Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs and Collars – Aug. 11, 2017

Region I – Capt. Laura Petreikis

CPO Posateri relayed an injured fawn to a wildlife rehabilitator. The 4-week-old deer had been caught in a fence prior to a witness setting it free. However, there was an injury to the leg of the fawn, and he was unable to walk. This was the fourth fawn the rehabilitator had this year. Two of the four were returned to the field where they were found because they were uninjured.

CPO Jones was on stationary patrol behind a road closed sign going into Miller’s Landing. The road was closed due to flood conditions which did not allow a place for people to turn around. A Savanna man drove around the barricade, and CPO Jones did a head-on traffic stop. The subject was cited for no valid driver’s license and no insurance. He was issued a written warning for entering a restricted area.

CPO Jones was conducting boat safety compliance checks at Depot Park in Galena. CPO Jones checked several kayaks. Most of the kayaks were non-residents from Dubuque, Iowa.  CPO Jones explained the law about water usage stamps and explained where they could buy one. Four written warnings were issued. CPO Jones checked a Galena man with a boat and observed the boat’s registration was expired. The subject had not registered the boat. He claimed he had just bought it five days prior. CPO Jones explained his violations and recommended he move his registration numbers up a little bit to make it easier to see on the water. The subject was issued written warnings for unnumbered watercraft, failure to wear lanyard when required, and failure to have his battery strapped down. CPO Jones gave the subject her business card and later helped the subject and his significant other fill out the application over the phone.

While checking three fishermen at Covel Creek, CPO Murry observed drug paraphernalia in one of the subject’s tackle boxes. After getting consent to search the other two fishermen’s possessions, a gun was located in another tackle box. After running the serial number on the gun, it was discovered it was stolen in 2000 in a home burglary. The investigation in the stolen gun continues with assistance from LaSalle County.

CPO Alt observed an individual unlawfully riding a go-cart on Beltline Road in Rockford while he was checking a shore fisherman along the Kishwaukee River. Upon seeing CPO Alt, the subject completed a U- Turn and drove back onto his adjacent private property. Once stopped, the subject indicated he was “testing the motor” of the go-cart and thought it was lawful to ride on the roadway and nearby Rockford Airport property because he has observed others from the nearby town of New Milford riding those areas. An unlawful operation of ATV on highway right-of-way violation was addressed.

Region II – Capt. Brett Scroggins

CPO Winters and Kelley were conducting a boat patrol on the Chain O Lakes where a child without a PFD was observed. A citation and warnings were issued.

CPO Semenik and Sgt. Schreiber arrested a subject on Nippersink Lake for operating a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol. The subject had a BAC of 0.105.

CPO Knop and Sgt. Schreiber cited several watercraft operators for boating violations, including child under the age of 13 not wearing a PFD and overloading.

CPO Knop handled multiple complaints of people keeping baby raccoons as pets.

CPO Vaughan handled a theft report at Illinois Beach State Park. The victim had approximately $70 to $80 stolen from the pocket of his shorts as he was showering in the south bath house of the IBSP campgrounds.

While working at the Chain O’ Lakes State Park, CPO Knop responded to a mentally disturbed subject, domestic, possession of alcohol in park.

CPO Anderson and Mazonia Site Technician Ferguson responded to a stranded boater on Braidwood Lake. The fishermen had used up their battery with their trolling motor all day and were unable to start their motor. They then became stranded in the wind and were unable to return to the launch. CPO Anderson and the site tech were able to recover the fishermen and their boat without incident.

CPO Mooi and CPO Thornley were patrolling the Chicago River when they came across a large cabin cruiser with no registration. The vessel had an expired Chicago Harbor sticker from 2009. The last registered owner of the boat, according to the operator, was “three owners ago.” The operator was issued a citation for operation of an untitled/unnumbered watercraft.

CPO Mooi assisted the Cook County Forest Preserve Police in locating two fishermen inside a forest preserve. The fishermen were fishing from “Belly Boats” inside an area closed to all watercraft. The men were issued citations and written warnings for multiple violations.

CPO Mooi was patrolling the Playpen on Lake Michigan and observed a wave runner pulling a tube through a restricted boating area. CPO Mooi contacted the operator of the waverunner and found him to be a 15-year-old not in possession of a boater’s safety card. The operator was taken back to his parent’s boat and the teen’s mother was issued a citation for parental responsibility of youthful operators.

Region III – Capt. Jim Mayes

CPO Wellum picked-up a fawn which had been taken out of the wild in Clark County. CPO Wellum transported the fawn to a rehabilitator in Coles County.

CPO Barnes and CPO Greuel helped a family who got lost while hiking at Walnut Point State Park. The CPOs were able to safely return the family to their vehicle.

CPO Greuel and Sgt McReynolds cited a Mowequa man for operation of a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol on Lake Shelbyville with a .212 BAC.

CPO Viverito focused on a child life vest detail at Clinton lake. The detail took place at the Clinton Recreational Area main boat ramp. Three boat operators were cited for a child not in a life vest, and another was issued a written warning.

CPO Mieure responded to a Coles County dispatch of a traffic accident with injuries along C.R. 1000 N. The accident involved a van traveling westbound on 1000 N. attempting to pass a semi and struck a motorcycle head on. The driver of the motorcycle was deceased. CPO Mieure coordinated with ISP District 10 for crash reconstruction and coroner notification. The driver of the van was experiencing signs of shock. CPO

Mieure had her sit down along the side of the roadway and talk with him until EMS arrived on scene for further evaluation. The incident was turned over to the Coles County Sheriff’s Department and Illinois State Police for investigation and accident reconstruction.

CPO Barnes cited a Mattoon subject for dumping garbage in Coles County.

CPO Barnes cited an Arcola subject for fishing without a license on the Embarras River in Coles County.

Region IV – Capt. Jamie Maul

CPOs Weishaupt and Gushleff assisted the Calhoun County Sheriff’s office with search and recovery operations on Pool 25 of the Mississippi River. Three male subjects were swept into the river while wading the Clarksville Dam spillway.  One victim was lost downstream. CPOs Weishaupt and Gushleff performed sonar searches of the area. The victim was later found downriver.

CPO Weishaupt was passed in a no passing zone by a speeding semi-truck and trailer. CPO Weishaupt had to brake hard to allow the semi in front of him to avoid an accident. The vehicle was hauling live largemouth bass and dead grass carp from Arkansas. The driver was en-route to pick up Asian carp in Calhoun County and transport them to Ontario, Canada. The driver was cited for passing in a no passing zone. He received written warnings for speed, and a fish truck inspection was conducted.

CPO Tapley received a phone call about subjects on mopeds at the Illini Campgrounds at Eldon Hazlet who were reported to be intoxicated. When Tapley arrived at the campgrounds, he found the subjects, and found two of the six drivers with open alcohol. The two subjects were issued citations for illegal transportation of alcohol by a driver. While CPO Tapley was issuing the citations to the drivers, a female subject stopped her car next to Tapley’s squad and asked the guys on the mopeds if they could help her find her campsite. Tapley could hear her talking, and she had slurred speech. One of the moped drivers told Tapley the driver was “hammered.” The female subject drove off, but failed to signal when she made a turn. CPO Tapley stopped her for failure to signal.  The female subject was found to be intoxicated and was arrested for DUI.  She later gave a breath sample that registered .080. She was charged with failure to signal when required, DUI, DUI over .08, and illegal transportation of alcohol by a driver.

CPO Ralph Sievers was patrolling Randolph County Recreational Area’s lake by kayak. CPO Sievers checked three boats with no violations and two paddle boards without water usage stickers. The paddle boarders were given verbal warnings. CPO Sievers then told a group of youth to return to their families because they were swimming around a dock. CPO Sievers then located two Hispanic males fishing from the bank in a remote location.  One male provided an expired fishing license that belonged to another person and the second male provided a fake immigration card. CPO Sievers walked the two subjects to a distant pavilion and requested the assistance from the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department. The subject with the fake immigration card had a warrant issued by immigration. The subjects were transported to the Randolph County jail to verify their identities. A U.S. Immigration agent spoke with both subjects by phone. One subject had been deported seven times, and the wanted subject had been deported once.  The immigration agent filed detainers on both subjects. CPO Sievers issued both subjects citations for no valid fishing license and for obstruction by providing false identification.

CPO Michael Goetten observed a suspicious vehicle near the river. Closer observation revealed a male subject asleep and slumped over the center console. A used hypodermic needle was discovered at his feet. A search of the vehicle revealed several capsules of heroin. He was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and possession of hypodermic needles. He was transported to the Jersey County jail.

CPO Lentz and French were out checking fishermen near the Melvin Price Lock and Dam in Alton. They spotted a vehicle parked in a parking lot that was partially submerged from the flooding of the Mississippi River. Noticing the vehicle was parked in a strange area, they began walking towards the vehicle and spotted a female sitting on a curb. Upon noticing the officers, she immediately started screaming to a male who was in the driver’s seat. The male started moving around furiously in the vehicle. The officers shouted to the male to raise his hands. CPO Lentz walked up to the vehicle as CPO French had the occupant of the vehicle exit. CPO Lentz observed a glass pipe used for smoking methamphetamine in plain view in the car. After sorting out why the subject was moving around furiously in the car, the CPOs determined the individual was pleasuring himself while his girlfriend watched. Found on the male subject were marijuana and several small baggies containing trace amounts of crystal meth. A search of the car located 5 small baggies of crystal meth, 2 glass pipes, a sex toy, more Cannabis and two more pipes for smoking Cannabis. The male subject was arrested and transported to Madison County jail and held on felony possession of methamphetamines.

Region V – Capt. Tim Daiber

CPO Buhnerkempe arrested a man for operating a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol on Lake Sara. A breath analysis showed he had a .162 BAC.

CPO Buhnerkempe cited a man on Lake Sara for operating a watercraft without enough wearable PFDs on board.

CPO Buhnerkempe cited a man on Lake Sara for operating a watercraft with no valid registration. His registration had been expired for four years.

CPO Smith and CPO Buhnerkempe were patrolling Lake Sara enforcing the Illinois Boat Registration and Safety Act. CPO Smith issued 1 citation to a boat operator for insufficient number of life jackets and 1 citation to a boat operator for operating her watercraft while under the influence of alcohol. The subject refused to comply with BAC tests as requested by CO Smith. The subject was issued a mandatory court date for the violation.

CPO Taylor and Sgt Hyatt were working the Wabash River when they heard a boat motor being started with the engine out of the water.  They observed a boat, being driven by a male subject, approach a boat dock close to the boat ramp. CPO Taylor walked down to the dock and observed the driver drop a beer can into the river. A boat safety check was completed, and the driver showed signs of impairment. CPO Taylor performed field sobriety tests on the driver. The subject had a BAC of .13. The subject was arrested for OUI and issued citations.

While patrolling around the Kinkaid Lake Fish and Wildlife Area, CPO Mohrman again located a gate broken open leading back to the lake. This area – ”the jumping cliffs” – is popular with the younger crowd and once the gate is open, they drive back to the area unlawfully. This saves the gate crashers from having to hike two miles in and two miles out to the cliffs. Five subjects were cited for operation of a motor vehicle off the roadway. No one had any idea how the gate was opened.

CPO Smith was travelling south on I-57 and observed a maroon colored mini- van swerve over the center line and almost hit his vehicle. CPO Smith passed the vehicle and observed the female driver talking on her cell phone. CPO Smith stopped the vehicle and addressed the issue with the driver. CPO Smith checked the driver’s license status and found it to be suspended; along with expired registration. CPO Smith allowed the driver to contact someone to retrieve her and the vehicle instead of towing it. CPO Smith issued one citation for driving with a suspended driver’s license, 1 written warning for use of cell phone while driving, and one written warning for expired registration.

CPO Vasicek arrested a subject at Kinkaid Lake for OUI. The subject was observed having difficulty loading his boat on the trailer. Upon being asked, the subject completed but failed field sobriety tests. Once chemical testing could be done, the subject registered a .07 BAC and was cited for unlawful operation under the influence.

CPO Somers conducted a boat stop at Pyramid Acres located on Lake of Egypt. The boat was observed violating the no wake zone, and the operator was found to be under the influence of alcohol.

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