Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs and Collars — April 21, 2017

Region I – Capt. Laura Petreikis

CPO Jones and CPOT Poffenberger cited a Clinton man for killing an Illinois deer without a valid permit. A Thomson man was also cited in connection to the investigation for failure to report a deer harvest by 10 p.m.

CPO Posateri investigated a deer permit violation from the 2016 season. It was determined the man of the house had been using his wife’s deer permits for years. The wife confessed she was not a hunter and had never shot a deer.

CPO Hoogerwerf received a complaint from the Jo Daviess Conservation Foundation regarding an ongoing problem at their preserves. A Galena man had allegedly been allowing his four dogs to roam the preserves off leash and kill mink, raccoons and other mammals for many years. JDCF rules require dogs to be on a leash at all times, and permission is required prior to any hunting. On March 8, the individual posted on Facebook photos of his dogs off leash and actively engaged in hunting within the boundaries of the Casper Bluff Land and Water Reserve. The dogs had been out of his sight for 20 minutes before he located them digging 18 inches deep holes around a cherry tree stump located in a native prairie restoration. The man allowed his dogs to continue to dig and attempt to kill the animal while he documented their activity with photos. According to JDCF personnel, the digging was “especially egregious and damaging due to the presence of sub- surface Native American cultural sites.” On March 20, the man was observed at the Casper Bluff Land and Water Reserve. Again his dogs were off leash. He was issued a citation for “allowing a dog to hunt without permission” and multiple written warnings.

CPO Wagner received a call from the Princeton Police Department in reference to a possible wildlife violation. After discovering two Canada geese and one blue heron killed and breasted out, an investigation was initiated. Joined by CPO Finn, CPOs Wagner interviewed four teenage suspects identified by the complainant. After a short investigation, two juveniles admitted to shooting the birds out of season and discarding carcasses on private property. Both individuals were issued citations for possession of freshly killed species during closed season, unlawful take of migratory game birds out of season and discard of carcass on private property without permission.

CPO Murry completed a wildlife investigation in which two deer carcasses had been dumped in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Rockton. After a lengthy investigation, the suspect was tracked down, and it was discovered the individual was a resident of Illinois but was hunting in Wisconsin on Wisconsin resident tags. He shot the two deer in November and had kept the carcasses in his truck since that time. The suspect admitted to dumping the deer, which had began to stink after leaving them in his truck since he harvested them. He was issued citations for wanton waste, unlawful dumping of wildlife without permission, and unlawful importation of animal carcass or parts.

Region II – Capt. Brett Scroggins

CPO Farber cited two subjects at Skokie Lagoon for possessing over limits of crappies. CPO Farber conducted a compliance check on three fishermen in a secluded, wooded area. All three men had 12 to 14 crappies in their possession. The fishermen were properly licensed by the State of Illinois. CPO Farber educated the men on the site specific 15-fish daily harvest limit and left. One hour later, CPO Farber returned to the area and observed two fishermen in the same location. CPO Farber set up surveillance on the fishermen in a wooded area of concealment. While conducting surveillance, CPO Farber observed both fishermen each catch approximately 14 more crappies. They had two buckets and a fish basket near their location. After watching them for approximately 45 minutes, CPO Farber approached them to conduct a creel limit investigation. When one of the fishermen observed the CPO, he kicked one of his buckets over attempting to place unlawfully taken fish back into the water. After inspecting the area, a total of 34 crappies were discovered. The fishermen were issued two citations each and given a mandatory court date.

CPO Mooi observed three males fishing in a popular subdivision in unincorporated DuPage County. When CPO Mooi approached and asked the fishermen for their fishing licenses, one of the men stated “we don’t need any, this is private property.” CPO Mooi explained the regulations to the fishermen while issuing citations to the Illinois and Indiana men. A written warning was issued to the third fisherman who was a visiting foreign national.

CPOs Farber and Gilmer conducted a plain clothes detail at Skokie Lagoon. The CPOs were fishing while conducting surveillance on an area known for violators taking over limits of crappies. The CPOs walked up to several fishermen but did not identify themselves as Conservation Police. They asked the fishermen how many fish they had. The men stated “two bluegills.” The CPOs walked around the area and observed the fishermen catch several crappies. After approaching the fishermen and identifying themselves as Conservation Police, one fisherman threw two crappies into the water. CPO Farber grabbed his bucket and found 15 more fish in the bucket. The fisherman was in possession of a total of 17 crappies. The site specific daily harvest limit is 15 per angler. CPO Gilmer issued the subject a citation for an over limit of crappies.

Region III – Capt. Jim Mayes

CPOT Ausmus and Sgt. Williamson responded to a complaint of an unauthorized ground fire at Clinton Lake SRA. The CPOs found three bank fishermen standing around a small fire. The men were informed of the rule and the reason ground fires are prohibited. A Rantoul man was issued a written warning, and the fire was extinguished.

CPOT Ausmus and CPO Viverito were checking fishermen at Clinton Lake Spillway Access. The CPOs contacted four anglers with several fish. One angler had a short crappie. Another angler was a Georgia resident but had an Illinois resident sport fishing license. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

CPOs Moody and Barnes cited a Shelbyville man and a Pana man for no fishing license and pollution of a waterway. The men had thrown all their empty beer cans along the bank of the Little Wabash River

CPO Moody wrote citations for no fishing license to two men from Champaign when he encountered them fishing in a pond without permission.

Region IV – Capt. Jamie Maul

CPO Goetten conducted an investigation into a Missouri resident and an Illinois resident harvesting two bucks unlawfully in Calhoun County. Interviews were conducted, and both were cited for the unlawful take of the deer.

CPOs Gushleff and Goetten investigated a deer hunting case involving three individuals unlawfully taking deer. The investigation resulted in all three individuals subsequently being issued citations for unlawful deer hunting without valid hunting licenses and habitat stamps during the 2015 and/or the 2016 hunting seasons. One of the subjects was also charged with falsification of records.

CPO Cochran responded to a dead albino deer call outside of Edinburg. CPO Cochran determined the albino deer, a buck which had already shed his antlers, had been hit by a vehicle. The caller was advised of the proper way to dispose of the remains.

CPO Wichern responded to a complaint of coyote hunters hunting without permission in rural Scott County. The suspect was contacted and admitted to not obtaining permission from the landowner and having his gun uncased in his vehicle. He was subsequently cited for the two violations.

CPO Tapley observed a subject snagging for fish below the Carlyle Lake Dam. When the subject saw CPO Tapley, he sat his fishing pole on the ground and acted as if he wasn’t fishing. The subject was also found to not have a valid fishing license. A citation was issued.

Region V – Capt. Tim Daiber

Sgt. Cariens cited a couple fishermen without licenses on Casey Creek. Two other men, who possessed recently expired licenses, were issued warnings.

During a department lands detail focusing on illegal off road activity at the Ten Mile Creek Fish and Wildlife Area units in Jefferson County, CPO Williams encountered a subject with a loaded rifle in his vehicle while in a site parking lot. The subject stated he was fishing but also wanted to be able to shoot a coyote. After the fishing/hunting compliance check, the subject received a citation for the loaded firearm and several written warnings.

CPO Smith was advised by Illinois State Police dispatch of a potential turkey hunting violation involving hunters hunting after 1 p.m. CPO Smith spoke with the complainant who said the individual’s truck had set across the road from his house all day yesterday and into the evening. He said he knew they were turkey hunting because of the camo they were wearing, and it was youth turkey season. CPO Smith arrived at the location and observed the truck/trailer sitting along the roadway. CPO Smith drove back into a dead end road and observed a young hunter standing next to a turkey carcass. CPO Smith noticed an untagged turkey and noted the time to be 3:10 p.m. CPO Smith asked the 16-year-old hunter if he shot the turkey, where, and when. The youth hunter said he just shot it around 10 minutes prior to CPO Smith arriving. The youth’s father was retrieving a ground blind on an ATV and showed up a few minutes later. CPO Smith asked the father why the turkey was not tagged and if he was aware of the legal hunting hours. The father stated he thought he had until sunset. CPO Smith checked the firearm and found it to be unplugged. The father also admitted he transported the firearm uncased on the ATV. CPO Smith seized the tom turkey and issued four citations for shooting hours, untagged turkey, unplugged shotgun and uncased firearm.

CPO Vasicek and a district wildlife biologist completed the annual spotlight survey to document wildlife population trends. During the 20-mile course, CPO Vasicek located a subject unlawfully hunting raccoons during the closed season with a firearm in possession. He also had license violations. The subject was cited for the offenses.

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