Rainy weather translates to continued good trout fishing in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania trout fishing is not like hunting turkeys or deer – the trout season is open all year. You just need to know when to take advantage of the opportunities.

For most trout anglers, the “season” ended a month ago — around mid-May. However, the season is actually open year-round and a wet May, coupled with mid-June rains, have extended the good fishing on many stocked and wild trout streams.

On June 15, I fished a Bedford County stocked trout stream — fishing with my friend Andy from the Hershey area. We did very well.

Andy and I tend to target stocked trout streams that also have a good population of wild trout. Those streams are my favorites, because you never know what you might catch. This Bedford County stream is one of those few Class A Wild Trout Streams that have been continued on the stocking list by vote of the commissioners. This particular stream was last stocked over a month ago, on May 13.

I met Andy streamside at 5:30 a.m. and we were casting spinning lures on the water shortly after 6. The first hour yielded 10 naturally reproduced brown trout and two stocked brook trout for me. Andy caught a good number of wild trout, as well as stocked brooks and rainbows.

My largest trout of the morning was a 15-inch wild brown. Andy took the photo to accompany this blog.

We were releasing our trout, but part of the way into the second hour, we both had tallied our five-trout-limits of stocked fish and many additional wild browns. An hour-and-a-half of fishing and we both had limits of stocked trout. I don’t think that many anglers would complain about that in June, or any month. Yet, most anglers have stopped trout fishing.

We ran into other fishermen, but I ended our brief morning outing with seven stocked trout and Andy had eight. Not bad for mid-June. I had to keep one trout that swallowed the lure.

On Father’s Day, I fished a half-mile section of a Centre County stocked stream that holds a Class B population of wild fish. I caught six stocked trout, and the 13.5- and 14-inch rainbows were my biggest trout of the morning. I also caught wild browns and one native brook trout.

For me, it adds an extra dimension to catch trout of three species in one outing. I did so on both of these days. I missed a golden rainbow on Father’s Day, so almost had four varieties.

I jumped a fawn, watched some birds, enjoyed the morning and caught one really unusual fish — an 8-inch tiger muskie!

If you are looking for a late-June, quality outdoor activity, consider visiting one of your local trout streams. Any stream that was stocked AND has naturally reproduced trout would be your best bet.

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