Winner, winner, but no walleye dinner

The author caught this whopper sheepshead on a recent walleye fishing trip. (Photo courtesy of Tom Pink)

A buddy and I went on an excursion for walleye the other day, and we caught a bunch – eight of them. Unfortunately, none of them could be stretched long enough to be brought home for dinner. Some came close.

The fishing was simple – just jigs and pieces of nightcrawler in shallow water. I’ve written before about that being my favorite way to fish. My buddy caught most of the fish and we had a great time.

On the way home, we talked about the morning. We hadn’t caught any fish for dinner, but we did catch seven species – smallmouth bass, freshwater drum, rock bass, yellow perch, channel catfish, and northern pike, in addition to the walleye.

We didn’t keep anything, though we could have kept the perch, rock bass, sheepshead and catfish. It would have been plenty for dinner.

From the boat ramp, we traveled a mile or so down a river to get into the bay that we fished, and since we were the first ones at the launch, we were treated to a variety of birds along the way, including black terns, great blue herons and wood ducks, the latter of which would probably have been hiding somewhere if another fisherman had beat us to the water. While fishing, we listened to sandhill cranes and Canada geese.

Nope, no winner, winner, walleye dinner, but any morning spent on the water is hard to beat with all of those sights and sounds, plus a few fish tugging on the line.

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