Custom Jigs & Spins introduces tungsten glow bug jig with UV (video)

Custom Jigs & Spins of Coralville, Iowa, has introduced its new JaJe fly, which the company calls a tungsten fly with attitude.

According to the company, the hackle is resilient and tied in to stay secure, even after dozens of catches. And its compact yet heavy, brightly-colored tungsten head keeps the super-sharp Japanese hook riding at a 30-degree angle for instant hook sets on big panfish.

It’s available in three sizes (14, 12, 10) and four fish-catching glow patterns with UV finish: chartreuse/glow, orange/glow, pink/glow, and purple/glow. Even better, at $2.95 each, you can build an impressive arsenal without breaking the bank, the company said.

For bait longevity, Custom Jigs & Spins recommends using a Cold Snap tungsten toothpick (available at for easy hook removal from monster panfish maws. Using the tool also minimizes fish harm, especially for releasing those big bull ‘gills so critical to keeping large bluegill fisheries healthy and sustainable, the company said.

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