Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs and Collars – Sept. 8, 2017

Region I – Capt. Laura Petreikis

CPO Jones cited a Clinton, Iowa man for falsification of record and unlawful take of whitetail deer. The Clinton man was issued warnings for two other falsification charges.

While on patrol in Mississippi Palisades State Park, CPOs Teas and Beltran observed three subjects standing at one of the scenic overlooks in the park. As the CPOs pulled in, one of the subjects threw a bright blue backpack over the rail. Upon contact with the subjects, it was determined they were smoking cannabis and threw the backpack to get rid of the remainder of their cannabis. The pack was located a short distance away and a civil citation was issued

CPOs Alt and Fraser responded to a complaint of lost or mislaid property. A lost backpack was recovered by a Rock Cut State Park Patron along a roadway just outside the Park. The mother of the 21-year-old owner of the backpack met CPOs at the Park main office to recover the pack. The mother immediately confirmed the backpack belonged to her son upon seeing it in CPO Alt’s hands. A requested inventory of the contents was requested by CPO Alt to confirm nothing was stolen/missing. The inventory by the mother revealed finding over 425 grams of cannabis and cannabis brownies along with drug paraphernalia in the backpack, along with personal articles identified as belonging to her son. Felony drug possession charges are pending States’ Attorney review and authorization.

CPO Elliott conducted Recreational Boat Enforcement on the Illinois River during the Peoria White Trash Bash Weekend. Enforcement efforts resulted in one citation for insufficient number of PFDs and one written warning for no wake.

CPO Elliott investigated a Hazmat Manure Spill south east of Wataga. The material was released into a stream connecting to North Creek. CPO Elliott, along with Fisheries Biologist Rob Hillsabeck and Nerissa McClelland, assessed fish kills along approximately a one-mile stretch of the stream. Numerous fish were found dead. The farmer was very helpful in attempts to pump the stream and remove the materials as best he could under direction of IEPA officials from Peoria. The investigation is pending.

Region II – Capt. Brett Scroggins

CPO Knop and Sgt. Schreiber were conducting Recreational Boat Patrol on the Chain O’Lakes when they observed a boat go on plane through a “No Wake Zone.” Both CPOs noticed as they pulled up to the boat the operator appeared to be attempting to hide something. The operator had been attempting to hide cannabis in a hat. The CPO conducted field sobriety testing on the operator. The operator was issued a citation and released on scene after determining the operator was not operating under the influence.

CPO Davis assisted with the release of a rehabilitated hen turkey that he had helped get into the care of Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation. The turkey was released in the vicinity it was initially found after a three-month rehabilitation from a believed coyote or dog attack.

Sgt. Schreiber and CPO Vaughan conducted a follow up investigation on a battery that occurred at the Chain O’Lakes State Park Campground. The subject was arrested by Lake County Sheriff’s police and charged with two counts of aggravated battery, criminal trespass to land, and two counts of disorderly conduct. Several citations were issued for unlawful possession of alcohol in a restricted area.

CPO Farber was on patrol within Kankakee River State Park (KRSP). While on the trails near the Rock Creek he received a complaint from a concerned citizen about three drunk women laying in the creek. Rock Creek was extremely high from heavy rains. CPO Farber observed two of the women consuming alcohol within the KRSP. KRSP has an alcohol ban throughout the park. Two of the women were rolling around in the creek hugging each other. One of the women was swept downstream towards the Kankakee River and was eventually able to gain her footing. Both women were very loud and using extremely vulgar language. Several children and families were trying to enjoy the day near the drunk pair. CPO Farber made contact with the women, and enforcement action was taken.

CPO Farber received a call from a farmer in Chebanse regarding an injured Great Horned Owl. The owl was stuck in an electric fence on his farm. CPO Farber met with the farmer and took possession of the owl. The owl was taken to Morris Veterinary Hospital. Dr. David Bainbridge, a licensed rehabilitator, took possession of the owl. Dr. Bainbridge treated the owl and will attempt to release it back into the wild.

Region III – Capt. Jim Mayes

CPO Cottrell and Sgt. Williamson were on boat patrol on Clinton Lake when they observed a boat traveling about 30 yards from shore towing a wakeboarder who was wakeboarding about 10 yards from shore. After the wakeboarder fell off, the boat came along side to pick up him up. After stopping, the boat the operator went to the bow of the boat stood on the gunnel and lowered his swim trucks to urinate. There were numerous other boats in the area. CPO Cottrell and Sgt. Williamson approached the boat and observed that the operator and male passenger had been drinking. Both of individuals were 19 years old. After field sobriety tests, the operator was found to be OUI and registered a .13 percent BAC.

CPOs Wright and Viverito arrested a Moline man in Decatur for possession of a controlled substance (15 pills of Vicodin) after they discovered the pills during a traffic stop. The person had no prescription, and the pills were found inside a cigarette pack. The man stated he has had a serious problem with pills in the past.

CPO Wright was running plates in a parking lot when a plate registered to a man from Griggsville came back with a warrant hit. CPO Wright waited for the man to return to his vehicle and then proceeded with a traffic stop. The man was placed in handcuffs for the warrant. While searching his person, two bags of cocaine were found in his wallet. He was booked on the warrant, along with possession of a controlled substance.

Region IV – Capt. Jamie Maul

CPO Blakeley cited a Missouri man in for hunting turkeys with the aid of bait and for illegally feeding deer. This was a follow-up to a case where the subject’s brother was arrested for same offenses. The brother said he did not put the turkey bait out, but his brother did. CPO Blakeley located the brother and arrested him for the placement of the bait.

During a Pike County case disposition, a February case was heard involving an incident when CPO Blakeley received a complaint off illegal road hunting of snow geese in the river bottoms near Hull. CPOs Blakeley and Blazinic responded to the area and located the suspect vehicle containing two snow goose road hunters. One hunter was cited for hunting without permission, unlawful transportation of uncased/loaded gun (accessory) in a vehicle, and unlawful shooting from the roadway (accessory). The other subject was cited for unlawfully hunting snow geese by use/aid of a motor vehicle, hunting without permission, unlawfully shooting/harvesting snow geese from upon the roadway, and unlawful transportation of uncased/loaded gun. The subjects were also issued 2 written warnings each for other related hunting violation. Both subjects plead guilty to hunting snow geese from a roadway and were fined a total of $887.

During a Pike County case disposition, a December case was heard involving an incident when CPO Blazinic checked a non-resident firearm deer hunter who was not wearing a blaze orange vest, did not possess a non-resident hunting license or habitat stamp, had an unsigned permit, and was hunting 52 minutes past legal shooting hours. Subject plead guilty to hunting without a non-resident hunting license and was fined a total of $742.

CPO Macias was checking people fishing and came across a male who said he had purchased his fishing license “some time ago.” He was showing the CPO several fish he had caught over the years. Upon doing a check on the internal sales system, it was determined he had been revoked since 2008 due to child support. All photos were voluntarily shown to the CPO. A citation was issued. A follow up meeting has been scheduled with the individual.

CPO Rolfingsmeier worked a hunting accident near Sparta the first day of squirrel season. A hunter was trying to shoot at a squirrel that was up a tree. While he was walking around the tree, he tripped and fell onto the shotgun. The shotgun went off striking the hunter on the left side of his abdomen. The hunter was rushed to the hospital and later released. The hunter suffered a major flesh wound but no internal damage. The hunter also did not have a valid hunting license. Appropriate enforcement was taken.

CPO Macias was issuing a written warning to a boater when a vehicle towing a boat went the wrong one on a one-way road in front of the CPO. CPO Macias quickly followed the vehicle, activated the emergency lights, and stopped him. Upon contact, it was determined the driver did not have his valid license in his possession, had no seatbelt, and had an open container of beer inside his cabin. He had planned on a day of fishing. He had no fishing license, and his boat registration was 6 years expired. The CPO spoke with the individual about several vehicle code violations and possible conservation violations if he were to go fishing. In the end, the driver left with a citation and a written warning.

Region V – Capt. Tim Daiber

While patrolling boat ramps on DNR lands, CPO Folden located a vehicle parked at the Sahara Lake boat ramp within Sahara Woods State Fish and Wildlife Area. The vehicle remained in the area past the posted closing time, and CPO Folden could not locate the owner. Approximately 40 minutes after the 10 p.m. closing, CPO Folden observed a light near the boat ramp. CPO Folden then educated a fisherman who had multiple violations. The fisherman was in possession of an over-limit of channel catfish (possessed nine, limit six). The fisherman was in a boat without any wearable life jackets. There were no lights on the boat, the battery terminals were exposed, and the watercraft was unlawfully using a water usage stamp (trolling motor powered boat with only a water usage stamp). The fisherman was also in the area after 10 p.m.. One fish citation, one boat citation, three boat written warnings, and one park written warning were issued.

CPO Mohrman cited a Wisconsin subject for taking a deer without a valid deer permit and hunting without a habitat stamp. The charges stemmed from an open source investigation referred to CPO Mohrman by the open source task force.

CPO Mohrman and CPO Lewis seized a juvenile red-shouldered hawk from a Makanda subject. The subject located the baby hawk after a recent thunderstorm and was feeding it hot dogs. The subject was cited for retaining wildlife alive, and the baby is now being cared for at a licensed rehabilitator.

CPO Lewis investigated a boat accident on Devil’s Kitchen Lake. The accident occurred when the operator hit a submerged stump with his motorized canoe. The collision caused the canoe to capsize, and both occupants of the canoe were ejected into the water. Both the operator and passenger were able to get out of the water without injury, however, the canoe sank to the bottom (in 70 foot of water). Efforts are being made to recover the canoe.

CPO Vasicek arrested an impaired boat operator who was pulling multiple children on a tube on Lake of Egypt. The boat was overloaded by four passengers. The operator registered a BAC of .113 percent

CPO Vasicek cited a subject on Kinkaid Lake for unlawful possession of several undersized crappie. Kinkaid Lake has a 9-inch minimum length limit on crappie.

CPOs Schoenhoff, Folden, and Vasicek assisted with the investigation/recovery of a male subject that drowned at Bell Smith Springs within the Shawnee National Forest in a very remote part of Pope County.

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