Want a Bug Free Summer?

Nothing wrecks a great time in the outdoors like insects. Especially biting insects. Mosquitos, black flies, ticks and sand flies are the top of the list of destroyers of summer fun. And with cases of blood-borne diseases like West Nile, Lyme Disease and Zika Virus on the rise, the threat of insect bites are a very real and serious consideration — especially for families with young children. Here are a few great tactics to help you enjoy a safer and bug-free summer.

Start with Screen Houses

A portable outdoor screen house is an invaluable tool in the war against insects. It allows you and the family to get away from bugs. One of the best brands of portable screen shelters to set up and use is the Quick-Set line of screen houses — one person can set most models up in less than 45 seconds. These screen houses are the most durable and easy to use pop-up shelters in the outdoors. In addition to offering respite from biting insects, pop-up screen houses also provide protection from rain and sun.

How are Quick-Set Houses Different?

When comparing screen houses, focus on the quality of the mesh. The critical feature to insect protection is the tightness of weave of the mesh, as well as how well it’s constructed. Sand flies, also known as “no-see-ums” are one of the tiniest and most aggressive biting insects. Some mesh materials do not have a tight enough mesh fabric to effectively keep these nasty critters out. Quick-Set shelters use a premium, “no-see-um” mesh to keep all insects out. Also look at the construction of the screen shelter. One-piece styles will not have seams to let bugs in and tend to be easier and quicker to set up than units that require a separate screen that needs attachment during set up.

Quick-Sets also utilize a “hub-style” design technology that enables you to easily pull out the hubs that create the walls and roof. These hubs are super simple and durable, so these houses are not only easy to pop-up, they will last for years.

Top 5 reasons to buy a Quick-Set Screen House this summer…

  • sets up in less than 45 SECONDS!
  • no-see-um mesh keeps biting insects out
  • water and weatherproof with durable denier fabric and taped seams
  • NO ASSEMBLY needed – ready to pop up right out of the box
  • includes convenient carrying case and tie-down stakes

Skin Protection

There are a variety of skin applicants on the market that repel bugs. However certain repellents have different chemicals that vary in their effectiveness to repel insects. For example, the “OFF” line of spray on repellent has long been a staple by outdoorsmen and women. This and many others contain varying levels of DEET, a chemical that has been proven to be quite effective in deterring the widest variety of biting insects including mosquitos, horse flies, and sand flies. DEET is highly recommended as the primary chemical for keeping insects off of your body, and although there is no compelling evidence that DEET causes health care issues, some people have concerns about applying chemicals their skin. A good alternative to spray-on repellents are skin clothes like Repel Wipes, especially for areas like the neck and face where spray may get in your eyes.

Don’t forget clothing

How you dress is as important as the tools or skin repellents used to combat insects. When possible, wear long sleeve shirts and pants and spray them with repellent. It’s better to leave your pant leg over your boot or shoe when hiking through the woods, as opposed the tucking it in. A pant leg tucked into a boot makes a perfect landing zone for ticks, enabling them to eventually crawl up a pant leg. Wear a hat — it’s one of the best ways to keep ticks from landing in your hair. Also, spray your hat thoroughly with bug repellent, and if you have long hair be sure to tie it up and tuck it under your hat.

Around the House or Cabin

In addition to the skin care and screen houses, there are a few more tips and techniques that can let Mother Nature do the work for you. A variety of plants that act as natural insect repellents. Marigolds are reported to help keep bees away. And plant species like citronella, garlic, basil and thyme also work to repel insects. You can utilize these natural bug repellents by working them into your landscaping, or planting them in flower pots and strategically placing them around the house, cabin, deck or yard.

Lastly, some very simple and obvious tactics include a few basic housekeeping rules — keep a lid on garbage cans in order to restrict insects from accessing sugar and food in the garbage. Also, try not to leave half-empty beer and soda cans or bottles, as the sugar in these drinks attracts sugar-eating insects.

Quick-Set screen houses are available in many major retail stores and online. For more information and product details, visit our website at QuickSetShelters.com.

Quick-Set screen houses are manufactured by Clam Outdoors – the leader in quality outdoor recreation products. Based in Rogers, Minnesota, Clam manufactures ice fishing equipment, gear and apparel as well as Polar Utility Trailers and Carts for home, farm and garden use.


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