A bountiful spring season filled with feathers and fungus

I know I’ve written about hunting morels and turkeys in two recent blog entries, so please forgive me for writing about them again in this one.

In fact, if you look back at what I’m writing about in April and May in any given year, you’d see it’s often turkeys and morels, and maybe some spring fishing. But let’s face it, if you’re interested in foraging and hunting in Michigan, this is the time of year for fungi and feathers. And some fins.

I was talking recently to a friend about my success with turkeys and morels over the past couple weeks and he said, “Wow, you’ve really had a great spring.”

He’s right. It has been a really good spring. Add a little fishing in there – I haven’t had the boat in the water, yet – and I’d call it great. Although I guess you could count my ice fishing excursions in late March and early April as springtime fishing in this neck of the woods, so maybe I should upgrade that “very good” classification to “great.”

We found fewer morels during our annual mushroom camp, but we found enough to put on gourmet pizza and to eat on the side with wild turkey – all cooked over the campfire by our host. The temperature was cool, so the bugs were kept to a minimum at our campsite on a northern Lower Peninsula lake where we were serenaded by geese, spring peepers and toads, as well as coyotes and loons calling through the night.

The turkey I shot was a nice three-year-old bird who talked to me for nearly 30 minutes and was reluctant to come close enough for a shot. I’ve been hunting turkeys for more than 20 years, but in spite of that experience, I made a stupid mistake in this year’s turkey quest and I was fortunate that the hunt had a happy ending.

Now the lilacs are starting to bloom here in Sault Ste. Marie, so if the old saying is correct, the walleyes should start biting.

If I were able to bring home a few of my wife’s favorite fish for dinner, now that would truly make it a great spring.

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