Sunday, January 29th, 2023
Sunday, January 29th, 2023

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Lure colors to match your needs

We all have our favorite colors when it comes to choosing baits. Many are chosen to match the forage, or some are to create a reaction bite.

And then there’s the relationship between the color of a bait and the actual bait itself.

Not every lure manufacturer makes the same colors as another. This is where having skills with an airbrush, or knowing someone who does, can play a huge part in the fishing game. There are lures that have the perfect wobble or profile, but don’t produce that bait in a color that you would prefer for the given conditions.

Companies like Fishbones Custom Tackle out of Michigan have allowed me to up my game on the water. Matt and Kevin have been able to take my go-to lures and paint them in colors that the manufacture does not offer and that no other angler may have. This can make or break a day on the water or in a tournament.

I have a particular crankbait that has the right wobble and diving curve that smallmouth cannot resist. However, the stocked colors just don’t seem to work on certain waterways. In this case, I have multiple baits custom-painted to match the forage of these particular bodies of water so that I can be more productive on my outings.

Custom lure colors don’t necessarily need to be done by a professional or skilled artist.  Sometimes you can make these adjustments yourself with some good paint and a simple brush. I have also been known to sit down with a package of Sharpie markers and start coloring away at a lure to change the color pattern.

Custom-colored lures are not for every angler, but if you really want to improve your catch ratio on the water, it is something you might want to consider. Learn to use an airbrush or just pick up a simple model paint set and let your imagination run wild.

Either way, I am of the opinion that color matters. The action of the lure is a major part of it, but if you don’t have a combination of that and the right colors, you are going to be left disappointed – the guy who isn’t catching fish that could put you on the leaderboard.

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