Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – March 23, 2018

Northwest Zone – Captain Laura Petreikis

CPO Teas completed an investigation which occurred during the past firearm deer season. Two hunters failed to tag their deer as required, then used another person’s permit to tag one of the deer. The following day, one of the hunters unlawfully took a buck without a permit. Both hunters were cited for their offenses, and the antlers and deer meat were seized.

CPO Jones cited a North Carolina man for falsification, failure to tag immediately upon kill, and unlawful take of a white-tailed deer. The same subject was also issued warnings for failure to tag immediately upon kill, no valid permit, and falsification.

CPO Francisko responded to a call regarding a personal injury/property damage snowmobile accident. A Tampico resident operated a snowmobile onto the road and collided with a truck. The snowmobile operator was seriously injured and transported to the hospital. The driver of the truck was not injured. This accident remains under investigation.

CPO Graden followed up on a personal injury snowmobile crash investigation resulting in the operator being cited for operation of a snowmobile on a public roadway while driver’s license was suspended and unlawful operation of a snowmobile while under the influence of alcohol. The operator pled guilty to both charges. He was ordered to pay a fine and court costs totaling $1,190, one-year court supervision, and undergo drug and alcohol treatment.

CPO Fraser received an anonymous complaint that a subject had a live bobcat as a house pet. CPOs Fraser and Schoonhoven completed an exhaustive investigation but were unable to find a permanent residence for the suspect or any solid evidence. Contact with Federal Probation and the subject’s landlord eventually confirmed the subject’s permanent residence. The landlord, upon hearing of the possibility of a bobcat in their rented property, requested that the CPOs enter the residence to ensure there was no risk to other tenants of the building or violation of rental agreements. In compliance with State law, CPOs Fraser and Schoonhoven, along with local law enforcement, assisted the landlord in checking the residence. No bobcat was located, however, a bobtailed house cat with large paws was observed in the residence.

After receiving information alleging unlawful take of waterfowl, CPOs Thompson and Elliott patrolled a waterfowl hunting location south of Canton. As the result of the patrol, they conducted a compliance check of a Connecticut man who was hunting on the property. It was determined that the man had not purchased his license and stamps prior to the hunt. In addition, the man confessed to the unlawful take of a swan. The poached swan was located inside an abandoned trailer on the property.

CPO Thompson received information about a potential deer permit violation, and he interviewed a Fairview man. The subject confessed to failing to tag the deer immediately upon kill and unlawful possession of an illegally taken deer. The man admitted he shot a doe on opening day of the first firearm deer season. He said he did not want to “burn” his buck tag on a doe, so he purchased a doe permit and tagged the deer later in the day. Written warnings were issued.

CPO Blazinic received a court disposition regarding a case from the fall of 2015 involving hunting white-tailed deer from the roadway. Subject one plead guilty in Adams County Court to unlawfully hunting white-tailed deer from a roadway and unlawful harvest of a white-tailed deer. Subject one was assessed a total fine/court costs of $682.

CPO Wheatley acted on a tip regarding a subject illegally feeding deer and met with the subject at his residence. The subject explained his side of the story; however, he was informed that regardless of his intent, feeding deer was illegal. He was also informed about the impact on the deer herd by feeding them and how CWD is spread. CPO Wheatley shared information regarding how a deer’s system is affected by having the food source. The laws and a list of charges that could follow were discussed, and the subject had a renewed sense of understanding. He was advised that his honesty was greatly appreciated; and instead of filing several charges against him, one citation would be issued since he seemed to have a greater understanding of the rules.

Northeast Zone – Capt. Brett Scroggins

CPO Kelley responded to a call regarding an injured hawk. The caller believed the hawk was ensnared by a wire. A search was done of the area described by the caller, however, the hawk was not found.

CPO Knop was checking ice fishermen when he noticed a man who was frantically trying to start his snowmobile upon seeing him. Further investigation revealed the snowmobile was not registered and did not have insurance. Citations were issued.

CPO Davis completed a residency investigation resulting in the seizure of the antlers from a nine-point buck and a ten- point buck. The offender was charged with multiple counts of falsification of records, two counts of unlawful take of white-tailed deer, hunting without a nonresident hunting license, and hunting without nonresident deer permits.

CPO Farber received a TIP complaint from CPO Vadbunker regarding deer carcasses dumped along the roadway near the Kankakee-Iroquois county line. The carcasses were located, and CPO Farber conducted a short interview with the subject suspected of dumping the deer carcasses. The Clifton man was issued one citation

CPOs Ausmus and Snodgrass checked perch fishermen at the Calumet River. One angler was found to have three yellow perch fillets in his possession and was using them for bait. The Wisconsin man was informed that no fish species may be dressed or filleted on any waters to which length or bag limits are applicable. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

CPO Stanbary completed a deer investigation stemming from the 2017 firearm season. Citations were issued to a deer hunter from the Chicago area and deer hunter from Indiana for unlawful activity that occurred in Saline County. One hunter was cited for failing to immediately tag his deer upon harvest, and the other hunter was cited for failing to report his harvest of a deer by 10 p.m. CPO Stanbary was assisted in the investigation by officers from the Indiana Conservation Police.

CPO Stanbary located an injured goldeneye duck inside William W. Powers State Recreation Area. The duck could not fly and appeared distressed. He captured the duck and discovered that it had a large amount of an unknown sticky substance attached to its breast. Efforts were made to help the distressed bird, but unfortunately it expired before arriving at an animal rescue facility in Glen Ellyn.

Two fishermen near the South Slip were issued written warnings after the CPO noticed litter outside their vehicle as they were readying to leave. When questioned, the two admitted to throwing beer cans and an empty bait package on the ground. While the men were picking up their garbage, the CPO detected an odor of cannabis and questioned one of the fishermen. A drug pipe and baggy of cannabis was confiscated from the individual, and a civil cannabis citation was issued.

CPO Reeves and Sgt. Williamson observed three male subjects from Rantoul netting and keeping sport fish. There were several short largemouth bass among the fish they had kept. The three subjects also had in their possession short crappie that had been netted. Each subject was issued multiple citations and a mandatory court date in DeWitt County.

South Zone – Capt. Jim Mayes

Working on a tip from Coles County Sheriff’s deputies, CPO Mieure issued an Oakland man one citation for unlawful possession of wild turkey. Two written warnings were also issued for unlawful take of wild turkey and no valid permit.

CPOs Barnes and Moody investigated a trespass complaint. Two Atwood subjects were caught on private property by a trail camera. After tracking down the individuals and interviewing them, they admitted that they were shed hunting on the property and were unaware of the property line. Both individuals were issued written warnings for trespass and hunting without permission.

CPOs Sievers and Schachner investigated a waterfowl complaint. It was reported that there were dead waterfowl in a slough that could be observed from a train. The carcasses in the water were found to be fish and not waterfowl. The fish likely died because the shallow water froze.

CPO Rolfingsmeier investigated a hunting without permission complaint. The incident occurred during the late winter firearm deer season. The landowner provided information and a picture of the hunter with a muzzleloader rifle. St. Clair County is not open for the late firearm season. The hunter was interviewed, and he admitted that he was using the muzzleloader to hunt deer. He also admitted that he did not have a firearm tag. The hunter was issued a citation for hunting deer during a closed season.

CPO Jourdan received a court disposition regarding a case involving two Tennessee residents who were unlawfully firearm deer hunting. Both men were checked in November of 2017 and found to be hunting with shotguns after dark. One of the shotguns was unplugged. These same two men were arrested in Jefferson County in 2015 for unlawfully taking white-tailed bucks without valid permits.

Sgt. Cariens observed a man make long, quick “jerk and pulls” with his fishing pole. The man stopped the pulling action when he saw the Officer and began to normally reel in the line. A huge treble hook was on the end of the line when reeled in, and he was cited for snagging fish.

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