Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs and Collars – July 14, 2017

Region I – Capt. Laura Petreikis

CPO Francisko checked several boaters and fishermen in various areas of Rock Island County. This resulted in 19 written warnings and 1 citation being issued. The subject who received the citation had not purchased a fishing license in more than five years.

CPO Alt responded to a call of an injured bald eagle in Belvidere. Upon his arrival, he was surprised to find the “injured bald eagle” was, in fact, two baby peregrine falcons; one deceased and one uninjured that had fallen from the roost during a previous day’s severe thunderstorm. CPO Alt took possession of the threatened species and immediately relayed the falcon to a local federally licensed rehabilitator.

CPO Finn and CPO Filipiak received a complaint of two men shooting a duck from their truck at Lake Mendota. After further investigation, they learned that two men from Mendota had shot at several rabbits and a duck. The duck, which had baby ducklings with her, was killed and left in the water. The two men were charged with hunting by use or aid of a vehicle, hunting from a roadway, and hunting waterfowl outside of season. They also received several written warnings.

CPOs Kaufman and Murry responded to a boat in distress on the Illinois River, that had lost engine power. When they located the boat along the shore line, they found 17 individuals on board, including several children. The boat had a rated capacity of eight people, none of the children under 13 years old were wearing PFDs (life jackets), and there were only four PFDs on board for the 17 individuals. The Utica Fire Department transported the majority of the individuals to the boat ramp. The boat was towed back to the Starved Rock boat ramp where the operator of the boat received several citations and a mandatory court appearance.

CPO Reid responded to a call for assistance from the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office about a subject armed with a knife committing a residential burglary in Biggsville. CPO Reid arrived on scene at the same time as a Henderson County deputy. Individuals on scene advised the subject was armed with a knife. They further advised the subject was still in the residence. The officers made entry into the residence and apprehended the subject. He was charged with residential burglary and unlawful use of weapons.

CPO Elliott, CPO Thompson, and CPO Wheatley responded to a fatal boat accident at the Illinois River near Havana. Two fishermen found one subject floating near the mouth of the Spoon River. The responding CPOs secured the victim’s boat and conducted a complete boat accident investigation. Responding agencies included: Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, Mason and Fulton County Dive/Search and Rescue personnel, Mason County Sheriff’s Office, and Havana Police Department.

Region II – Capt. Brett Scroggins

CPOs Kelley and VanWiltenburg helped a suicidal subject acquire medical assistance at the North Aurora dam. The man, a Chicago resident, described suicidal and homicidal thoughts to the officers as they escorted him to a nearby fire station for transport to a psychiatric ward.

CPO Kelley dealt with a nuisance trapping issue in Gurnee. A resident, while removing a groundhog, found that four young groundhogs were still present after the mother was relocated. With the help of the homeowner, CPO Kelley was able to capture the groundhogs and take them to a local rehabber.

While checking fishermen on the Chain of Lakes, CPO Knop encountered two fishermen with five largemouth bass, four of which were undersized. The two fishermen each received a citation. The next week CPO Knop encountered the same fishermen who were in possession of one bass. CPO Knop asked if they had purchased a fish ruler. The fishermen stated no, but they knew it was good because it appeared to be the same size as the legal fish last week. CPO Knop measured the bass and it just met the minimum legal limit. Once the check was completed, the fishermen walked across the street and purchased a ruler from the local bait shop.

While traveling to the south end of William Powers, CPO Stanbary spotted several Canada geese that had been hit by a vehicle. CPO Thornley spotted an inner fender within the vicinity of the geese. CPO Thornley and CPO Snodgrass checked the vehicles that were leaving the area. All vehicles checked possessed inner fenders. CPO Thornley traveled to a south side of Chicago neighborhood to search for the individual who struck and killed 18 Canada geese. CPO Thornley, with the assistance of CPO Snodgrass, traveled to a residence where the suspect vehicle was located. CPO Thornley spoke with individuals at the house. After interviewing two people, CPO Thornley got a confession and written statement from the individual who struck and killed the geese. Photographs of the vehicle were taken. Charges are pending.

CPO Klemme and CPO Ausmus stopped a rental boat on the Chicago River and documented three equipment violations, one of which was that the cut-off lanyard was taped down. The manager on duty at the rental boat operation was issued three Class B misdemeanor tickets and is required to appear in court.

CPO Mooi and CPO Klemme were patrolling Lake Michigan by boat when they observed a sailboat without any visual identifying markings. CPO Mooi conducted a stop and spoke with the owner/operator. The owner was able to provide only a Coast Guard documentation that expired in 2006 and a bill of sale from 2005.

Region III – Capt. Jim Mayes

While patrolling Lake Shelbyville, CPOs Mieure and Greuel observed three swimmers attempting to reach a pontoon boat that was drifting/blowing away faster than they could swim. One swimmer, a minor, started shouting for help as he went underwater twice, pulling his buddy down with him. The stronger swimmer broke away. CPOs Mieure and Greuel approached the subjects, and CPO Mieure threw the exhausted minor a Type IV. After getting him onto the patrol boat and checking his well-being, he was found to smell of alcohol. The subject was also later found to be wanted on a warrant. Additionally, five minor passengers on the pontoon boat were cited for unlawful consumption of alcohol by a minor.

CPO Moody cited two Blue Mound men at the Wolf Creek beach for possession of alcohol after CPO Moody was called there for a fist fight. Neither men wanted to press charges for the fight as they were related.

CPO Mieure and CPO Moody responded to the Kaskaskia River for a call to assist a stranded tuber. While on the river, both CPOs assisted two other vessels experiencing motor problems. While returning to the boat launch, CPOs Mieure and Moody conducted a boat stop and found the operator (a Shelbyville man) to be under the influence of alcohol. The subject was arrested and transported to Shelby County jail with a .347 BAC.

While patrolling the Kaskaskia River, CPOs Mieure and Moody cited two subjects for possession of drug paraphernalia and marijuana.

Sgt. McReynolds and CPO Moody assisted the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office and Windsor Police in the search for a missing Bloomington man whose vehicle was located near Lake Shelbyville. A search of the area was conducted. A Shelby County Deputy located the individual deceased from an apparent self-inflicted gun shot wound

Region IV – Capt. Jamie Maul

CPO Goetten observed a watercraft nearly hit the Grafton Ferry. He contacted the Missouri State Police Water Patrol for assistance. An officer on a boat patrol responded, and CPO Goetten accompanied him on a boat patrol. The boat was located and stopped. The operators had switched places since the near collision. Both subjects were under the influence of alcohol. The current operator was arrested for OUI. He refused chemical tests. The original operator, the boat owner, was charged with careless operation of a watercraft. Based on his high level of intoxication, additional charges are pending for permitting a person to operate a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol.

CPO Gushleff closed a case in which three subjects pleaded guilty to numerous wildlife charges. They were ordered to pay fines and fees totaling $2,027. A total of five sets of deer antlers were surrendered to DNR.

CPOs Macias and Gilmer were on a boat patrol in Lake Springfield when several people waived their boat down and told them about a runaway boat. A subject self-launching his boat forgot to tie it down as he sped away to park his trailer. The boat drifted into the water away from the ramp, and he could not recover it. The CPOs quickly grabbed the boat, secured it to their patrol boat, and safely maneuvered it back to the ramp to the stranded boater.

CPOs Macias and Gilmer noticed a boat in distress in the Illinois River with two people on board. They were on the edge of a good flowing river. The CPOs tied up to their boat and side towed them back to the ramp they launched from. Both subjects were very happy for the assist.

CPO Macias spoke with two different hunters concerning their respective fall 2016 harvests. After personal interviews, several discrepancies were found. A warning and a citation were issued.

CPO Schachner and CPO Sievers were patrolling the Kaskaskia River when they received a call for assistance. A recreational boat had “spun” a prop, which prevented the boat from operating forward or backward. The officers towed the boat and two occupants upstream to the nearest boat ramp and then transported the occupants back to their vehicle, which was at a different ramp. One subject recognized CPO Sievers and recalled that she was a passenger on a different boat several years prior when CPO Sievers also assisted them with towing/transporting that disabled boat.

CPO Liebl was asked to join Team Watters Sonar Search and Recovery in searching for a missing woman and her vehicle. The woman had been missing since late April. While using sonar to search the lakes at Frank Holten State Park, an object was discovered that appeared to be a vehicle. With the help of the Hillsboro Fire Department dive team, the vehicle was determined to be that of the missing woman. The dive team helped hook up the vehicle so it could be removed from the lake. Once on land, it was discovered that the missing woman was inside the vehicle. Illinois State Police and East St. Louis Police are handling the investigation. Without the use of sonar and the assistance of Team Watters Sonar Search and Recovery, it is unknown how long the woman and her vehicle would have remained missing.

Region V – Capt. Jim Mayes

CPOs Williams and Jourdan responded to a report of a capsized vessel near the Rend Lake spillway. Four occupants of the vessel abandoned ship when the boat swamped from waves and passing vessel wake. All occupants were retrieved unharmed from the water by good Samaritans. The vessel was recovered by the Army Corps of Engineers and Franklin County dive team.

During a fishing compliance check at the West Frankfort Old City Lake, CPO Williams discovered an unlicensed fisherman was wanted on a failure to appear warrant from Jackson County. The subject was arrested and taken to the Franklin County jail. The subject also received a citation for fishing without a license.

CPO Johnson was patrolling Pope County and heard chainsaws coming from the Shawnee Forest. CPO Johnson drove for a couple hours until he pinpointed the location of the saws. He discovered a residence where two loggers were cutting trees. He spoke with the landowner and verified which timber buyer was on the contract. He ran a license query and discovered the timber buyer’s license was suspended. The timber buyer was cited for operating as a timber buyer on a suspended license. CPO Johnson investigated further and uncovered many individuals who have not been paid by the same timber buyer. The CPO is assisting those individuals to get paid the amounts on the contract. Further charges are pending.

CPO Compton investigated a salt water spill in Fayette County by Petco Petroleum. Approximately 200 barrels of salt water were released into a nearby waterway. The spill resulted in over 300 fish of 20 different species being killed. IEPA and the DNR Office of Mines and Minerals are also involved in the investigation.

CPO Compton responded to an oil and salt water spill in Marion County near Patoka, Illinois. This was a blue line spill due to the leaked substances running into a nearby creek. The leak was first noticed by the manager of the property, but he failed to report it. The DNR Office of Mines and Minerals and the EPA are also investigating the case.

CPO Johnson was working Lake Kinkaid when he observed two passengers seated on the stern of the boat. A compliance check was conducted and various safety equipment was found to be defective. The operator also showed impairment and had a BAC of .157. He was arrested for operation of a watercraft under the influence of alcohol.

CPO Smith and CPO Roper worked the Wabash River for OUI enforcement. CPO Smith was in route to his residence and encountered a vehicle driving erratically. The vehicle was driving in the center of the unmarked roadway and failed to use its turn signal. CPO Smith approached the vehicle when the vehicle stopped at a residence. CPO Smith spoke to the driver and immediately suspected the driver to be DUI. CPO Smith asked the driver to hand him the open alcohol (mixed vodka drink), driver’s license, and insurance card. CPO Smith conducted SFSTs, and processed the driver for DUI. The driver consented to BAC, which resulted in .184 percent. CPO Smith transported the subject to the Richland County jail where he was further processed and released on bail. CPO Smith issued one citation for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, one citation for operating a vehicle DUI .08 percent or more, one written warning for improper lane usage, one written warning for open alcohol, and one written warning for failing to use turn signal.

CPO Taylor was notified by a Sumner police officer that a female subject who was wanted on a warrant was camping in Red Hill State Park. CPO Taylor checked the primitive campground area and observed a vehicle registered to the wanted female. CPO Taylor observed a female matching the wanted person’s description standing outside a tent. Contact was made and the female was taken into custody for failure to appear on a battery charge.

CPO Williams passed a vehicle driving toward the Rend Lake FWA North Bonnie access with one occupant. Inquiries into the registered owner indicated a revoked registered owner. Upon retuning to the access area, the vehicle was driving into town. A vehicle stop was conducted at the address on the registration (nearby), and the driver/registered owner admitted to being revoked.

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