing pole and tackle at a northern Cook County lake. After checking several fishermen, he located the owner of the pole who was out of sight of the pole. CPO Snodgrass educated the subject on leaving his pole out and unattended, and a written warning was issued.

CPO Thornley conducted sport fish enforcement. He spotted a man reel in his line and take his pole directly to his vehicle when he saw CPO Thornley enter the parking area at the lake. The man was asked for his fishing license, and he stated he did not have it on him. CPO Thornley advised he could look it up, and the man admitted he did not have a license. A citation was issued for no fishing license. In a separate incident, CPO Thornley spotted a man fishing with four poles, and he requested to see the man’s fishing license. The man stated he did not have it in his possession. The man was also asked if he knew it was a two pole only lake, and the man stated he knew. The man was issued a citation for too many devices and a written warning for license not in possession.

CPO Thornley conducted a deer investigation with a subject who failed to submit his two deer for CWD testing as required. The subject admitted he knew he was required to do it, but he just failed to do so. CPO Thornley issued a citation for failure to submit to testing as required for one of the two deer, and a written warning for the second deer.

CPO Stanbary seized a taxidermic sea turtle from a consignment shop after a concerned citizen reported its presence at the shop. It is unlawful to possess a sea turtle as they are an endangered species. Following up on a tip, the CPO learned that the woman had purchased it years ago at a garage sale and was unaware it was illegal to possess. A written warning was issued to the owner of the shop for unlawfully possessing the endangered species.

CPO Graden completed an investigation into a complaint alleging a bow hunter illegally killed three antlered white-tailed deer during the 2017-18 season. Sufficient evidence was discovered to substantiate the allegation. The hunter was interviewed and showed the evidence. The hunter confessed to killing a total of three bucks during two archery deer hunts. The following items were seized as evidence: one eight-point European mount, one set of six-point deer antlers, and one seven-point deer rack. The deer meat had been processed in a garage and was unsuitable for donation to a food pantry. Compensation for the deer meat will be sought through the civil process. In addition to several written warnings, the hunter was issued citations for: unlawful take of a white-tailed deer, failure to take white-tailed deer, and unlawful take of over the season limit of antlered white-tailed deer. A second hunter was cited for accessory to the unlawful take of white-tailed deer.

CPO Cottrell cited a camper at Kickapoo State Recreation Area for littering. The subject left a mattress along the road inside the site and was caught leaving the area.

CPO Cottrell cited a man at Kickapoo State Recreation Area for littering after he left the sewage valve open on his camper and drove through the site. This subject also received a written warning for an expired trailer registration.

South Zone – Capt. Jim Mayes

CPO Gushleff assisted with a crappie detail at Coffeen Lake State Fish and Wildlife Area. Various fishermen were checked as they came to the boat ramp. The boats and fish were inspected, and a variety of written warnings were issued. One subject was issued a short fish citation for possessing a fish under the statutory size limit.

CPO Schachner and Sgt. Manker were checking snow goose hunters when they encountered three teenage hunters with a large snow goose spread. No snow geese were in the immediate area, and the subjects were repeatedly shooting at large flocks of blackbirds. When they were questioned, the subjects were honest and admitted shooting at the blackbirds. They stating they had “itchy trigger fingers.” The three subjects received written warnings for unlawfully shooting at protected species.

CPO Rolfingsmeier conducted sport fishing enforcement at Baldwin Lake, and he saw a fisherman using four fishing poles. There is a two pole and line limit at this lake. CPO Rolfingsmeier ran the fisherman’s information, and it came back that he was wanted on two warrants in St. Clair County. The fisherman was arrested and taken to St. Clair County Jail. He was also issued a citation for too many fishing devices.

CPO Schachner was checking fishermen at a local park with multiple lakes when he observed three fishermen walking to an area of the park where there are no public lakes. There is a private lake on the backside of the park which is frequently fished without the owner’s permission. The private property is fenced and posted for no trespass, but the fence has been repeatedly cut by trespassers. CPO Schachner followed the three fishermen and observed them fishing on the private property. After notifying the landowner via phone, CPO Schachner initiated contact with the three fishermen. Two were cited for fishing without permission, and the third subject (who had never been on the property prior and was a first-time fisherman) received two written warnings for no fishing license and fishing without permission.

While on patrol at Rend Lake State Fish and Wildlife Area, CPO Jourdan observed a truck parked in the grass beyond a gravel parking lot with a man asleep at the wheel. CPO Jourdan prepared to knock on the passenger window for a welfare check; but prior to knocking, the man awoke and drove off in the grass toward the edge of Rend Lake. The man stepped on the brake before going into the water. The man had fallen asleep with the vehicle in gear and foot on the brake. A check of the driver’s information showed that he was wanted on a warrant for theft, and he was taken into custody. The man was transported to the Jefferson County Justice Center.

CPO Roper received information that an individual may have illegally harvested a deer during the previous firearm deer season. After talking with the individual, it was determined this subject had unlawfully tagged a white-tailed deer. The individual was issued a citation for the deer permit violation. In a second instance, CPO Roper was informed an individual may have illegally harvested two white-tailed deer during the previous archery season. After speaking with the individual, it was determined the subject had made two permit mistakes while tagging the deer. Two written warnings were issued for permit mistakes.

While on patrol, CPO Roper received a complaint of an individual shooting snow geese from the road. He located the vehicle involved in the complaint and waited for the individual to return to the vehicle. After speaking to the individual, it was determined the individual had shot snow geese from the roadway that morning. The individual was issued a citation for shooting upon a roadway. He was also issued several written warnings.

CPO Lewis investigated a complaint regarding illegal dumping at Pyramid State Recreation Area. The litter included a bed, 15 one-gallon cans of paint, a five-gallon bucket of paint, two five-gallon buckets of drywall mud, a coffee table, and several other items. The investigation led to the arrest of a Sparta resident for illegal dumping, pollution of a waterway, bringing garbage into the State site with the intent of dumping, and depositing injurious materials on the roadway.

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