Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs and Collars – June 16, 2017

Region I – Capt. Laura Petreikis

While conducting fishing compliance checks, CPO Jones watched a Chicago woman reel in a channel catfish from the Mississippi River bank. When CPO Jones asked for a fishing license, the woman said she wasn’t fishing. CPO Jones explained she watched her reel in the catfish. The woman was issued a citation for fishing without a license.

CPO Posateri was notified of a subject who killed two turkeys when he only had one permit available. The CPO met with the Coal Valley man, and he was issued a citation for the violation.

While checking fishermen at the Dixon Dam in Lee County, CPO Teas located two subjects fishing without a license. One of the subjects was found to have a warrant out of Texas for possession of meth. The subject was arrested and taken to Lee County jail.

While on patrol in Ogle County, CPO Teas received a call of a deer stuck in an in-ground pool after falling through a hole in the cover. CPO Teas removed the cover near the steps of the pool and the deer was able to climb out overnight.

CPO Francisko arrested a man for offering for sale “Fresh Snapping Turtle Meat.” The turtles in question were taken out of the wild in Illinois last year and the frozen turtle meat wasn’t so “fresh.” The man did not possess any valid DNR licenses at all. It is illegal to sell fish or turtles caught via a Sport Fishing License.

CPO Beltran concluded an investigation regarding a drive-by shooting of a goose. Three juveniles were cited for shooting a nesting goose at Highland Community College and given a court appearance.

CPO Palumbo completed an investigation from the previous deer season that resulted in multiple citations and written warnings being issued to a Rock Falls couple. The Rock Falls man was charged with taking a buck deer with no either sex deer permit and failing to tag/improper use of deer tags. He was also issued written warnings for falsification of records, failing to report harvest in required time frame, and improper use of deer permits. The Rock Falls woman was charged with failing to report the harvest of a doe that she had taken with a shot gun.

CPOs Finn and Kaufman completed a deer investigation from the 2016-17 season. A LaSalle County deer hunter received 10 citations shooting a deer during the archery and firearm seasons. The violations included failure to tag deer upon taking possession, hunting without valid permit, illegal take of a deer, failure to report harvest, and failure to report to a check station in a Chronic Wasting Disease county.

CPOs Filipiak, Kaufman, and Murry responded to a call from the LaSalle County animal control. Animal control had received an anonymous tip that an individual was in possession of a 3-foot alligator. The individual did have an alligator but it was 26 inches, not the 3-foot as reported. The individual was given the alligator as a present while visiting relatives in Florida. She was told if she kept the alligator in a small tank, the tank would shunt the alligator’s growth. CPO Kaufman informed her that was not true, and the alligator would eventually be 8 to 11 feet long as an adult. The alligator was seized, and the owner received two citations.

Region II – Capt. Brett Scroggins

CPO Knop observed a group of fishermen fishing on the Fox River, fitting the description of a complaint called in earlier that week. Walking up to the fishermen, CPO Knop noticed one of the individuals had five smallmouth bass, all under 12 inches, scaled next to his bucket. In the area he was fishing, smallmouth bass cannot be kept until June 15, and then only three can be kept, only two of which are allowed to be under 12 inches.

CPOs Kelley and Winters responded to a call from the Island Lake Police Department about an injured hawk. The hawk was relayed to a licensed rehabilitator and was found to be a broad-winged hawk, an uncommon migrant through the area. The hawk sustained head injuries, but appears to be recovering.

CPO Farber continues to investigate an abandoned camper at Kankakee River State Park hunting area A. A VIN number was located on the camper. The original owner was located through LEADS. The camper appears to have been sold in 2012 and not re-registered. The investigation is pending awaiting an interview of the original owner.

Sgt. Whitchurch was on supervisory patrol in Cook County when he observed three watercraft being operated off the I&M Canal. The subjects were also observed fishing from the watercraft. Sgt. Whitchurch made contact with all three watercraft and conducted boating safety inspections and requested fishing licenses from the subjects. All three subjects failed to have valid water usage stamps, fishing licenses, and no wearable personal flotation devices onboard. Sgt. Whitchurch issued each person a citation for failing to have wearable personal flotation devices onboard. They were issued written warnings for the other violations.

CPO Snodgrass received information of several coyote pups that had been dumped in a Cook County Forest Preserve property several days prior. He made contact with Forest Preserve police, the complainant who found the pups, and the rehabilitator who is treating the surviving pup. Information has been gathered regarding the incident, and an investigation is pending.

CPO Ausmus responded to a complaint from the DuPage County Forest Preserve Police of a resident feeding wildlife in Lemont. CPO Ausmus responded several times and didn’t observe any food or wildlife in the resident’s yard. CPO Ausmus responded a final time and observed a raccoon eating corn and bird feed in the front yard. CPO Ausmus made contact with the female resident who stated she had just been in the backyard trying to scare away two raccoons. The woman initially stated the corn and bird feed were from the elevated bird feeders 15 feet away. Then the woman admitted to throwing and dumping corn, bird feed, and cat food directly on the ground. CPO Ausmus explained the myriad issues that come with feeding wildlife. The woman was issued a citation for making food available to deer.

Region III – Capt. Jim Mayes

CPO Mieure is investigating a complaint of rabbits taken from the wild and being offered for sale in Coles County.

CPO Moody is investigating two deer being discovered recently killed with a firearm outside of Lovington.

CPO Reeves responded to a fish kill in Champaign and Ford counties on Dummer Creek and the Sangamon River. CPO Reeves helped to locate a possible source of the fish kill and contacted DNR biologists, who responded to the scene. IEPA is also being contacted to help investigate the incident.

CPO Cottrell cited two Danville residents for unlawfully entering a gated and posted restricted area in Kickapoo State Park..

CPO Wright performed a traffic stop at Clinton Lake when he observed a vehicle not come to a complete stop at a stop sign. During the traffic stop, CPO Wright had CPO Viverito run his K9 on the vehicle, which had a positive alert. Inside the vehicle were many different prescription pills, approximately 50 pills, with no prescription, and all were controlled substances. Also in the vehicle were two open alcohol containers. The subjects were released on scene, the pills seized, and charges are to be filed with the DeWitt County State’s Attorney.

During the stormy weather, CPO Graden and Sgt. Williamson received a 911 call of a stranded boater on Clinton Lake. The officers were able to launch a boat and find the stranded boaters. All three passengers were safely brought to the Weldon Boat Ramp.

CPO Reeves assisted CPO Viverito in the arrest of a male subject at the Clinton Lake Spillway. The subject was fishing while his privileges to do so were revoked for previous fishing related citations he had been issued. The subject was also cited for providing CPO Viverito a fishing license that belonged to another person.

Region IV – Capt. Jamie Maul

CPO Blakeley and CPO Wheatley were conducting a commercial fishing detail in the area of Quincy. They had received information prior to the detail concerning a Mendon man illegally selling fish. Through interviewing, the subject admitted to selling catfish without the proper licensing. CPO Blakeley also questioned him about a snapping turtle he found in a barrel at his home. The man was charged with selling fish without a resident dealer’s license. He was also given a written warning for the turtle.

CPO Gushleff arrested a Mt. Olive resident after a timber buyer investigation that ran for a year. The subject was conducting timber business without a license, and after an inspection of the subject’s records, he was cited for insufficient record keeping. He was fingerprinted at the scene and released on a Notice to Appear. He has court this month.

CPO Liebl was notified of a Madison County resident who had posted deer meat for sale on Facebook. Due to the high cost of having the deer processed, the person was trying to recoup some of the cost by selling some of the processed deer meat. The person was located and informed about the laws regarding the unlawful sale of meat from game animals and aquatic life. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

CPO Schachner completed a theft investigation involving stolen waterfowl decoys and gear. The results of the investigation will be forwarded to the Monroe County State’s Attorney for multiple felony and misdemeanor charges.

CPO Sievers responded to a fishing without permission complaint at the Illinois National Guard Armory north of Sparta. Two subjects were caught on camera. The subjects were arrested for fishing without permission, and issued written warnings for criminal trespass and over limit of bass.

CPO Wheatley was notified of a distressed boater near Nauvoo. The boater was a single female and was reportedly stuck in the shallows of Nauvoo Flats Waterfowl Refuge. CPO Wheatley, along with a Hancock County Sheriff’s Deputy, responded by boat. After wading into the area of the distressed boater, CPO Wheatley tied a tow line to her boat and proceeded to dislodge the boat.

CPO Ralph Sievers responded to people swimming at the Washington County Recreational Area’s Dam. Upon arrival, CPO Sievers did not locate anyone swimming. CPO Sievers did observe a birthday party for small children at the pavilion near the dam. The kids were wearing swimming suits. The adults were putting away a slip and slide.  CPO Sievers spoke with one of the adults.  The adult stated that the boys had pushed an adult off the dock into the water, and then all of the kids jumped off the dock. The adult told the kids that they could not swim and that they had to get out of the water. CPO Sievers informed the adult that DNR only allows swimming or wading on department properties where there is a designated beach.

Region V – Capt. Tim Daiber

CPO Folden observed a boat being launched at the South Marcum boat ramp of Rend Lake at 9:45 p.m. The boat was loaded down with brush. CPO Folden watched the boat go onto the lake and navigate to two separate locations within the “party cove” area. CPO Folden knew the men were illegally placing structures into the lake for crappie fishing. CPO Folden notified the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and then waited on the boat to return to the launch. Corps rangers issued the men federal citations for the placement of the items into Rend Lake.

CPO Williams conducted a Forest Products Transportation Act compliance inspection on a truck and trailer hauling 10 oak logs to a sawmill. Neither the company nor the driver had proof of ownership to provide while transporting the logs upon the highway. Further, the driver was suspended, and the trailer used lacked registration. Citations were issued for violations of the Vehicle Code and Forest Products Transportation Act.

While getting ready for work, CPO Folden observed an ATV loaded with fishing equipment travel by his residence. After going on duty, CPO Folden located the ATV within the Hamilton County State Fish and Wildlife Area next to Dolan Lake. CPO Folden observed the operator of the ATV fishing at the lake and the ATV parked in a parking area. CPO Folden checked the operator’s fishing license and then explained it was unlawful to operate the ATV (an Artic Cat 4-wheeler) on any roadway within the State of Illinois. CPO Folden issued the operator a citation for unlawful operation of the ATV on department lands. This is the second ATV cited in HCSFWA in one week.

CPO Schoenhoff investigated the unlawful take of a beaver from the bank of the Wabash River. While out fishing, a man shot a beaver with arrows. After that didn’t kill the beaver, he shot it from the bridge with an AR-15 rifle. The man was cited for unlawful take of a beaver with a rifle/bow and arrow device and unlawful take of a beaver during the closed season. He was issued a warning for shooting from a roadway. Another man was issued warnings for unlawful take of a beaver during the closed season and no fishing license.

CPO Smith and Sgt. Hyatt were patrolling Crawford County Conservation Area and observed a group of fishermen fishing at the west side pond. CPO Smith approached the fishermen and observed a bucket that contained several bluegills. CPO Smith looked in the bucket and found a largemouth bass in the mix. CPO Smith measured the bass and found it to be 9.5 inches. Largemouth bass have to be a minimum of 15 inches to keep. CPO Smith identified the subject who caught the bass and issued the person a citation for the offense.

CPO Lewis investigated a complaint from Pyramid State Park staff in regards to a regular camper that was consistently leaving trash on his site upon checking out. Park staff advised the camper was currently camping in the park. CPO Lewis went to the campsite in question and observed a large amount of trash scattered throughout the site. Photographs were taken of the site and trash. Sure enough, the campers checked out a few days later and left behind all the trash. The registered camper was contacted and cited for littering.

CPO Lewis was patrolling the Pyramid State Park campground when he observed a cooler covered with flies at one of the campsites. Upon further investigation, it was determined the cooler was full of rotting largemouth bass, bluegills, and maggots. The camper on the site advised he had caught the fish several days earlier and had never gotten around to cleaning them. He was cited for wanton waste of sport fish.

CPO Lewis cited a fisherman at Pyramid State Park for failure to release a 17-inch largemouth bass. There is a 14- to 18-inch protect slot limit in the park.

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