ATA and SHOT show: The best of 2017

The ATA and SHOT show, the two BIG events for all things archery and shooting, have passed for the year. In their wakes are hundreds of new products for 2017 that will eventually find their way to the shelves of a retailer near you.

Below are some of the best.


The Carbon Phantom RCX combines an ultra-narrow RCX bow assembly and ACX stock and carbon fiber barrel configuration to create an easy-to-maneuver crossbow that shoots a devastating 385 FPS. Package comes complete with ACUDraw cocking mechanism, Rangemaster Pro Scope, quiver and arrows.


The Vortec RDX is stunningly compact and perfectly balanced, tuned to achieve an ideal ratio of power, handling, and accuracy in an economically-priced, hunter-friendly package. The package comes complete with your choice of cocking devices, 3x Pro-View Scope, detachable quiver and arrows.


Steiner’s HX 15×56 Binocular was designed for long-range hunting and shooting and provides ultra-clear optics in an extremely rugged package. It also adds higher power and larger objectives for exceptional clarity.

Wildlife Research Center

The Super Charged Scrape Dripper was designed to provide a higher output of scent, over a shorter period of time, and will dispense four ounces of scent in just seven to 10 days, simulating high deer traffic in a short time period. The unit drips daytime only, fostering daytime deer movement, and normally shuts down during rain and bad weather, saving your valuable scent.

Southern Crossbow

The Revolt 370 bridges the gap between firearm shooters and bowhunters with a precision, easy-to-use crossbow so more people can experience an exciting form of archery. Equipped with upper weaver and lower picatinny rails, The Revolt 370 is perfectly suited to handle an array of accessories such as optics, tactical lights or even a bipod. The ready-to-shoot kit also includes a 4×32 crossbow scope, quick-detach three-arrow quiver, padded sling, three field-tipped carbon arrows, string wax, safety glasses and a cocking rope.


The Morakniv Eldris is a compact, fixed blade knife that fits in a pocket or can be hung around the neck. It has a 2mm thick, 56mm long semi-matte Swedish stainless steel blade, and a Scandi ground spine that’s compatible with a fire starter.


The Ameristep Throwdown Blind is the ideal solution to the vexing problem of quickly hiding one or two hunters when available cover is limited or non-existent. This guide-inspired, ultra-compact blind features three panels of die-cut 3D leafy camo fabric supported by an integrated stake system and Ameristep’s patented hub design.


Flextone introduces Thunder Series Turkey Decoys for 2017, including the Thunder Chick Feeding Hen, Thunder Chick Upright Hen, Thunder Jake, and Thunder Creeper. These amazingly detailed decoys are blow-molded from a special plastic blend to make them lightweight, flexible, durable and easy to pack, then finished off with incredibly realistic paint schemes.


Tenzing quality and performance is now available to more hunters than ever before, with the release of the company’s affordable line of all-new TX high performance hunting packs – six packs that provide hunters with signature Tenzing performance, capability and reliability at a surprisingly affordable price.


The lightweight Endurance 12-36×50 spotting scope features enhanced optical performance in a product designed to battle the elements. Available as a straight or angled design, at only 700 gram and 10 inches in length, it is ideal for travel.

The advanced optical system includes BAK-4 prisms with dielectric coating for increased light reflectivity and fully multi-coated optics to produce a sharp, crisp image.


The .450 Bushmaster is a cartridge that is gaining popularity among deer hunters due to recent regulations changes allowing the use of straight-walled pistol cartridges. Now chambered in the .450 Bushmaster, the Ruger American Rifle Ranch features an adjustable trigger, detachable box magazine, and factory-installed scope rail. The 70-degree-throw bolt action is bedded into a synthetic stock, which features a recoil-reducing buttpad.

Crossbow Defuser

Adaptable to a wide variety of crossbows, the  new Universal Crossbow Defuser allows the crossbow hunter to safely un-cock a crossbow without having to shoot it. This significantly reduces un-needed shots and prolongs the life of strings and cables.

Ariat International

The Incite Thermal is designed and assembled in the United States and is ideal for the hunter looking for durable and lightweight rubber boots built with thoughtful design principals and innovative technologies. The company’s Spider Tek Pro Technology delivers temperature management, advanced support and enhanced flexibility for optimal performance. It features an innovative chassis system engineered for active rebound upon heel strike, stability through the mid-foot and flexible forefoot protection.


Whitetail’R was the first to introduce a PhoneREAD’R to consumers so they could check their trail cameras with their phones while in the field. Smartphone manufacturers across the industry are now transitioning to a “Type C” port on today’s top phones, which renders many trailcam readers useless. Whitetail’R saw this industry switch coming last year and has come up with a C-Port adaptor that allows people to once again transfer video and images to their phone reader of choice.



The Swhacker Steel broadhead has the strength and rigidity of the solid, one-piece 420 stainless steel ferrule and the “cut-on-contact” chisel tip delivers bone-crushing kinetic energy and much greater penetration.  The surgical steel blades make short work of vitals, while delivering larger exit wounds and unmatched blood trails. Both the 1.5-inch and 2-inch models feature an ultra-compact closed blade position for field point accuracy.


Quick Access Safes feature an auto-open drawer and are available with either an electronic lock (Model #QAS-1510) or biometric lock (Model #QAS-1510-B). The safes are designed to fit into tight spots, yet the large-capacity drawer with foam-padded bottom can hold two standard-sized pistols and other valuables.

Conquer The Call

Conquer The Call has created the first game-call training software to meet the high demands of hunters who wish to learn how to use their game calls in a non-pressured and interactive environment for callers of all skill levels.

Unlike traditional learning DVD’s that offer no feedback, this Windows-based computer software combines high-definition video tutorials with audio-call demonstrations that allow users to compare and analyze their calls through a scoring system. Choose from deer, waterfowl, turkey, predator and goose versions.

Sig Sauer

The KILO2200MR is the latest generation 7x25mm laser range-finding monocular of the Kilo line from Sig Sauer. This optic has more range performance, tighter laser-beam collimation and an upgraded milling reticle with a smaller aiming circle for more precise ranging at extreme distances.


The Red Fox is a replaceable-blade hunting and skinning knife that that is perfect for field-dressing and skinning. Forget about dull blades – simply remove the used blade and replace it with a wicked-sharp blade in seconds. Measuring 4.25 inches when closed, the Red Fox features an ultra-rugged design suited perfectly for any task a sportsman requires, from field-dressing big game to skinning the most delicate furbearers.


The Spot & Stalk Turkey Decoy is built for an extremely action-packed method of hunting. Spot and stalk decoys and turkey fans have been an effective technique, but they’re typically bulky, hard to manage and ineffective on weary birds due to their un-natural appearance. This decoy solves all those problems with it’s hand-painted and sculpted appearance.


Excalibur’s Micro Suppressor is a revolution in size and sound and is the most compact Micro crossbow ever designed. Built on the Micro 355 platform, the Micro Supressor features an all-new Sound Deadening System, four components working in sync to dramatically reduce vibration and noise. An over-moulded, rubberized stirrup, Ex-Shox, String Stars and R.A.V.S. silencers deliver a smoother, quieter shooting experience, which will lead to greater success in the field. Everything needed to hunt and more is included in the kit.


The Reign 6 is more than just a high-performing bow projecting arrows at 350 feet per second. It’s refined and harmonized with SmartBow technologies to work flawlessly together, offering the ultimate in performance, accuracy, and tunability. The heart of the Reign 6 is redesigned OverDrive Binary Cams providing the only bow that tunes 100 percent to you.


The new HALON 32 is a longer version of the award-winning HALON, providing an enhanced string angle and superior stability while delivering speeds up to 350 feet per second. Like its predecessor, the HALON 32 is powered by the highly efficient CROSSCENTRIC cam, which employs a partially concentric string payout and AVS technology to produce a stealthy draw and consistent accuracy. Its true-center nocking point ensures straight and level nock travel, enhancing shot-to-shot consistency. Outfitted with the FlatBack Grip and industry-leading Harmonic Damper and Harmonic Stabilizer, the HALON 32 is rock solid and deadly quiet.

Wicked Tree Gear

The Wicked Stick Pole Saw is ultra compact and just 18-inches long when stored for transporting but extends to 40-inches when it’s time to make cuts in the field. It weighs just two pounds and is perfect for cutting brush and limbs that are just out of arm’s reach.


Deer Pea Plus is a proven winner in summer nutrition for your deer herd. This great combination of their two best big-seeded peas along with forage soybeans creates an un-matched base for this nutritious and extremely attractive blend. The addition of milo/sorghum helps shield the peas and beans during the vulnerable first weeks to maximize the plants that reach maturity.

Nature Blinds 

The HERO is a fully insulated blind that will keep you hidden from both the deer and the elements. Aesthetically, it completely fools the eye with no right angles, no straight lines, and nothing appearing man-made. The real bark textured surfaces look and feel like the real thing down to the smallest details.

C’Mere Deer 

Give your wildlife feed program or bait station a jump-start with Pure Gold Corn Coat, C’mere Deer’s most advanced feed enhancer. It’s scientifically formulated with the proprietary additive, FX500, to attract mature bucks from longer distances so they find it faster, stay on it longer and come back looking for more. Increase mature deer sightings by spraying on corn, protein pellets or grain.


Stevens has dovetailed performance and value in its new 555 over-and-under shotgun. Its light aluminum receiver is scaled to gauge and incorporates a steel insert that reinforces the breech, minimizing weight and maximizing strength. The fast-handling 555 also features a Turkish walnut stock and forend, shell extractors, a manual safety, and a single, selective mechanical trigger – at a price that’s unmatched among comparable over-and-unders.


Fusion was the first rifle ammunition specifically built for deer hunting, offering the largest expansion and highest weight retention in its class. It’s a perfect match for the 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge, which has quickly become the choice of deer hunters who appreciate its long-range accuracy, flat trajectory, mild recoil and tag-punching power. Paired with the Fusion bullet’s molecularly fused jacket and pressure-formed core, the new load provides deep penetration and stopping power. Available in 34 other loads.

Black Cloud 

Black Cloud is a deadly load for waterfowl hunting and now is equipped with the new Flitecontrol Flex wad for improved pattern density and consistency through both ported and standard waterfowl chokes. The wad’s redesigned rear-deploying petals and side-mounted vents stimulate the payload for separation from the wad at the ideal moment for dense, deadly patterns.


Take aim at trophy animals from across North America with the new Champion VisiColor Big Game targets. The targets show bear, antelope and whitetail deer and a successful shot shows a burst of color in each vital zone, giving you instant feedback.


The new Descibullz earplugs can be molded like a mouth guard – put them in hot water for 5 minutes, take them out, wait 30 seconds, and then mold the warm and pliable plastic to the exact shape of your ear. If you mess up, just do it over again. These non-battery operated percussive filters allow low-level noise in but block out loud noises from things like gun shots. Rated up to 166 dB.


Tactical Solutions

For many years, Tactical Solutions has made the highest-quality accessories for pistols but is now offering its first complete pistol. It sports a light-weight Trail-Lite barrel with a frame manufactured from billet aluminum, shedding every ounce of weight possible. The combination of the accurate, lightweight barrel balanced with a lightweight body aims to give shooters precision on the range.


Parker’s Tornado XXT Crossbow combines new Xtreme Xbow Technology (XXT), Performance and Value into a Compact, Lightweight crossbow package.

Parker’s new patented Xtreme Xbow Technology combines, Inverted Cams, Split Limb Array, Cavity-Back Riser and four HP Synergy Cams to set a new performance standards for speed, quiet operation, and ease of cocking, all while being packaged in a light-weight, compact, maneuverable platform. Comes in a kit ready for the woods.

Gearhead Archery

The T30 delivers dead-in-hand performance and is super quiet with integrated quad sound dampening built into the riser. The T30 makes a great hunting or target bow with a rock-solid riser design that is super precise and accurate. The T30 comes in either super light and warm-to-the-touch carbon fiber at 3.4 pounds or a fully machined billet aluminum version at 4.1 pounds.

Irish Setter Drifter boots

Irish Setter® Drifter trail boots are purpose-built for maximum durability and minimum weight. Available for men and women, the Drifter boots utilize waterproof full-grain leather uppers combined with abrasion-resistant mesh for maximum comfort and breathability. Drifter hiker models feature UltraDry™ waterproofing for dry, long-lasting protection.

Orion Coolers

A premium Made-in-USA cooler available in sizes from 25-85 quarts, the color series includes in attractive colors as well as the Home Team Series colors. Orion Coolers have a number of features and innovations unique to the premium, rugged cooler market.

Campfire Defender

The Campfire Defender can be placed over a campfire in the event of inclement weather or simply when it’s time for bed. Made from a military grade fabric, the Campfire Defender is more than capable of containing your campfire and not allowing embers to escape.

The pinwheel vent on the cover allows users to control airflow into their fire pit, thus allowing them to extend the life of their coals for eight hours. Instead of having a cold, wet fire pit in the morning, the Campfire Defender allows you to wake up to a fire pit that is dry, hot and contained, making starting your next fire a breeze.

— Outdoor News staffers contributed to this report

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