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Wisconsin Outdoor News Cuffs and Collars – June 16, 2017

(Editor’s Note: The following field reports are from April. Reports from May were not available as of press time for this issue.)

District 6 – Eau Claire area

Warden Peter Carlson, of Greenwood, located a fire pit in the Clark County Forest that contained several plastic items and glass among the ashes. An investigation by warden Carlson located the responsible person. Enforcement action was taken.

While checking turkey hunters in April, warden Peter Carlson contacted a group of three individuals who parked along the edge of the road. One individual was found to have a loaded shotgun in the back seat of the truck while the driver was operating the vehicle on a roadway. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Carlson contacted an individual who was turkey hunting within the Clark County Forest, which is located in Zone 4. The individual was found to have a valid tag for Zone 2, so was hunting in the wrong zone. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Carlson contacted several individuals who were operating ATVs in the Clark County Forest where operation is prohibited. It was determined they were looking at a timber sale. Both individuals were found to have passengers under the age of 18 who were riding without helmets. The wardens also found expired ATV registration, and failure to transfer the ownership of either ATV to owner’s name. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden John Schreiber, of Cornell, assisted the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Department after officers responded to a report of an individual who shot a deer from a roadway in April. A suspect was located, was investigated and was found to have shot a deer off the roadway. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Schreiber took a report of multiple juveniles shooting suckers in a body of water that is near a road north of Chippewa Falls. Schreiber made contact with one of the juveniles and worked with the responsible juvenile and parents to coordinate community service and complete garbage cleanups in three popular fishing and recreation locations in the area. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Christorf, of Chippewa Falls, investigated a complaint concerning an individual shining what was believed to be a coyote while possessing a loaded rifle inside a vehicle and after the close of shining hours. Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Christorf and Schreiber saw the driver of a vehicle being driven along Highway 178 hit a mail box with the vehicle. The driver then took off at a high rate of speed. Christorf and Schreiber obtained expanded authority clearance from the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Department to pursue the vehicle. The wardens stopped the vehicle. The operator was arrested by Chippewa County Sheriff’s Department for operating while intoxicated and also for fleeing the scene of an accident.

Wardens Jim Cleven, of Colfax, and Isaac Kruse, of Baldwin, investigated a hotline complaint of a bowhunter shooting two bucks during the 2016 archery season. Their investigation showed that the hunter had shot two bucks and had someone else tag the second buck. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Cleven located two turkey blinds and observed bait on the ground within 20 yards of the ground blinds. One was baited with sunflower seeds and the other with shelled corn. On a later date, Cleven met with the hunter using one of the blinds. The hunter said the bait was being consumed mostly by squirrels and deer. Cleven observed two hen turkeys feeding at the site prior to his arrival. Cleven also talked to a second hunter on the same property in the other blind. This hunter was also hunting over bait. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Sickman, of Hudson, received expanded authority to stop a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed (approximately 100 mph). The driver said the speed was due to being late for a date at a local restaurant. Enforcement action taken by the sheriff’s department.

Warden Isaac Kruse investigated a large garbage dumping violation. The litter, consisting of six large garbage bags, miscellaneous tools, music equipment, and children’s toys, was deposited in a farmer’s field, resulting in the farmer being unable to prepare the field for the upcoming planting season. An investigation located the person responsible for the dumping violation. Enforcement action was taken.

District 17 – Madison area

Warden Boyd Richter, of Janesville, investigated a tire-dumping violation at a public hunting ground parking lot near Milton in April. Richter was able to locate two suspects. The suspects were found to have dumped a pick-up truck load of tires and other litter that the suspects said was being used for target practice. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Jake Donar, of Madison, and DNR investigator Eric Grudzinski assisted Chicago Police Department investigators at a recycling facility in Madison. The wardens assisted with any environmental issues while the officers located and seized more than $100,000 in stolen AT&T batteries.

Warden Pearl Wallace, of Watertown, responded to a complaint about a group of fishermen over-bagging game fish in the city limits. On arrival, the group was seen cleaning carp and discarding unwanted parts in the river. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Wallace received information that an individual was placing bait for turkeys prior to the season opener. A group of individuals was contacted on opening morning of the first period – they were hunting from a blind on the property and overlooking scattered corn. Enforcement action was taken.

District 18 – Poynette area

Warden Keith Meverden, of Beaver Dam, took a report of squirrels that were painted pink in a Beaver Dam city park. Meverden responded to the report and was unable to locate any pink squirrels.

Wardens Paul Nadolski, of Portage, assisted warden Meverden with responding to a fishing harassment report on Fox Lake in Dodge County. A person was reported to have thrown numerous rocks from shore at two individuals fishing from a boat on Fox Lake. The person had been warned before for similar disruptive behavior and enforcement action was taken.

District 19 – Dodgeville area

Warden Ryan Caputo, of Green County, located an angler fishing in a fish refuge for game fish during the closed season. The angler said they were unaware that the area was closed, even though they walked within 3 feet of a sign notifying them that the section of river was a fish refuge. Enforcement action taken.

Warden Mike Nice, of Richland Center, met with multiple groups in April to try and come up with a resolution on how kayaks and personal watercraft can be used on the Pine River at the same time

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