Illinois deer hunters can’t use centerfire rifles, but I bought one just in case

As a resident of Illinois, I have always been limited on what I can and cannot use for deer hunting. Illinois does not allow the use of centerfire rifles; however, I have always had a fascination with these firearms and broke down and purchased one.

There may come a day in my future that an out-of-state whitetail hunt may come my way. In order to be ready for this, I wanted to finally break down and make the investment in a centerfire rifle that is capable of handling most animals I could chase.

The world of centerfire rifles is very intimidating. For years I have been shooting “old school” and shooting front-stuffer blackpowder rifles. These offer only a few calibers and I get to develop my own ballistics with the amount of powder and weights of the projectiles.

When it came to buying a centerfire rifle, the caliber choices were very intimidating. They can almost make your head spin if you think too much about them. There are arguments all over the Internet about what you should use and what you shouldn’t. It seems like everyone has their own opinion, and thus, I had to develop my own.

Read more about my rifle purchase in the Oct. 20 issue of Illinois Outdoor News.

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