Advertising Policies

Standard outdoor news Policies

Applies to all digital, print, & broadcast advertising 

Indemnification: The advertiser agrees to defend and indemnify the publisher against any and all liability, loss or expense incurred from claims of trademarks, trade names, patents, violation of rights of privacy and infringements of copyrights and proprietary rights resulting from the publication of the advertiser’s advertisements.
Copy Regulations: All ads are required to be separated from editorial copy by means of a border or similar graphic element. The publisher reserves the right to insert the word “paid advertisement” above and below any copy.
Terms and Conditions: The publisher is not bound by any terms or conditions, printed or otherwise, appearing on purchase orders, advertisers’ forms or copy instructions when in conflict with terms and conditions on publisher’s rate card or policies.
Property Rights: Unless otherwise agreed to between the advertiser and the publisher in advance of placing an ad, all artwork, type and other items of an ad that are produced by Outdoor News, Inc. become the property of Outdoor News, Inc. Artwork, type, negatives, positives and all other items created by the publisher are understood to be the publisher’s property. The publisher reserves the right to copyright any advertising produced in-house.
Errors or Omissions: The publisher’s responsibility in the event of an error or omission is limited to the cost of the ad. The publisher will not be liable for slight changes or typographical errors which do not lessen the value of an advertisement. In the event of an error for which the publisher is responsible, its liability shall be limited to republishing the advertisement or a suitable adjustment of the billing, not to exceed the cost of the incorrect portion of the ad.
The publisher shall not be held liable for errors in advertisement when said advertisement is received after the stated deadline; or when an error appears in advertising copy submitted by the advertiser. Notice of an error in advertising must be given to the publisher after the first insertion of said advertisement. Failure to do so will result in no claim being allowed.
Credit and Billing: The first ad must be paid for in advance, after which, upon credit approval, an advertiser may be able to charge future ads. All accounts are due and payable immediately upon receipt of invoice.
Production Charges: Production, artwork and photographs used in ads are usually covered in cost of ad. Special artwork or photowork is subject to additional charges. Customers will be notified when such extra charges are required. Advertisement production charges are $50/hour billed in 15-minute increments.
Cancellation Policy: Ads canceled after deadline will be charged 50 percent of the cost of the space.
Discount Policy: Advertisers who have contracted for multiple insertions at discounted rates and who fail to fulfill the terms of their commitment shall be liable for the entire amount discounted and any reasonable collection costs. Any contract that is unfulfilled reverts to the one-time rate for each ad that appeared in the paper. Upon failure to complete the contract, the advertiser will be billed for the difference.
Political Advertising: All political ads must be paid in advance.
Lottery/Raffle advertising: Contact your sales representative for current U.S. Postal requirements
Paid Editorial: Paid editorial content is accepted, but is subject to the editor’s, managing editor’s, and publisher’s final approval. Outdoor News may reject any ad if it deviates from our company mission, or change the ad if it could prove to be libelous. No Outdoor News editorial elements can be included in any paid editorial. All paid editorial ads must include the words Paid Advertising in a minimum of 12 point, bold font. All paid editorial will be placed in the back half of the requested publication. All editorial ads must be supplied to Outdoor News by the deadline found in the editorial calendar for each title. The publisher reserves the right to cancel or reject any advertisement at any time.

Ad Requirements

Line Screen: 100 lpi

Composition:  Halftones: 100 line screen preferred. 60% shadow;
40% midtone; 5% highlight dot.

Submitted Ads:  A press-quality PDF with all fonts and art embedded is preferred. TIFF, JPG, EPS and PSD files are also acceptable.
Resolution must be at least 220 (greyscale) or 300 (four-color)
on all art, photos, logos, etc.

If an ad is running in more than one state, only one ad file needs to be sent – due on the deadline date of first run.

All ad sizes are live area, there is no bleed.

Please e-mail ads directly to Files up to 8 MB can be accepted. Contact your sales rep for transfer of larger files.

Discount Conditions: Insertion quantities cannot be added between states to obtain higher frequency discount.

Pre-Printed Inserts: Sample copy required for pricing pre-quote as periodicals are subject to Postmaster approval. Folded size of insert cannot exceed the inside dimension of the folded newspaper (8   10  “). Upon postal approval, all inserts must be delivered to our designated printer 15 days prior to publication print date.  Shipping cartons to printer must be labeled with the publication name and date of the issue it will be inserted in. Contact your sales representative for full criteria.

Notice to Agencies: Print rates listed are net.
See page 12 for standard advertising policies.

Digital Specs

– Click through URL must be supplied

– No transparent backgrounds

– Tappable area (call to action button) min. 46px spread

– Resolution Settings: 72dpi     Max file size: 40k    JPG or GIF format

– Video: FLV, MP4 or MOV Format. (*No video in replica editions. Animated GIF only)

– Rich Media: 100KB max/ 15second loops 3x

– Materials due one week prior to start date

– SOV campaigns deliver at 20% and offer no guarantee of minimum impressions or CTR.

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