Birders flocking to New Hampshire town to get a glimpse of great gray owl

(U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

NEWPORT, N.H. — Birders have been flocking to a New Hampshire town to get a view of a great gray owl that’s normally seen in Canada.

The owl was first seen in Newport on Feb. 25. It’s also found in Alaska and the northwest United States.

New Hampshire Audubon senior biologist Pamela Hunt tells the Concord Monitor the owls sometimes head south because they don’t have enough food, or too much food, leading to an overpopulation of owls. They eat mostly rodents.

The owl seems to be mostly near the Newport Airport.

The owl landed on Marsha Richelli’s head once. Richelli, of Portsmouth, said she stood very still and wasn’t hurt. She said she assumed her head was just a launching point for the owl before it went to hunt in a field.


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