Furloughs coming for Remington Arms’ New York workers

Remington Arms will furlough employees at its Ilion, N.Y., plant, according to numerous reports out of Ilion.

The furloughs – time off without pay – are expected to come sometime yet this year, span three weeks, and impact most of the 900 or so employees remaining at the Ilion factory, according to the reports. A similar furlough last occurred in 2003, reports say.

“I had a conversation with the plant manager yesterday, and he explained it as being due to a weak market and large inventories,” Ilion Mayor Terry Leonard told the Times Telegram of Herkimer, N.Y. “It’s my understanding that they will take some days out of production but it is not a layoff or reduction of workforce.”

Remington, which celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2016, laid off 55 workers from the Ilion plant in September and 122 in March. Market trends were cited as the reason for both, reports say. The company also laid off 231 Ilion workers in August and November of 2014, some due to the consolidation of plants at a new facility in Huntsville, Ala., according to reports.

Remington Arms, headquartered in North Carolina, also has production facilities in Kentucky and Arkansas, in addition to Huntsville as well as Ilion, where the company reportedly produces 700 series rifles and 870 and 1100 shotguns.

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